School Tax Credit Extracurricular Activities School Tax Credit ¢â‚¬â€œ Extracurricular Activities What is
School Tax Credit Extracurricular Activities School Tax Credit ¢â‚¬â€œ Extracurricular Activities What is

School Tax Credit Extracurricular Activities School Tax Credit ¢â‚¬â€œ Extracurricular Activities What is

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  • Teacher/Staff Tracker____________________________________________

    School Tax Credit – Extracurricular Activities

    What is a tax credit? A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the taxes you owe the State of Arizona. Participating in this tax credit program allows you to precisely reduce the amount you owe the State, thus increasing your tax refund from the State. When filing your taxes for the State of Arizona, the amount you designate to your school will be the amount you may claim as a State tax credit. This payment is eligible for Arizona state income tax credit as allowed by A.R.S. §43-1089.01 and may also be eligible for a Federal income tax deduction.*

    KEEP YOUR TAX MONEY LOCAL! Direct your tax dollars to local students… Single individuals may contribute up to $200 ($400 for married filing jointly) to CRUHSD schools and receive a tax credit of equal value when you file your

    tax return. By doing this now, you will reduce the amount of taxes you have to pay by April 15 th

    or increase your refund by the same amount. And by giving it to a local school, the money stays in our community instead of going to Phoenix. It’s a win-win for all!

    Deadline to participate for Tax Year 2019 is April 15, 2020

    Please Print Name (one person's name only) __________________________________________Date________________ Address___________________________________________City____________________State____ Zip___________ Home Phone _______________ Work or Cell Phone __________________ Email address ______________________ $______Maximum $400 (Married filing jointly) $_______Maximum $200 (Single or Widowed) $ _______Other

    Please check which Tax Year this donation is for: ______ 2019 ______ 2020

    Check or cash accepted (credit cards ONLY online at the Webstore). You may also ask your employer if payroll deduction is available. A $200 minimum is required for waivers of athletic fees; full details are available from the District office or at your school.

    You may split your contribution among more than one group. If you do not have a preference, select undesignated. Your contribution will then be distributed based on program needs. A detailed list is on the back page.

    Undesignated Academics Athletics Clubs

    First specific organization/club: _____________________________________________________________________________ Second specific organization/club (if splitting): ________________________________________________________________ If designating a particular student, please include his/her name:__________________________________________________

    Step 1: Contributor’s Information

    Step 2: Select school(s) from the list below: Contributions may be split between schools but may not exceed the total allowable amount.

    Step 3: Select Preference: Only activities from approved list can be chosen. See List via link or on the back page.

    If you wish to specify which organization/club/sport your contribution will help, write your choice(s) below.

    Step 4: Return on or before April 15, 2020 for Tax Year 2019, or sooner for activity fee waivers. Make checks payable to CRUHSD.

    Thank you for

    your support!

    Return this form with your contribution to: CRUHSD – Tax Credit 1004 Hancock Road, Building 200 Bullhead City, AZ 86442 Phone: 928-758-3961 Fax: 928-219-3050

    * Consult your tax professional Form Rev LAR 12-19

    Receipt #___________________________

    CTDS # (include on receipt_____________

    Mohave HIgh School River Valley High School CRUHSD Academy lross Highlight

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  • Extra-Curricular Activity Tax Credit Preference List for River Valley High School, Mohave High School and CRUHSD Academy

    (write your selection on the other side)

    MHS Allied Health/HOSA MHS, RVHS MHS, RVHS Art Club MHS, RVHS, CA MHS, RVHS Band MHS MHS, RVHS Boys Basketball MHS, RVHS MHS, RVHS Broadcasting/Journalism RVHS MHS Construction MHS MHS, RVHS Desert Ecology RVHS MHS, RVHS Early Childhood Education MHS MHS Fencing Club MHS MHS, RVHS Financial Algebra MHS MHS, RVHS Football MHS, RVHS

    Forever Christian Club (FCC) RVHS French RVHS Future Business Leaders MHS GEAR-UP MHS, RVHS Girls Basketball MHS, RVHS Girls Soccer MHS, RVHS Golf MHS, RVHS Graphic Arts ` MHS, RVHS Hovercraft Club RVHS Interact Club (Rotary) MHS, RVHS Key Club (Kiwanis) MHS, RVHS Law RVHS Law Enforcement MHS Math RVHS Mathletes MHS Music RVHS Music (Vocal) MHS National Honor Society MHS, RVHS Photo Imaging MHS Powerlifting MHS Renaissance RVHS Robotics MHS S.A.D.D. MHS Science MHS, RVHS School to Work MHS Softball MHS, RVHS Spanish MHS, RVHS SPED MHS Speech and Debate MHS, RVHS Spiritline/Cheer MHS, RVHS Student Government MHS, RVHS, CA Swim Team MHS Track and Field MHS, RVHS Vision RVHS Volleyball MHS, RVHS We The People MHS Welding RVHS Wrestling MHS, RVHS Yearbook MHS, RVHS

    Note that some extracurricular activities are part of Skills USA ( and FCCLA (

    ACT/SAT Tests Air Force JROTC Archery Athletics Baseball Boys Soccer Color Guard Culinary Drama Club Earth Science Field Trips (Academics) Fire Science

    MHS, RVHS, CA lross Highlight

    CRUHSD School Tax Credit Form Rev. 12-19.pdf CRUHSD Tax Credit List (Revised) 12-19.pdf