RETAIL & SHOPPER INSIGHTS SHOPPER MARKETING AGENCIES campaigns through an e-commerce portal and even

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  • The 2014 Guide to Providers

    RETAIL & SHOPPER INSIGHTS from Shopper Marketing magazine

    The 2013 Guide to Providers

    SHOPPER MARKETING AGENCIES from Shopper Marketing magazine

    Special supplement – February 2014

    • The AdArt Company

    • AGA Displays & Fixtures

    • The Carlson Group Inc.

    • Design Phase

    • Excel Displays & Packaging

    • Frank Mayer & Associates

    • Franklin Display Group

    • Great Northern

    • Ideal

    • InnoMark Communications

    • Kinter

    • Menasha Packaging Co. LLC

    • Meyers

    • Origin LLC

    • Rapid Displays

    • RockTenn Merchandising Displays

    • Sonoco Display and Packaging

    • Universal Display & Fixtures Company

    • Wetzel Brothers

    Featuring these providers:

    The 2014 Guide

    from Shopper Marketing magazine

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    At � e AdArt Company, we believe that anyone can put ink on paper. It’s what you do beyond that matters. Here’s a glimpse at how we go beyond.

    We o� er creative design and structural engineering support.

    Our creative and structural engineering teams are ready to be an extension of your creative department. � ey combine years of design experience with a fresh, modern approach to retail. Whether it’s a vivid design or a bold new construction, we can bring it to life.

    We are industry experts in color.

    AdArt was the � rst screen printer in the nation to become a G7 Master. Our team also has a deep understanding of printing processes, color management and substrates. � is means that your colors remain consistent from proof to press—guaranteed.

    We constantly seek innovation.

    Do we have the latest in screen and digital printing technology? De� nitely. But, we don’t stop there. We recently expanded our plant to provide additional space for pack-outs, inventory management and future growth. We also enhanced our shipping services to reduce costs and ensure on-time delivery. All of this is supported by state-of-the-art so� ware, enabling us to boost production e� ciencies, provide client access to campaigns through an e-commerce portal and even manage QR Codes for your next promotion.


    CONTACT � e AdArt Company 3260 East 26th St. Los Angeles, CA 90058

    Susanne Cass SVP, Bus. Development & Marketing 847.274.8857

    Anyone can put ink on paper. AdArt goes beyond.

    Product Lines Here is a sample of what we can produce. Call us today to see what we can do for your next project!

    PRODUCTS & SERVICES • Large-Format Digital

    & Screen Printing • Creative Design • Structural Engineering • In-House Finishing • Shipping & Ful� llment

    EXPERTISE • Color Management

    • Structural Engineering & Creative Design

    • Digital and Screen Printing on Wide Variety of Substrates, Including Fabric

    • Individual Store Distribution & Complex Pack-Outs


    � e AdArt Company creates innovative graphics, from signage and displays to complete environments.

    Design. Engineer. Print. Finish. Pack. Ship. We do it all.

    FOUNDED 1944

    Case Study: C.A.D. Wraps™ Red Bull wanted a way to advertise their energy drinks on columns and poles outside of the stores their products were sold in. � ey wanted a struc- ture that would � t a variety of pole sizes and not slip or fall in strong winds.

    A� er many hours spent designing and testing, C.A.D. Wraps™ came to life. C.A.D. Wraps™ have a unique internal structure, which allows them to be mass produced in one size and accommodate any square or round pole 2”-12” in diameter. � ey can be utilized indoors or outdoors and will not slip or fall once installed. C.A.D. Wraps™ will even withstand winds up to 50 miles per hour and last a minimum of six months*. � ey also have a customizable design to accommodate simple round constructions or die- cut shapes.

    • Posters & Signs

    • Backlit Signs

    • Banners

    • Shelf & Counter Elements

    • Decals & Wraps

    • Dimensional & Modular Displays

    • Fabric

    • Custom & Specialty Items

    • C.A.D. Wraps™

    • Billboards

    • Transit Signage

    • Fleet Graphics

    *can vary in extreme temperature US Patent #8,539,703

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  • Design. Engineer. Print. Finish. Pack. Ship. WE DO IT ALL.

