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A Research Paper Presented to The Faculty of the Education Department Holy Cross of Davao College


In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements Introduction to Educational Research



Albasin, Maria Theresa G. Cuesta, Vanessa B. Gravillo, Flora Mae P. Lumanas Joan Mae N. Saraum, Mark Anthony

Approval Sheet

This research entitled Student Assistants: Their Perceived Effectiveness in Rendering Service at the Selected Offices of Holy Cross of Davao College submitted by Maria Theresa Albasin, Vanessa Cuesta, Flora Mae Gravillo, Joan Mae Lumanas, Mark Saraum in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the subject Education 7 (Introduction to Educational Research) has been examined and recommended for acceptance and approval.

Dr. Oscar Cervales Aberion Panelist

Dr. Thelma O. Alderite

Dr. Bernardita

Panelist/ Instructress


i Acknowledgment

Any project like this is always a team effort. There is no way the researchers could pay back the many people who have actually encouraged and assisted the researchers in their continuing quest to make meetings more effective. In doing so, the researchers would like to extend their most profound thanks to the people who helped them craft this research paper. The researchers are grateful to the department heads of Library, Guidance Office and Internet Laboratory for allowing them to disseminate the questionnaire. To the respondents for honestly answering the questions. To the continuing assistance of friends and colleagues for the typesetting of this paper as well as the support given to them. The researchers are especially indebted to Dr. Thelma O. Alderite for the painstaking effort of checking this paper. To God, Almighty for the talents, ideas and wisdom bestowed upon them in the formulation of this paper. Finally, the researchers would like to dedicate this research paper to their families for their continuing support and encouragement for the writing efforts.

The Researchers

ii Abstract This study wanted to find out the perceived effectiveness of the student assistants assigned at the selected offices in rendering service at Holy Cross of Davao College. Specifically, the researchers sought answers as to the perceived level of performance on the job possessed by the student assistants assigned at the selected offices of holy Cross of Davao College, their relationship with co-workers and clientles, their perceived level of satisfaction with their job, their extent coping with stress and the overall level of effectiveness of student assistants service. The study was made within the duration of the summer class 2006. It used the descriptive method of research. The respondent of the study were 37 student assistants from the selected offices namely, the guidance office, internet laboratory and library. This made use of the questionnaires formulated by the researchers and validated by some faculty members. Copies of the questionnaires were given to the respondents who answered the questionnaire during their vacant period. The data were tallied, tabulated and analyzed. For the treatment of the data, the weighted mean was used findings showed that the respondents very often performed their tasks systematically and orderly. The student assistants from the library have the higher level of performance on their job than those other assigned in other offices. They often maintained a good relationship with their co-workers and clienteles. They also often felt satisfied with their job and often had the high extent in coping with stress in their work. The researchers recommended that the student assistants should be responsible in every accounts of their job. They should also inculcate in mind that rendering service is giving

until it satisfies the necessity. Effective service is achieved if it is done not by deed, but by heart.

iii List of Tables

Table 1 2 3 4 5 6 Performance on Job. Relationship with Co Workers. Relationship with clienteles. Job Satisfaction. Ability to cope with Stress. Overall level of respondents' service 22

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iv List of Figures

Figure 1 Theoretical/Conceptual Framework

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v Table of Contents

Acknowledgment Abstract List of Tables List of Figures

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Chapter 1 The Problem and a Review of Related Literature Introduction Review of Related Literature 2 Theoretical/ Conceptual Framework Statement of the Problem Significance of the Study Scope and Delimitation Definition of Terms 2 Method Research Design 5 6 7 8 8 10 10 1 1

Participants Instrument Data Gathering Data Analysis

10 11 12 13 vi

3 4

Results and Discussion Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation Summary Conclusion Recommendations References Appendices Curriculum Vitae

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CHAPTER 1 The Problem and a Review of Related Literature

Performance is the act of functional effectiveness, a formal exhibition of one's path in various themes. It is the accomplishment or achievement of action or deed through demonstration that shows functioning effectively. In relation to this, people in service must be consistent in rendering quality service since they are accountable to the clientle they serve. Working students also known as Student Assistant are not exempted on providing quality service to their clientle even though they are working and studying at the same time. Many parents can hardly afford to send their children to school. Thus, with help of the Student Assistance Program, many students can avail the opportunities that it serve globally. These students are financed by the school to pursue their studies in a condition that they render service in the institution. The country today is facing an economic crises that increases poverty in this land. Thus, many Filipino who graduated from high school cannot go to college. With regard to this, Colleges and Universities in the Philippines offer privileges for these students such as being a working scholar. The City Government of Davao implemented such scholarship. It embraces those students who deserve to be sent to school, but could hardly be sent due to financial crises. The unique function of a student assistant is to assist the clientle in the guidance and assistance of their needs. Indeed, the said scholarship has contributed much to the fulfillment of the dreams of the many Davaoeno students. Holy Cross of Davao College is Filipino, Catholic, Archdiocesan educational institution. Its mission is to inform well - integrated persons by providing Catholic

Education to all, especially to the less fortunate. In consonance with the vision and mission of the Holy Cross of Davao College, the SASP(Student Assistant Scholarship Program) is committed to help in the education of the poor and deserving students. It aims at the total development of its members and to assist the Holy Cross of Davao College employees in all offices in the disposal of their responsibilities towards the efficient and effective operation of the institution. They enjoy the following benefits and privileges:

Free registration and tuition fee for 18 units of academic subjects and 3 units of religious education and 2 units of PE per semester: 9 units per summer session: and

Monthly monetary allowance for minimum work of seven (7) hours daily Monday to Friday and four (4) hours of Saturday. In connection to this, the researchers strove to determine the effectiveness of the

student assistants of Holy Cross of Davao College in rendering service to their fellow students, to the faculty members as well as to the administrators of the school. Moreover, this research is envisioned to shed light regarding the help or assistance given to the students, teachers and administrators in the school community.

Review of Related Literature

Job competence is essential to the qualitative, efficient, skillful working practice. According to Young(2000), the amount of knowledge that workers must use and the 3

continuing rapid growth of this knowledge prevent them from being effective workers if they attempt to function with only the information acquired in school or outlined in books. She added that when unexpected situation competence enables the worker to arise, critical thinking and

recognize important cues, respond, quickly, and

adapt interventions to meet specific, client needs. Alexander (1992), explains that competency on job performance is the result of knowledge and working experience. The competence required to interpret departmental instructions and makes complex decision is the basis for the advancement of working practice and the development of the said exposure, to deliver effective service , the worker should be able to make relevant observations, recognize client's problems and develop appropriate plans to address those problems. These activities are continuously developed during departmental working exposures of the people involved in the service. According to Abdillah (1996), attitudes are consistent ways of perceiving feeling or thinking about or behaving toward the client. Mckeehan (1990), concluded that attitudes are internal process that somehow guide or direct our behaviors. Positive attitudes of workers should be shown to the clients and so to gain the confidence of the clients. Establishing rapport facilities a vital working role. Arnold (1990) stated that the effective communication in an essential element of an optimal worker- client relationship. In rendering service, communication is a dynamic process used to gathe

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