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  • Resurrection Catholic Church Serving Others We Are Serving God

    1211 Winter Garden Vineland Road, Winter Garden, Fl 34787

    Office 407-656-3113 Fax 407-654-4935



    Mass Schedule: Saturday: 5:00pm 7:00pm Spanish

    9:30am and 4:30pm Spanish 7:30pm Portuguese

    Vigil of Holy Day: 7:30pm or earlier

    Weekday Mass: 8:00am Wednesday: 7:30pm Spanish

    Confessions: Half hour before

    all weekend Masses

    Staffed by the Missionaries of St. Charles /Scalabrinians


    Fr. Carlos Anklan, c.s.

    Parochial Vicar:

    Fr. Vincenzo Ronchi, c.s.

    Assisting Priest:

    Fr. Robert Kurber


    Fernando Fred Molina:

    Ministry Coordinator: Kathy Molhem

    Faith Formation Director & RCIA: Sr. Pat Sipan, SND

    Religious Education Coordinators: English - Mary Ann McFerrin

    Nancy Parker Spanish - Silvia Aguilar

    Religious Education Facilitator: Terry Virgona

    Youth, Liturgy & Music: Jon Sarta

    Pre-K Director: Denise Williams

    Business Manager: Bob Pautienus

  • Sunday, May 1, 2016 Page 2

    Saturday, April 30 St. Pius V, Pope

    5:00 PM Giovanna Boyce (Birthday)

    7:00 PM +Jonathan Johnny Riley

    +Diego Andres Sanmiguel

    Divino Nio Jesus

    Sunday, May 1 Sixth Sunday of Easter

    8:00 AM Hermanos Garcia-Chica

    9:30 AM Souls in Purgatory

    +Teresita Gutierrez

    +Inez de Jesus Maldonado

    11:30 AM +Andre Alves

    4:30 PM (Spanish) +Jesus Becerra

    +Claudio Becerra

    +Carmelo Celeste

    7:30 PM For all the Parishioners

    Monday, May 2 St. Athanasius, Bishop &

    Doctor of the church

    8:00 AM John Michael Night (health)

    Tuesday, May 3 Saints Phillip & James,


    8:00am Miguel Torres & family (special intention)

    Wednesday, May 4 Easter Weekday

    8:00 AM Radames Tirado (Birthday)

    7:30 PM Souls in Purgatory

    +Isabel Gomez

    Accion de Gracias-Divina


    Thurs., May 5 Easter Weekday

    8:00 AM +Maria Sabina Loiza

    Friday, May 6 Easter Weekday

    8:00 AM Marlon PInder (Birthday)

    Saturday, May 7 Easter Weekday

    9:00 AM Dr. Khouzam family (first

    Sunday of the month)

    5:00 PM +Jonathan Riley

    7:00 PM +Ramon Munguia

    +Emilia Rodriguez

    +Elizabeth Borja


    Well done my good and faithful servant

    Families contributing by

    using envelopes..450

    Offertory 04/24/16....$16,104.30

    Online Giving..$800.50


    Mass Intentions

    : We welcome you to our Parish Community. Please complete a registration form avail-

    able at the entrance of the church and put it in the

    collection basket or stop by the church office Monday

    through Friday 9:00am-4:30pm.

    Preparation classes are required for Baptism.

    The classes are required for parents and Godparents.

    Parents must be registered, participating members

    of the parish for at least two months, Godparents

    must be practicing Catholics who have received

    Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation, and if they

    are couples must be married by the Catholic


    Please call the church office at least four

    to six months in advance. A pre-marriage program is

    required. Call parish office for more information.

    (Christian Initia-

    tion for adults and children 7 years and older): For

    more information please call at 407-656-3113.

    Please notify us when you would like a hospital

    or home visit.

    We believe that life long learning and growing is

    healthy for all ages and stages. We also expect that

    we as adults, youth or children will continue to grow

    and learn our faith for our entire life. We encourage

    all youth; Kindergarten to Grade 12 to participate in

    Religious Education. Every child should be receiving

    education in their faith every year. Every adult should

    continue to read, study share the Scriptures, their

    faith and their prayer with others. We know that a

    relationship with Christ is so important that we re-

    quire a minimum of one or two years of Religious Edu-

    cation before preparing for the Sacraments of Recon-

    ciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation. Religious Educa-

    tion is for every year that our child is in school, not

    just when they are preparing for a sacrament. If your

    child is not participating please call at 407-656-3113

    x4 or email Maryann McFerrin maryannmcfer- to see how we can assist you with Reli-

    gious Education. We will have registration for our 2016

    -2017 Religious Education classes on Sunday, May 8 at

    9:15am and 12:45pm and Wednesday, May 11@

    3:00pm and @ 7:00pm. Please bring your childs bap-

    tismal certificate so we can make a copy. Come now if

    you want to reserve a spot for your children or grand-


  • Page 3 6th Sunday of Easter

    We congratulate our 140 Confirmation candidates who will be confirmed by Bishop John Noonan on Mon-day, May 2. Please continue to pray for them as they witness Christ in the daily lives with the inspiration and graces of the Holy Spirit. These young men and women are the future of our church. We thank all their parents and sponsors for their support, witness, faith and encouragement through the years. We thank their catechists and all who assisted with the Sacramental Preparation: Alieda Abreu, Sil-via Aguilar, Diana Almodovar, Lisa Bowers, Carlos Felipe, Catalina Hernandez, Luciene Maia, Maryann McFerrin, T.J. McFerrin, Alan Neiderer, Jeanette Ortiz, William Parker, Megan Robertson, Sister Pat Sipan, SND and Terry Virgona

