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Sealy Media produces beautiful, impactful images for businesses and professionals.


<ul><li><p>2015-2016</p></li><li><p>Sealy Media is a photography and creative services company based in Phoenix, Arizona. Our philosophy is simply that images tell stories. Whether it is the story of one moment, the story of an event, the story of a location, a person or a business, the image needs to be beautiful.</p><p>Our experience making beautiful images covers a broad spectrum including portraits, weddings, events, journalism, editorial and art. We do not specialize in one niche because it is not the subject matter that creates the beauty of the image, rather it is how WE see it and capture it.</p><p>Our approach to commercial work is similar to our approach for any other work - make beautiful images that tell the story of the subject and impact the viewer. It really is THAT SIMPLE.</p><p>Please look through this collection of some of our commercial work. You will find images that tell the story of business - the people involved, the spaces the business occupies, the products of business and some of the details that are important parts of business that occasionally go unnoticed.</p><p>Enjoy!</p></li><li><p>Business is about PEOPLE. They make, do or sell things </p><p>that other people want or need. Our commercial portraits </p><p>present the key people of the business in context and with </p><p>impact, whether its simple headshots or environmental </p><p>images.</p></li><li><p>Sometimes, the PLACE of business says as much about the business as what gets done there. Showcasing a place of business speaks volumes about the company and/or what it offers. And, of course, it should be presented </p><p>beautifully and with impact.</p></li><li><p>Products define the purpose of business. Those businesses that make something need the customer to see what theyre getting. Services or experiences require no less. Enticing, </p><p>identifying images do the trick.</p></li><li><p>Details are the glue that bind it all together. They provide context, tone and information about the business. Sometimes, a detail image can specifically identify a brand or unique feature of a product. Sometimes, it gives a sense of style or presents the kind of experience that sets the business apart from </p><p>others. </p><p>Never overlook the small stuff</p></li><li><p>Pricing and InformationNo two commercial jobs are alike. Every company has specific and unique needs. With that in mind, we will price every job </p><p>individually based on your needs, budget and the time and resource required to provide </p><p>beautiful, impactful results.</p><p>For more information or to book Sealy Media, please contact Tim Sealy</p><p>602-418-5418 (office)</p><p>Also, please be sure to</p><p>Thank you</p></li></ul>