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Course Content : SAP HANAUnit 1- Introduction 1.1 Overview Of SAP HANA 1.0

1.2 Components

1.3 Hardware VendorsUnit 2- Architecture2.1 Appliance Architecture Overview2.2 Database Engine View2.3 Dat-Loading View2.4 Dat- Modeling View2.5 Reporting View2.6 Administration View2.7 Persistence Layer Unit 3- SAP HANA Setup3.1 System Landscaping3.2 Sizing GuidelinesUnit 4- Data Provisioning4.1 Via Data services4.2 Via Sybase replicator4.3 SLT Repllication Transformation4.4 DXCUnit 5- SAP HANA Studio Introduction5.1 Administration Console5.2 Information Modeler5.3 Life Cycle ManagementUnit 6- SAP HANA Modeling6.1 Attribute View6.2 Analytic View6.3 Calculation View6.4 Export & Import6.5 Other functionsUnit 7- Reporting7.1 Client Connectivity options7.2 SAP BO BI 4.07.3 MS-Excel7.4 SAP BO Analysis7.5 SAP BO Explorer7.6 Semantic Layer (Universe)7.7 SAP Crystal Reports (Enterprise,Dashboards & WebI)7.8 SAP Crystal Reports 2011Unit 8- User Management & Backup8.1 Managing Users & Roles8.2 BI/BO 4.0 Integration & SSO8.3 Security & Authorization8.4 Backup & Recovery8.5 Diaster Tolerance HardwareUnit 9- Other Topics9.1 SAP BW on HANA9.2 Role of Solution Manager in SAP HANA9.3 COPA Business case9.4 Rapid Deployment Solution9.5 IMDB Client Installation overview9.6 Appliance Enterprise Server9.7 Scale Up/Out Configuration9.8 Distributed system Landscape & handling9.9 Port numbers-Distributed transaction handling9.10 MVCC----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SAP HANA MODELLING & IMPLEMENTATIONSAP HANA INTRODUCTIONInformation Explosion Consumerization of IT IT cannot deliver Reality with SAP HANA SAP In-Memory Appliance SAP HANA proof Points New business reality and Challenges SAP Naming UpdateSAP HANA Hardware Innovations Bottlenecks Understanding Columnar Data Storage When to use Column store When to user Row Store Avoid Bottlenecks --Data Transfer --Partitioning --Parallel Processing SAP HANA DATABASE PERFORMANCE REASONSClassic EDW CurrentSAP HANA PlannedSAP HANA SAP HANA Compared to BWA SAP HANA Database SAP HANA RDS SAP HANA SCENARIOSApplication serve ABAP based Scenarios HANA as secondary database HANA as primary database Datamarts with SAP HANA Applications on top of HANA SAP BW powered by HANA SAP HANA Cloud SAP HANA STUDIOLook and Feel Different Perspectives Administration Console Modeler Application Development Catalog Content Security SAP HANA LICENSINGSAP HANA Versions SAP HANA Platform Edition SAP HANA Enterprise Edition SAP HANA Enterprise Extended Edition SAP HANA IMPLEMENT LANDSCAPEHANA Database HANA Client HANA Studio Data sources Replication Technologies BO-Data services SLT Replication server DXC Sybase Replication server Admin workstation End-user Workstation SAP HANA Architecture SAP HANA Persistence layer SAP HANA Backup and recoveryDATA PROVISIONINGData Replication Definition Data Replication Methods UPLOADING DATA FROM FLAT FILESWhen to use Flat file upload Functionality How to load data from Flat file in Workstation How to load data from Flat File in server Using Information Composer Uploading Files Composing Views SAP BO-DATA SERVICESIntroduction to BODS Data services One stop solution Data Integration ,Data Quality , Data Profiling, Metadata management and Text data analysis Working with BODS BODS server Repository Job server Management Console Data services Designer Creating Formats Creating Datastores Creating projects Creating batch jobs Scheduling and monitoring Batch jobs Creating Dataflows Creating Connection to HANA Db IMPLEMENTATION SCENARIOSSCENARIO-1Loading Data from Excel File to HANA Database table Loading Data from Flat File to HANA Database table Using Template tables SCENARIO-2 Loading Data from Oracle Database to HANA Database SCENARIO-3 Loading Data from SAP ECC to HANA Database with Dataflow SCENARIO-4 Loading Data from SAP ECC to HANA Database With ABAP Datalow SCENARIO-5 Loading Data from SAP BW to SAP HANA Database SCENARIO-6 Loading Metadata from SAP ECC to HANA Database DATA PROVISIONING USING SLT SAP Landscape Replication server for HANA Key benefits of SLT replication server Key benefits of Trigger-Based Approach Architecture for SAP source replication Architecture for Non-SAP source replication Configuration and monitoring Dashboard for HANA(LTR) Creating new Configuration for SAP Sources Creating New Configuration for Non-SAP sources Result of Creating new Configurations Launching Data provisioning UI in HANA studio Start Load/Replication Stop/Suspend replication Status Monitoring in HANA Studio SLT based transformation Concept Advanced replication settings Change of table structuring and partitioning Filtering and selective data replication DATA PROVISIONING USING SAP DIRECT EXTRACTOR CONNECTION(DXC) Overview DXC Concept Challenges DXC benefits Activation mechanism for handling Delta Processing Data source Extractor Concept SAP Business Content Data source Extractors SAP HANA DXC Connection setup and Configuration Activating Data sources in Source system Understanding the tables of IMDSO Creating info package and Scheduling data load Monitoring Data loads Comparisons with other data acquisition techniques DXC sidecar approach. SAP HANA MODELLING General DWH concepts Importance of Data Modeling ER model Multi Dimensional Model Star Schema Implementing Data models in BW Implementing Data models in HANA Introduction to Modeler Levels of Modeling Attribute Views Time Dimension Attribute Views Derived Attribute Views Shared Attribute Views Calculated Columns Hidden Attributes Using Hierarchies Implementing Leveled Hierarchies Parent Child Hierarchies Applying Filters Analytic Views Multi Dimensional Model with Analytic views Calculated Measures Calculated Attributes Restricted Measure Concept Variables and Input parameters Calculation views Graphical Calculation views Using Union,Join,Projection,Aggregation Scripted Calculation views Approaching HANA modeling Choosing Views for the Information Model Connecting Tables Using Inner Join,Left outer Join , Right Outer Join, Full Outer Join ,Text Join ,Referential Join, UnionSAP HANA SQL Introduction SQL Elements Comment and Codepage Fuctions SQL Statements Create table,Alter,Drop Insert ,Update,Delete Select Statement SQL script and procedures Creating procedures Creating Table types Calling Procedures Using CE-Functions Control Statements USING CURRENCY CONVERSIONS Understanding Currency Conversions in SAP HANA Applying Currency Conversions Full Text Search Fuzzy Search PROCESSING INFORMATION OBJECTS Validate Models Compare Versions of Information objects Checking Model references Generate Auto Documentation MANAGING MODEL CONTENT Manage Schemas Import & Export Models Developer Mode Delivery unit mode Support mode Translating Metadata Text SECURITY AND AUTHORIZATIONS HANA privileges Creating users Creating Roles Assigning privileges and Roles to users REPORTING SAP HANA Database Connectivity options Relational Connection with HANA Db OLAP Connection with HANA Db MICROSOFT EXCEL Lumira (Visual Intelligence) SAP BO Analysis for Office Using IDT Creating Connection,Datafoundation,Business layer Creating Webi Documents Dashborads Crystal Reports for Enterprise Crystal Reports 2011 Publishing HANA Models to SAP BW Creating BEx Reports

