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  • Schindler 5300 IN Professional service. Easy to plan. You always move well with our passenger elevator for small commercial buildings.

    Schindler Passenger Elevators

  • The Schindler 5300 IN is spacious.We have intelligently enlarged the car to give you more space. Take advantage of this new feeling of space.


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  • SilenceThe Schindler 5300 IN is silent.Construction and operation of the elevator were designed speci cally for low-noise movements, both while riding and stopping, so that you will not be disturbed while you take care of business. Enjoy the silence.

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  • The Schindler 5300 IN has character.We put a great deal of thought into the sophisticated, modern design and created beautiful interior styles. The elevator offers a professional look. Allow yourself a little vanity.


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  • Capacity 4081088 kg, 616 passengers

    Travel height Max. 60 m, max. 21 stops

    Door width* 750 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm

    Door height* 2000 mm

    Drive Gearless/frequency-controlled

    Speed 1.0 m/s and 1.5 m/s

    Control Down collective

    and selective collective control

    Interior Three interior styles

    Key gures

    * For possible combinations, see the planning data on page 22.

    Exactly rightAre you looking for an elevator for a small commercial building? The Schindler 5300 IN is the right choice for you. The elevator is designed ingeniously, it is highly standardized and exible to install. A thoroughlyattractive solution.

    Large the largeThe car of the Schindler 5300 IN is spacious. We spe-ci cally designed the elevator to minimize the space required for the technical equipment. With the traction media, our latest development, standardized shafts are able to hold cars that are upto 47 cm wider and accommodate up to ve passengers more than in conventional shaft. An improvement that carries weight especially in the cars with capacity of 816 kg and centrally opening door. The proof is obvious.

    Strikingly silentThe Schindler 5300 IN represents comfortable silence. The car moves very quietly due to the traction media. An advantage that affects the entire building.

    The external values are excellent.The internal ones even more so.

    Exceptionally smartAn outstanding feature of the Schindler 5300 IN is the headroom height. Unsightly structures on the roof are not required. As a result, you have more space to use. Also, this elevator requires no machine room. The control unit is installed directly in the door frame. A separate control cabinet is not necessary, all of which saves space and effort.

    Satisfyingly energy-savingThe Schindler 5300 IN is environmentally friendly and economical in the use of energy, which contributes to lower operating expenses. The effects are noticeable.

    Superior qualityWe use only high-quality materials for our car interior. Select from three different lines. In addition to stainless steel models, various colors are available in attractive designs so that you will nd exactly what you want.As a result, the choice is easy. Simply higher standardsSchindler is setting new standards: Automatic evacuation is a standard feature of our elevator systems. Even in the event of a power failure, the Schindler 5300 IN will take you safely to the next oor.

    NoteSpeci cations, options and colours are subject to change.

    All cabins and options illustrated in this brochure are representative only. The samples shown may vary from the original in colour and material.

    Cabin interiorWhite eldStainless steel hairline

    9Schindler 5300 IN

    1450 x 1450

    1500 x 1500

    1500 x 1650

    1650 x 1750

    1800 x 1700

    2000 x 1800

    1650 x 2450

    340 kg

    408 kg

    476 kg

    612 kg

    612 kg

    612 kg

    1020 kg


    408 kg

    476 kg

    544 kg

    680 kg

    816 kg

    1020 kg

    1088 kg




















    Shaft dimensions*BS x TSmm

    * Applicable to cars with one-sided entrance


    mmT2 750

    T2 800

    T2 800

    T2 900

    C2 900

    C2 900

    T2 900





  • A mobile society needs intelligent mobile solutions. We have them.

    Be exible. Meet the requirements of your customers. This not only applies to the precision based Jew-elry industry. It also applies to the business of vertical transportation. This is why the owners of the Jewel World evolved from the legendary cotton exchange building, selected the Schindler 5300 IN. The passenger elevator is profes-sional, highly ef cient and com-pletely reliable and meets the high demands of a lively operation. A solution you can rely on.

