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  • 1. Getting to know agreat painterBy Michael Lu

2. OverviewBiographyArtworkTechnique 3. BiographyAlessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi1445 - 1510 (aged 6465)Italian Renaissance painter from FlorenceFirst Florentine painter to paint other subjects than religious ones or portraits. 4. Biography :Timeline 1445: Birth 1460s: Becomes Fra Filippo Lippis Apprentice. 1470: Own workshop / Florentine artists guild. 1475: Adoration of the Magi 1481: Travelled to the Vatican and painted scenes fromthe life of Moses and the life of Christ in the SistineChapel. 1480-1500: Illustrations for Dantes Divine Comedy. 1482: Primavera. 5. Biography :Timeline 1486: The Birth of Venus. 1490: Cestello Annunciation. 1494: Medici family is overthrown as rulers of Florence.Girolamo Savonarola becomes the head of the republic. 1497: Bonfire of the Vanities, Florentine secular art.Destroyed, Botecelli involved. 1500: The Mystic Nativity. 1500-1505: The Life of St. Zenobius. 1510: Death 6. Artwork Adoration of the Magi 7. Artwork Primavera 8. Artwork The Birth of Venus. 9. Artwork Venus and Mars 10. Artwork Cestello Annunciation 11. Artwork The Mystic Nativity 12. Artwork The Life of St. Zenobius. 13. TechniquesBlended the traditional with newBest at painting flesh tonesInnovative steps Poplar coated with gesso Charcoal outline Foundation colors Re drew outlines in black paint 14. Thank You!