    Emilio Acosta

    Erika Acosta

    Alex Aguila

    Sofia Aguilar

    Yanelli Alvarez

    Veronica Amadeo

    Emanuel Andrade

    Luzma Aragn

    Christian Ardizone

    Yaricsa Arroyo

    Maya Barragan

    Anallely Becerra

    Gisselle Becerra

    Valeria Becerra

    Jorge Bernales

    Juan Cubillos

    Nayeli DeJesus

    James Dela Pena

    Kevin Delgado

    Andrea Daz

    Natalie Daz

    Scott Donnarumma

    Elis Estorani

    Maicon Estorani

    Alejandro Flores

    Jessica Flores

    Brian Garcia

    Citlaly Garcia

    Nayeli Garcia

    Robert Garofalo

    Xavier Garza

    Mitzy Godinez

    Daniel Gonzalez

    Diana Gonzalez

    Jasmine Gonzalez

    Rosario Gonzalez

    Yarisma Gutierrez

    Kimberly Hamilton

    Cristian Hernandez

    Daisy Hernandez

    Geraldine Hernandez

    Irma Hernandez

    Janel Hernandez

    Jose Hernandez

    Roberto Hernandez

    Rony Hernandez

    Teresa Hernandez

    Nayeli Herrera

    Bella Ibarra

    Daniel Infantini

    Madison Jacob

    Jesus Jimnez

    Yatzary Jimnez

    Andres Jimnez Hernan-dez

    Korey Karbowsky

    Nadia Khan

    Megan Kleinsmith

    Nolan Kraemer

    Madison Lemons

    Brock Lenci

    Blake Leo

    Esmeralda Laborico

    Angela Lopez

    Lesly Lopez

    Monica Lopez

    Raul Lopez

    Jose Madrigal

    Gabrila Magana

    Ulises Magana

    Anay Maldonado

    Paola Martinez

    John Martinez-Garcia

    Sydney Mays

    Billy McFerrin

    Arnolfo Mena

    Evan Mentges

    Madison Merrill

    Lindsay Merrill

    Jewel Miller

    Jonathan Molina-Sosa

    Steven Moore

    Liza Morales

    Paddy Moran

    Mason Myers

    Grant Nguyen

    Andres Ortiz

    Julia Pacheco

    Alexis Palencia-Solano

    Abraham Perez

    Joel Prosper

    Asha Prosper

    Dania Ramirez

    Heriberto Rangel

    John Rangel

    Lizeth Rangel

    Victor Rangel

    Grace Ray

    Geromy Rivera

    Flavio Robero Garcia

    Yaretsi Roblero Hernan-


    Diana Rodriguez

    Andreina Rosas

    Katie Roth

    Thomas Roth

    Daisy Rubio

    Aaron Rubio

    Courtney Russo

    Addison Russo

    Isamar Sanchez

    Jennifer Sanchez Balza

    Ramiro Sanchez

    Benjamin Santiago

    Erica Sarta

    Arturo Saucedo

    Tyson Schwalbach

    Erika Seolin

    Bridget Shaffer

    Vicente Silguero

    Taylor Smith

    Sara Sonnenberg

    John Stalvey

    Kaitlyn Stewart

    Emily Stover

    Sara Suarez

    Kailey Tavarez

    Xavier Tejada

    Sebastian Testa

    Jose Tineo

    Maria Tirado

    Gonzalo Torres

    Seth Torres

    Tristan Torres

    Yosselin Torres

    Emily Vanover

    Esmeralda Velazquez


    Crystal Velazquez

    Arianna White

    Kyle White

    Hope Whitener

    Jaqueline Zubieta

    Anallely Zubieta

  • Page 4 Sunday, May 1, 2016

    at 7:00am followed by Mass at 8:00am

    Members monthly meeting the 1st Monday of the month at 7:00pm in the parish hall. Light meal served at 6:30pm before the meeting.

    Second Sundays of the months

    Scrambled eggs, sausage, pancakes, bis-

    cuits and gravy, fruit, pastries, unlimited

    coffee and orange juice.

    Adults: $5.00; Kids: $2.00; Families $ 15.00

    Omelets made to order: $2.00 extra

    Time: 9:00am-10:30am. Thank you for your support!

    Our Bible Study will begin our studies of he Gospel of

    Luke. All parishioners are invited