School Counselor: MS. McMullin

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School Counselor: MS. McMullin. What are the many roles of a counselor?. Consultant Teacher Personal Counselor Crisis Counselor Peer Facilitator Group Counselor Career Counselor Public Relations Consultant Advisor Program Manager Researcher. Consultant. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Roles of a School Counselor

School Counselor: MS. McMullin

What are the many roles of a counselor?ConsultantTeacherPersonal CounselorCrisis CounselorPeer FacilitatorGroup CounselorCareer CounselorPublic Relations ConsultantAdvisorProgram ManagerResearcher

2A counselor will conduct group counseling as needed on such topics as anger management, bullying, and divorce.

ConsultantThey serve as student advocates by consulting with students, parents, teachers, and others regarding strategies to help students and their families.

TeacherThey have a set curriculum, just as teachers do, that is mandated by the American School Counseling Association (ASCA). They teach from these standards to all classes during Classroom Guided Instruction.

Personal CounselorThey serve as mentors, role models, and a confidante to students and faculty members who need someone to share their burdens with during various times of their lives.

Crisis CounselorThey serve students and the faculty with critical issues that may arise unexpectedly, such as a death, fire, flood, etc.

Peer FacilitatorCounselors can train students as peer mediators, conflict managers, tutors, and mentors.

7This type of facilitating would follow the ethic standards and practices established by the National Peer Helpers Association. Group CounselorA counselor will conduct group counseling as needed on such topics as anger management, bullying, and divorce.

Career Counselor

Counselors help students investigate the world of work as well as their personal interests, develop job skills, apply for college, write resumes, and seek employment.

Public Relations ConsultantIn this role, the counselor helps others in the school understand their counseling program. They may promote their program through various activities. They may also reach out to the community and its resources to benefit their school and/or students. AdvisorA counselor is an advisor to students as they enroll in school, prepare to leave school, and as they enter the work field. A counselor may also serve as an advisor to the community, seeking ways to better their school and generate support for their program.

Program ManagerA counselor must be organized and up-to date on the latest curriculum and standards given by ASCA and local systems in order to develop a well rounded program.

ResearcherCounselors must analyze their individual schools data results from testing. We also must evaluate our program regularly and make necessary changes. We must research the latest data and update our resources periodically.

What does Confidentiality Mean?Counselor MUST keep students personal information and issues PERSONAL. They are NOT allowed to share this information unless one of the following guidelines occur:Reasons for breaking confidentialityThey are in danger or they present a danger to someone or themselves . They give you permission to discuss it with someone else.They are in violation of a school policy that requires you to report it to a school administrator. You feel it necessary to consult with someone more experienced in the area of concern or need ( with students permission).There is a medical concern

How do I contact my Counselor?Email: By Office: 4th floorSlip a note under the doorAsk your teacher to make a referral!!!!!

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