Security that is... Ergonomic, Economical and Efficient! In every way! Stonesoft SSL VPN SSL VPN

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Security that is... Ergonomic, Economical and Efficient! In every way! Stonesoft SSL VPN SSL VPN Slide 2 Trends and challenges WHATS YOUR SITUATION? Slide 3 Trends Cloud Computing Maximize efficiency, minimize operating and administrative costs Universal, secured access From any device to any application with single sign on Context Aware Security Access based on connecting clients security posture Low OPEX Cost-efficient, hardware token free and strong authentication solution 1234 Slide 4 Moving to Cloud Problem is securing the Access! CLOUD COMPUTING Achieving IT agility Business as a service Minimizing OPEX Slide 5 Mobility meets Security UNIVERSAL SECURED ACCESS User preferred devices Ergonomic Mobile working Internet of things Slide 6 IT is losing control why? Verify the security posture! CONTEXT AWARE SECURITY o Its not only a matter of authentication technology o Need to trust what you dont own and control o Validate the context Slide 7 Complexity=costs LOWER OPEX Software vs. hardware tokens Faster time to market Fit to existing environment Cost driverPhysicalSoftware Initial deployment e.g. AD Manual and complex Fast and easy OperationsCostly, slow, local Remote and automated Updates and upgrades Costly, static, human errors Dynamic, instant and error free TokensExpensiveFree Slide 8 What about You? Are you embracing cloud computing now or in the future? Are you concerned about the security of people accessing your data and applications? Are you willing to offer users more freedom to use any device from anywhere at any time? Do you want to simplify authentication and access while lowering operational costs? Slide 9 Our Value Proposition STONESOFT SSL VPN Slide 10 High Security meets high management. SSL VPN is integrated with the Stonesoft management center and authentication server. Slide 11 What does it offer? STONESOFT SSL VPN More user friendliness through Identity and Access Management for People More flexibility through universal access with Single Sign On More security through contextual verification of security posture SSL VPN Slide 12 Why IAM for People? Access design and strategy focused on users > Usability first, technology enables. Flexible Criteria > You choose the criteria for the different use cases Dynamic application availability >you choose the apps that are relevant to you and satisfies the criteria. STONESOFT SSL VPN Slide 13 Why Universal Access? Any client from anywhere brings freedom No need for client software brings simplicity Single Sign On for web and legacy apps brings user satisfaction Slide 14 Why Verification of Security Posture? Validate the context, not just credentials! Trust of the whole entity, not just users! Holistic approach instead of one only Slide 15 Why Stonesoft? Total solution of a2cloud. Slide 16 Your Next SSL VPN... Slide 17 YOU CHOOSE: CAPACITY SSL-1030 4 x 10/100/1000 copper interfaces + 3 extension modules (optional) Up to 1000 concurrent users SSL-3202 4 x 10/100/1000 copper interfaces + 3 extension modules (optional) Up to 15000 concurrent users Slide 18 YOU CHOOSE: ENVIRONMENT SSL VPN Physical SSL VPN Virtual Appliance Slide 19 YOU CHOOSE: FEATURE Licensed by number of Concurrent Users 1 1 Spike license for emergency situations 2 2 Active-Active Mirrored HA 3 3 Slide 20 YOU CHOOSE: SERVICES Basic Support 5x8 NBD Response Time 1 1 Premium Support 24x7 2H Response Time 2 2 Slide 21 Under the surface FEATURES Slide 22 AUTHENTICATION 6 Methods included Supports over 15 external authentication methods Possibility to combine authentication methods Slide 23 AUTHORIZATION Flexible Authorization Strategy with Multiple Criteria Contextual Evaluation Periodical Scan Trace Removal Slide 24 SINGLE SIGN-ON Multiple SSO techniques SSO for Legacy and Web applications Multiple SSO Domains Slide 25 Trace Removal Cleans browser history Transparent or Interactive Removes temporary files Customisable Slide 26 Manageability Standalone or with SMC Reporting, Auditing and Statistics Alerting and multichannel notification Flexible architecture Manage ment Geolocations Anomalies Statistics Reports Logs Rule Usage Applications Users Audit Logs Incident Cases Vulnerabilities Situations Alerts Visualizations Slide 27 Slide 28 Stonesoft Delivering Network Security for 23 years. Transformable & Adaptable: Next Generation Firewall. Evasion & Intrusion Prevention System. Resilience. Centralised Configuration & Event Management. Slide 29 Thank You! ALAN.COTTOM@STONESOFT.COM