    3260 E. 26th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90058 800.266.7522

    AdArt goes beyond.

    Anyone can put ink on paper.

    Today’s retail industry is constantly evolving. Deadlines are getting tighter, budgets are getting smaller and consumers have more

    buying power than ever before. Your customers see thousands of brands every day. To get their attention, your brand has to break out

    of the background. You need powerful graphics that inspire action.

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    As a company you will � nd us a dedicated, creative and passionate bunch. Most of all we believe in being ‘direct.’ Not in a rude, brash way. We feel this sums up how we work. We realize your project from concept to execution, so it’s in our hands from start to � nish. We’re not going to farm out your work to someone else. � ere’s no middleman.

    Being ‘direct’ bene� ts you in various ways.

    You have complete transparency throughout - from the harnessing of the diverse expertise from the designer who is developing your concept, to the

    production team bringing your project to life. All with one point of contact. � ere’s no passing the buck here.

    We own every asset – we were here yesterday and of course today. We will be here tomorrow, working busily on your project. We do not drop the ball because our “strategic partners” have.

    We have � exibility – we can add, we can take away, we can run fast or slow it down.

    Aren’t you glad there’s no one in between?

    CONTACT AGA Displays & Fixtures, Inc. 4733 Torrance Blvd, Suite 413 Torrance, CA 90503

    Sergio Oliva 562.999.1242


    HOW WE WORK Whatever you need to achieve in the POP world, we are with you every step of the way – here is how we do it:

    CONCEPTUALIZE � e customer is king. Understand that as we do and you’ll have shopper focused merchandising solu- tions that really work. Using brand, consumer and retail insights from our shared industry knowledge, we create a series of concepts to be turned into tan- gible designs – realistic solutions that are produc- tion ready and to budget.

    DESIGN Yes, we practice safe design, we use a concept. Us- ing the latest so� ware technology combined with the brightest minds in the industry, we provide 3D renderings of designs that exceed all expectations, while still keeping it real. Oh, and if we win an award or two on the way so be it.

    ENGINEER Everything is in the detail. We understand that dis- plays must work - for brands, retailers, shoppers and

    shippers. By understanding the lifecycle of the display from the day it comes o� the production line to the shop � oor and beyond, we can engineer your displays so you can get maximum bang for your buck.

    MANUFACTURE We are the manufacturer. We have a state of the art 650,000 sq. � . factory that has in-house capabili- ties in plastic injection molding, plastic fabrication, plastic vacuum forming, electronics, metal working, wood working, powder coating, acrylics and high resolution printing. All tooling for our manufactur- ing processes is also done in-house. We assemble, QC and box it all ourselves too. We have been au- dited by the industry bigwigs, exceed international standards and have all the certi� cates to prove it.

    EXECUTION We get it in-store, on time – enough said.

    PRODUCTS & SERVICES • Innovative Permanent

    & Semi-Permanent POP Displays • Fixtures & Merchandising

    Solutions • Full Service Project Management • Creative Design & Engineering • In-House Manufacturing • Promotional Signage

    WHO WE ARE We are a hard-working innovative POP company – a collaboration of industry veterans (the best) mixed with the brightest minds in the industry. We are growing fast with o� ces in California, New Jersey, North Carolina and Michigan, alongside our interna- tional teams in Europe, China and Australia.



    MAJOR CLIENTS • Arai Helmets • CLC Work Gear • Dunkin Donuts • Fiji Water • Magellan • Paci� c World • Pepperidge Farm • Popchips • Scubapro

    WHAT WE DO Retail Merchandising Solutions. � at’s us. At AGA Displays & Fixtures we work hard to put your brand out there. Using all the tricks of the trade (and of course our expertise) we’ll attract, engage and sell to your consumer.

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  • 4733 Torrance Blvd, Suite 413, Torrance, CA 90503 • 562.99