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  • 8/10/2019 Report Spic&Span case stady


    Strategic Marketing of Services & Products

    Spic & Span

    powered by Coco mat

    The report

    Koroniotis Konstantinos

    Paliopoulou Stavroula Marina

    Pouletsou Konstantina

    Vafeas Konstantinos

    Athens Information Technology

    MBIT program

    ProfessorGregory Yovanof

  • 8/10/2019 Report Spic&Span case stady



    The Spick and Span services have been provided since the last many years and customers are

    provided with outstanding professional cleaners taking care of their cleaning jobs. The jobs can

    either be big or small and can range from room cleaning to washing the exterior wall down. The

    services can be taken place at offices, factory as well as domestic.

    Usually, the spick and span industry in Greece offers a smart and a professional service having

    uniform-clad have equipped with cleaning products belonging to top quality along with cleaning

    equipment. There is a requirement of cleaning office blocks, homes, hospitals and hotel rooms

    as per the needs while a professional cleaner helps in providing a cleaning with the help of

    short and long term contract.

    The reason the company will be providing the services to the users is because it is able to offer

    them the top quality cleaning services and products with the help of uniform cleaners.

    Literature Review

    Since life today is fast-paced, there a lot of time is demanded by the profession. It is difficult for

    people to give time to activities and chores. In such circumstances, the cleaning and other

    duties concerning house management are required to be done in less time. With the help of the

    services offered by Spick and Span, the work can be done perfectly and more time can be given

    by an individual to other activities.

    The business also provides cleaning and removal services to its customers since the past several

    years and there has been expansion for including the facilities and management services in the

    report. The time of the customers is valued and they are provided with the highest standard

  • 8/10/2019 Report Spic&Span case stady


    concerning efficient work as well as professional which involves taking care of household needs,

    which means that trustable professional house services given by people.

    There is a commitment made for provision of high quality maintenance services including

    Painting, Plumbing, Electrical as well as other kinds of home based improvements for buildings,

    apartments, villas as well as offices.

    Mission Statement

    Coco mat having been successful in the mattresses & linen manufacturing business could enter

    a different but relevant, to the one that its already in, market of a high end housekeeping


    The new service is going to be called Spic & Span to reflect on the companys determination

    on excellence in these new ventures.

    The Company

    The Spick and Span with a modern unit wash clothing and bedding, fully harmonized with the

    management guidelines clothing from KEEL.

    The experience, the latest equipment, the exclusive partnership with COCO-MAT services and

    leasing (leasing) and integrated management of high quality linen

    COCO-MAT guarantees our partners to completely satisfy all their needs, whether it hotel unit,

    Hospital, shipping company or unit Catering.

  • 8/10/2019 Report Spic&Span case stady


    Environmental Scanning

    Office Cleaning

    It is very important for an office to be cleaned and maintained for the clients well-being and

    employees. If there is a requirement of a clean, hygienic and safe office, there is a need for

    visiting the premises of businesses. There is a positive and a professional impression given for

    the enhancement of business and boosting of sales.

    Since many companies make use of toxic chemicals for cleaning which leave traces of fumes,

    odours and chemical allergens behind. The equipment is used for enhancing the amount of dust

    particles in atmosphere. A lot of people are responsive towards dust and chemicals which help

    in telling which customers, clients and suppliers might be prone to chemical sensitivities.

    Previously, there were a small number of options available for ventures for hiring commercial

    cleaners for cleaning as well as maintaining buildings which make use of non-toxic products.

    The company makes use of Green Cleaning methods as well as high quality approaches which

    are charged mostly with a high premium in relation to their service. The business is a specialist

    cleaner which has come up with the latest technology called Green Cleaning Technologyas well

    as products which are safe for the people as well as the environment.


    The children are responsive to severe chemicals and there is high importance given to

    maintenance as well as spotless hygiene which is significant for homes having children.

    Spick & Span does not make use of poisonous chemicals when the cleaning takes place. The

    products used have the capability to kill germs and are non-poisonous and non-allergic which

    helps in measuring the peace of minds in areas concerning kids.

  • 8/10/2019 Report Spic&Span case stady


  • 8/10/2019 Report Spic&Span case stady



    The company is focused on professional care of clothing many years now, having proof the high

    quality of the services offered. The objectives of Spic and Span can influence positively the

    experience of each and every one customer. The cooperation with Coco mat is a strong ally not

    only financially but also in the market approach. Coco mat is the top of the mattresses

    companies in Greece with much experience in the needs of the customers.


    As mentioned before, the cooperation with Coco mat is almost exclusive so with any financial

    vulnerability of Coco mat, automatically Spic and Span will be financially damaged. Also, it is

    directly related to the number of tourists, the country's economic situation and the travel

    agencies that arrange vacation packages. Before all these, it is crucial to pinpoint that the

    market is not mature in this way of enjoying vacations and need to embody this to their way of



    The opportunities in this company are many and having already as pillars the knowledge and

    the experience can use the immature market and the technological innovation to send Spic and

    Span to a new level, an upper level. Endorsements with other companies can increase the

    performance and reliability.

  • 8/10/2019 Report Spic&Span case stady



    Knowing all the above, lead us to understand the treats and be prepared. The company

    depends on the tourism and the political and economic problems can affect the smooth flow of

    function of them. Last but not least, there is always the threat of potential entrants, of

    companies that can mimic the procedure and harm the company.

    PESTEL Analysis


    Government policy-high degree of intervention in economy

    Instability of government

    Potential fines set by government if company does not meet a standard of laws

    Bureaucracy- certain licenses for factory, stores and hotels


    Worldwide economic recession

    Diminished buying power of consumers

    Influences from local economic environment within each market that

    Coco-mat operates

    Limited bank loans

    Taxation changes

    Inflation and interest rates that deter investments

  • 8/10/2019 Report Spic&Span case stady



    Changes in social trends

    Changes in lifestyle, costumer need to match with premium brand image

    Peer influence of friends, family and colleagues

    Different values among population

    Different level of education of Greek population in every local market that

    Coco-Mat operates

    Vast income distribution


    Use of Internet

    Management software

    Technological equipment that reduce the consumption of energy, reduce manpower and make

    the production total effective


    General move towards more environmentally friendly products and processes

    Environmental disasters in Greece and in China

    Global warming and other environmental issues in a global level

    Full gravity to Corporate Social Responsibility

  • 8/10/2019 Report Spic&Span case stady



    Health and safety laws

    Local amendments on operation of the industrial enterprises (i.e. minimum wages, price of raw

    materials and other

    Marketing Research

    Target Market Segment Strategy

    The market segmentation has been divided into a number of focused markets. There is

    separation which helps in defining the marketing plan which helps in concentrating in the


    Middle class people are targeted, "white collar" customers belonging from the downtown


    Weekend and late nighters partiers

    Apart from that, the company also focuses on the target populations which have not been

    targeted presently but in future there are chances it would be. The service is used because of

    the affordability in price. The service providers tend to clean the mess which is left once the

    event is over and this leaves with a clean house. There is an offer regarding thorough clea