Saints Peter and Paul Church 2020-06-18¢  Saints Peter and Paul Church 106 Third Street -Towanda, Pennsylvania

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  • SAINT PETER AND SAINT PAUL, PRAY FOR US! Parish Office Hours Closed: Please call or email

    The Parish in the heart of the Endless Mountains Serving Bradford County since 1841

    Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary time † June 21, 2020

    Saints Peter and Paul Church 106 Third Street - Towanda, Pennsylvania 18848-1798

    Phone: 570-265-2113 FAX: 570-265-2114

    E-mail: Website:

    Pastor: Rev. Edward L. Michelini




    “Green Phase”

    See Updates on Website

    A reminder that the Sunday

    Mass obligation remains sus-

    pended and that vulnerable

    individuals should remain at

    home for their own safety.

    No Reason to Miss Mass

    MASS TIMES - TV and Online

    SS Peter & Paul Church Saturday Vigil is now livestreamed for viewing—youtube link is on our Web Page

    Daily 8 AM, Noon, and 7 PM on EWTN television station

    Sunday 8 AM and Noon on EWTN television station

    Weekdays 12:10, 3:30 and 7 PM on CTW television; on website; and streaming on Diocesan Facebook, twitter, instagram, and youtube. Saturday Vigil 4 pm on CTW television and Diocesan website; and streaming on Diocesan facefook, twitter, Instagram and youtube

    Sunday 10 am on CTW and Diocesan website; and streaming on Diocesan Facebook, twitter, Instagram and youtube

    Weekdays 9 AM livestream at Facebook page

    Weekdays 7 pm in Spanish livestream at LaDivinaMisericordia (Official) facebook page


    SS. Peter & Paul Parish, a community of

    faith called by God to deepen our relationship

    with Jesus Christ, serves the Lord by sharing

    our time, talent and treasure. As disciples of

    Christ, we are called to bring Jesus Christ to

    ourselves and others: our children, the sick,

    the poor, the fallen away Catholics and those

    who need to hear God’s message of uncondi-

    tional love and forgiveness. SS. Peter & Paul

    Parish is a beacon of light rooted in Jesus

    Christ, passed on to his successor, our Holy

    Father the Pope, and is guided by our local

    bishop to build the Kingdom of God on

    Earth. It is our mission to shine the light of

    Jesus Christ in our world and to spiritually

    enrich the individual members of the parish

    as well as the larger community through

    word, worship, sacrament and service.

    But the gift is not like the transgression.

    For if by the transgression of the one the many died,

    how much more did the grace of God

    and the gracious gift of the one man Jesus Christ

    overflow for the many.

    Romans 5: 15 http://www.dioceseofscranton.or/

  • St. Agnes School

    Teachers Needed: St. Agnes School has openings for

    full-time Early Childhood Education and for

    Elementary Education teachers, and also for a part-time

    Pre-K Classroom Aide for the 2020-21 school year.

    For more information, including the hours,

    salary and benefits, please contact the school office at

    (570) 265-6803 or email You may

    also stop by the school office between 8 am and 2 pm

    Monday-Friday. The deadline for applications is June

    30, 2020. Substitute teachers are always needed and

    welcome. (no teaching degree necessary; clearances



    Holy Orders

    Saturday, June 27

    Next Saturday, June 27, at

    10:00 AM in Saint Peter’s

    Cathedral in Scranton, our

    Bishop Bambera will ordain

    Reverend Mr. Jonathan

    Kuhar, Reverend Mr. Kevin

    Miller, and Reverend Mr. Shawn Simchock to

    the Order of the Priesthood for service in the

    Diocese of Scranton. Because of the Corona-

    virus restrictions, unfortunately, attendance is

    limited to invited guests only.

    The Ordination Mass will be made avail-

    able to all in several different ways, and the

    Bishop invites everyone to participate in this

    important Diocesan celebration. The Mass will

    be broadcast live on CTV—Catholic Television.

