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Roundtable Meeting – Captures and Outcomes Surabaya, July 9 th , 2012

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Roundtable Meeting – Captures and Outcomes Surabaya, July 9 th , 2012. Vision + Strategic Deliverables 2012 -2020 …building blocks…. VISION Statement included the following: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Roundtable Meeting – Captures and Outcomes Surabaya, July 9 th , 2012

Outcomes of CITYNET Surabaya Roundtable Meeting

Roundtable Meeting Captures and Outcomes Surabaya, July 9th, 2012

1Vision + Strategic Deliverables 2012 -2020building blocksVISION Statement included the following:

Be a connector, matchmaker and broker in the vast network of appropriate practices in Asia-Pacific cities and inspire innovation and change among members and partners; Encourage proper balance between people-driven development versus systems-driven development (informality and improvisation which may lead to quick-fixes versus planning and development based on comprehensive rational, well-accepted approaches, methodologies and techniques). Develop, cultivate and catalyze leadership for sustainable city development.

Vision + Strategic Deliverables 2012 -2020building blocksStrategic Deliverables/MISSION:

Establish and nurture a coalition of change leaders Needs Assessments: refining match-making between supply and demand of rapid expert support, technologies and services. Strengthening C2C activities with appropriate match with needs ICT/Social Networks/Smart Systems/CITYNET Global TV to be developed and deployed enhancing speed of collection and forwarding, transferring good practices, experiences, innovations Members Focus: City Government/AuthoritiesFUNCTIONS/PRODUCTS/SERVICES:

Provide assistance to inter and intra city agencies: from design to financingProvide assistance to in-city/in-country learning and exchangesMobilize international institutions to be involved in C2C exchanges and programsSet up roster of experts to provide advisory services based on in-depth needs assessments: e.g. transport, green growth, risk management, disaster management, job-creationNational Chapter Activities: redefineMatching funds from Cities to get operations financedOffering training and services to non-member entities for a feeMobilize corporate money from their CSR-budgets and return value for itUtilize reserve funds (of about USD 500k) about 50% - for strategic value-added activities

Resources/Competencies/Key Infrastructure required:Members Focus: Civil Society/AcademiaFUNCTIONS/PRODUCTS/SERVICES:

In C2C learning activities and learning materials: engage civil society organizations in providing innovative and good practices/cases to inspire learnersEncourage production for mass dissemination of learning materials via YouTube videos, TEDx Videos, local media, bus/MRT video adds etc.Convert good ideas into the acquisition of funds: quickly!Receiving funds should not lead to losing CITYNETs autonomy and members-focusCITYNET should support members to raise fundsResources/Competencies/Key Infrastructure required:Members Focus: Businesses/Enterprises/SMEsFUNCTIONS/PRODUCTS/SERVICES:

Advisory Services based on needs assessment: Selected Multi-national providers collaborate to provide leading-edge advice; strong city professionals to also join such a roster of expertsPool of funds fed by members and donor(s) covers professional timeProvide value-added projects/services of entrepreneurial nature in return for corporate budgets for CSR activitiesFacilitate in business-matching events between city-members and corporate-membersCharge fees for match-making and deal-making: 1% of the value of the deal?Encourage secondments of staff: members to partners and vice versaEmploy staff with direct private sector experience to engage corporate/SMEsFundraising from corporations shall not lead to conflicts of interests and independency of CITYNETGet access to effective connectivity infrastructureResources/Competencies/Key Infrastructure required:Members Focus: Creative Class/Agents of Change/Influential peopleFUNCTIONS/PRODUCTS/SERVICES:

Set thematic priorities around smart cities and resilient cities, find case studies (early adopters and model cites) and scale-up and replicate.Build a coalition of change agents : youth organizations, entrepreneurial persons, city leaders (good & great), corporate/SME leaders, NGO activistsFacilitate mayors of cities to establish a culture of listening-at-breakfast time: coffee with NGOs and resistance groups, coffee with corporations/SMEs and culture-creatives (artists, filmproducers, writers, inventors)Resources/Competencies/Key Infrastructure required:Key Products and ServicesStop Doing Continue Doing Sheet 1BStop assigning city clustersRoutine trainingLimitations on membership of corporations/SMEsC2C learning and exchangesRapid response advisory services be compensated for itContinue with TCDC cross-subsidies8Key Products and ServicesModifications of Existing Start New Sheet 1BNational Chapters: get them a strategic focus/role and with a clear action-program; better promoted and distributedReview cluster system as they are too agency-specificStrengthening/training of CITYNET Secretariat Staff: focus on essential competenciesDesign and deliver inspiring learning (smart pedagogical set up) events focusing on new urban challengesSet in place a member-tier system to allow corporations/SMEs to join the network

Active and Real-Time Data Bank: connectivity via apps for mobile devicesGet young-political leaders of city councils and young-entrepreneurs in coalitionsEstablish and run a CITYNET TV and broadcast via Internet (generate add revenues)

9CITYNET: One Secretariat, Multiple CellsHarmony for ImpactSeoulMobility and TransportICT and E-GovernanceUrban Safety

YokohamaWaterTechnologiesDisaster Risk ReductionPort Development

Kuala LumpurBasic Urban Environmental Services

MumbaiSolid Waste Management

Indonesia NCCapacity Building on Governance &, community Development

Bangkok Slum Upgrading

Cost Sharing/LeveragingOwnershipSecretariat Backstopping

Unified Technical Committee needed (as part of Governance Structure)Staff QualificationsFormat and quality of deliverablesPotentially weakening SecretariatPotentially Problematic and conflicting financial systemsClient needs not clearly assessed

Sheet 5AAreas of CompetenciesAreas of SynergyAreas of Attention10Business StrategyRoad map for Growth/measurable TargetsStaff PlanningIncorporation/Legal StatusGovernance Bodies: lean systemsExecutive LeadershipAppoint Executive DirectorAppoint Key/Core ProfessionalsExCom-plusThink Tank

CITYNET: areas of renewal/enhancementsGovernance and Operational Management Multiple Locations Sheet 5B11Critical Tasks

Time bound Financial Independence (generate revenues at not-for-profit base)

Get transitions defined/charted, set clear time-lines and prioritize and allocate financial resources for smooth implementation

Needs Assessment/thematic prioritiesOrganizational Processes

Set up Standard Operating Protocols/Procedures for effective, inspiring and transparent execution of tasks within Secretariat, between Secretariat and Host Institution (Seoul) and other Cells directly engaged in delivering activities.


Technical Expertise (from Resource Cities/Partners)

Fund Raisers/Persuasive people


Creative Communications/Media Producers

Culture (attitude)

Common Purpose-driven staffCommitted to serve mission: serving one master Entrepreneurs spirit/Creative and Open-mindedMultiple language skills/Multi-culture orientedMembers and Partners centered/Service OrientedPassion for city vitality/vibrancyEthically poisedCITYNET: areas of renewal/enhancementsOperational Management Multiple Locations Sheet 5B12CITYNET: Required ResourcesMoney HR - Key Infrastructure Sheet 5CRevise fee systems (Business Orientation) Improve collection system: strive for 100% (incentivize early payment, discourage late-payment or no-payment)Other member endowment / incentivesSecondment of city staffs (from members) Staff competent to design, plan and write proposals for fundraisingObservers from business and private sector (in boards/committees)Criteria for private sector participation (according to international criteria) avoid conflicts of interestsArticulate and Agree on transitional plan and resource-allocationRoad map for implementation within 4 years13

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