    10 Schindler 5300 IN

  • Teamwork functions best when each partner has a job to do, but the goals can only be reached together.

    Ideas are not generated by the push of a button. They usually come up when you least expect them.

    Processes have to function perfectly. Time is money.

    Booming India is key to global economic growth.

    11Schindler 5300 IN

  • Who wouldnt like to be perfect? Our technology is.

    DriveThe Schindler 5300 IN requires a small drive. It saves much more space compared to previous drives; it can be installed directly in the headroom and does not require a machine room, which results in an exceptionally low headroom height. The drive stops the car with precision.Car and landing oor line up very accurately to ensure that passengers get in and out safely. The drive is economical in energy consumption and causes minimum noise due to the material of the traction media in the car and in the entire building. Real comfort.

    Traction mediaTraction media replace conventional steel cables, weigh less, require less space, and run quieter. Thanks to the traction media, there is room for the drive directly in the elevator shaft and providing room for a larger car.

    ControlIn the Schindler 5300 IN, the access to service the compact control unit is built directly into the standard doorframes at the top stop. It may be installed one oor lower upon request. This highly functional solution is a vital achievement. It simpli es elevator installation, provides practical handling and saves space.

    DoorsDoors are equipped with a frequency-controlled drive for fast and reliable operation. Telescopic sliding doors are available opening to the left or to the right. The 816 kg and 1020 kg cars are equipped with center opening doors.

    CarTechnology does not take much space in the Schindler 5300 IN. This is an obvious bene t, because you get more freedom of movement due to a larger car. A strik-ing advantage.

    12 Schindler 5300 IN

  • Saving due to new traction media

    Previously: steel cablesSteel cables are relatively inelastic. They need a traction sheave diameter of at least 320 mm with the cable diameters required for elevators. The complete conven-tional motor including drive gears must be large enough to match. A system that requires space.

    New: traction mediaTraction media are exible. They use a much smaller traction shaft diameter than steel cables. 85 mm is enough, requiring a much smaller motor. A design that saves space.

    13Schindler 5300 IN

  • Good design is considerably more than a minor issue for us. It is what matters.

    You can more than meet the demands of your business with the Schindler 5300 IN, regardless of which style you select for the interior. We can offer you three lines: the strikingly fresh Park Street; the functional, modern White eld and the re ned Eden lines. They are all available in different colours and styles, so you always nd exactly what you expect.

    14 Schindler 5300 IN

  • White eld


    Park Street

    15Schindler 5300 IN

  • Walls

    PaintedGoa Blue

    PaintedDarjeeling Green

    PaintedGwalior Copper

    PaintedAgra Silver

    PaintedMysore Bronze

    CornersGrey Anodized aluminum

    CeilingFloorDoor areaCornersBaseboard

    FloorNatural granite

    FloorBlack granite

    Car door and frontStainless Steel

    CeilingPainted aluminium Composite Panel

    BaseboardGrey Anodized aluminum

    16 Schindler 5300 IN

  • Mysore Bronze

    Park Street.Colours and contrasts create exciting freshness.

    Park Street makes your car stand out. It captivates with colours and contrasts. We offer you lively colours like Goa Blue, Darjeeling Green, Gwalior Copper, Mysore Bronze and Agra Silver. Although these Colours are so varied and different, they have one thing in common: They give the car an excitingly fresh, totally friendly and inviting atmosphere.

    The effect is heightened by the full-lenght mirror which is integrated in the back wall: It shows off the colours to their best advantage. The natural granite oor provides the necessary contrast. The lighting element, on the back and front of the car, supplies an even light. Car door and front are in stainless steel and the door is protected by a light curtain.

    Agra SilverGoa Blue Darjeeling Green Gwalior Copper

    17Schindler 5300 IN

  • Stainless steel linen


    Stainless steel hairline

    CornersGrey Anodized aluminum

    CeilingFloorDoor areaCornersBaseboard

    FloorNatural granite

    FloorBlack granite

    Car door and frontStainless Steel

    CeilingPainted aluminium Composite Panel