    It will also be livestreamed on the Diocese of

    Scranton website and made available through

    links on all Diocesan social media accounts,

    including Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, and


    Diocesan Wedding Anniversary Mass

    The annual Diocesan Wedding Anniversary

    Mass and celebration was unable to be celebrat-

    ed en masse at the Cathedral in Scranton on June

    14, due to current social distancing restrictions;

    however, the Bishop still celebrated the Mass

    and livestreamed it, not only for the couples who

    had pre-registered, but also for any couple wish-

    ing to join in prayer and gratitude as well.

    We congratulate our parishioners who

    registered for the Diocesan 2020 event: Thomas

    Finan & Rachelle Thibault-Finan (25) and Ed-

    ward and Barbara Krauss (50). We congratulate

    all our faithuful couples, including and John &

    Mary Alice Demangone (60).

    We pray that all our married couples con-

    tinue to be blessed in their journey together.

    Confirmation – Monday July 20, 2020

    Confirmation will be held here on Monday even- ing at 6 pm on July 20. (Private Mass for Candi- date, Sponsor, Family only). Please keep these young members of our parish in your prayers.

    St. Mother Teresa of Kalkata

    People are often unreasonable and self-

    centered. Forgive them anyway.

    If you are kind, people may accuse

    you of ulterior motives.

    Be kind anyway.

    If you are honest, people may cheat you.

    Be honest anyway.

    If you find happiness, people may be jealous.

    Be happy anyway.

    The good you do may be forgotten tomorrow.

    Do good anyway.

    Give the world the best you have and iIt may never be

    enough. Give your best anyway.

    For you see in the end, it is between you and God.

    It was never between you and them.

    A Prayer for Christian Fathers

    Heavenly Father, you entrusted your Son Jesus,

    the child of Mary, to the care of Joseph, an earthly father.

    Bless all fathers as they care for their families.

    Give them strength and wisdom, tenderness and patience;

    support them in the work they have to do, protecting those who look to them,

    as we look to you for love and salvation, through Jesus Christ our rock and defender.


  • Mass Intentions June 20 - 28 *Weekend Masses only by Reservation

    No reservation is needed for a weekday.

    Saturday Vigil 5 pm: Joseph Lenox (the Ritsko Fami- ly) Sunday 8:00 am: Father’s Day Intentions 11:00 am: Our Parishioners Mon., 8:30 am: Rita Bustin (Hoffmann Family) Tues. 5:00 pm: Rocco & Marion Saldutti (Sue Geissler) Wed. 5:00 pm: Dorothy & Joseph LeStrange (Robert & Eileen Hugo) Thursday: No Mass Fri. 12:10 pm: Robert Doepker (Marilyn Doepker) Saturday Vigil 5 pm: Father’s Day Intention Sunday 8:00 am: Our Parishioners 11:00 am: William Lee Sullivan (Pat McCracken,

    Offertory June 7, 2020 Sunday Offering $ 7,485.00 Care & Education of Priests $ 357.00 Special Envelopes $ 682.00

    Thank you for your generosity.

    Mailed- Delivered-Automatic Donations Appreciated

    No second collection will be taken up this weekend or next weekend.

    PARISH BULLETIN ADVERTISERS We thank those businesses and individuals who have placed an ad in our parish bulletin. We ask parishioners to thank these individuals and to use these companies. This week we especially acknowledge:

    McGuire’s Septic Service Towanda

    Anyone wishing to advertise in the Parish Bulletin should contact the parish office 570-265-2113 or speak to Father Ed for more information—the pricing is very reasonable.

    A Sanctuary Lamp burns this week for:

    This Sunday, enjoy a hot breakfast in JFK

    Hall—Fabulous Food for family-friendly

    prices! This St. Agnes PTG fundraiser for

    the school takes place on the second Sunday

    of each month during the school year 8-11



    Sanctuary Lamps burn this week for:

    Bill Sullivan (Family) Intentions of Father Ed Michelini

    St. John the Baptist is the Lord’s immediate

    precursor, or forerunner, sent to prepare his way.

    “Prophet of the Most High,” John surpasses all the

    prophets, of whom he is the last. He inaugurates

    the Gospel, already from his moth