SAP HANA training course content and Syllabus in BangaloreSAP HANA Introduction and Architecture SAP HANA Overview SAP In-Memory Computing Overview SAP HANA Features Look and feel of SAP HANA SAP HANA Architecture SAP HANA Landscape Structure of SAP in-memory Computing studio Row store and column store Architecture Multi Version Currency Control ( MVCC ) Persistence Layer in In-memory Computing Engine Back up &Recovery High-Availability Distributed System Data Provisioning options in SAP HANA Reporting options on SAP HANA Security options in HANA SAP HANA Appliance Model How SAP HANA Appliance is delivered Sizing Considerations SAP HANA - Licensing Options SAP HANA Project Implementation Overview: Key Activities Key Roles Key Points to keep in mind AdministrationBasic Modeling Modeling Overview Terminology SAP HANA Studio Features Information Modeler Overview Installation and Configuration of HANA Studio Prerequisites for Modeling Modeling Considerations Levels of Modeling Attribute Views Analytic Views Modeling Considerations Joins: Different types and when to use what. Where Class Vs Constraint Filters HANA Studio Preview(use with Caution) Impact of Query Execution Demo Modeling Suggestions Troubleshooting Modeling Issues Export and Import ModelsReporting on HANA with BI 4.0 HANA Reporting Layer & Connectivity Options Reporting on HANA Clients Reporting on HANA Open Interfaces Prerequisites for reporting on SAP HANA IMDB client installation Setting up new connection SAP Business Objects BI4.0:Overview & tool comparison Analytical Reporting on HANA Relational Reporting on HANA Reporting on HANA Demo Included Native Excel Interface via ODBO SAP Business Object Analysis(Office Edition) SAP Business Object Explorer Semantic Layer Approach IDT Vs Universe Designer SAP BOBJ Web I SAP BOBJ Xcelsius SAP Crystal Reports Enterprise Vs 2011 Front end tool reporting considerations on top of HANA Troubleshooting common reporting issuesAdvanced Data Modeling with SQL Script Modeling Overview Calculation View :Overview & Types SQL Script :Motivation SQL Script: Overview SQL Script Processing Data Type Extensions Scalar Data type Table type Functional Extension Concept Procedure Procedure Calls Implementing Functional logic Operators SQL Script/Built in Function Debugging and troubleshooting SQL Script Restrictions for SQL StatementData Provisioning: Data Services Data Provisioning :Overview Data Provision Options Trigger Based Replication ETL-Based Replication Log-Based Replication SAP Business Objects Data Services 4.0 and HANA ODP enabled Extractor S