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<p>Page1of2</p> <p>RENOVATED ACACIA AUDITORIUM </p> <p>The auditorium, located in the Community Center, was originally constructed in 1966. It became the home of the Central Park Players (CPP), a community based theater group aptly renamed because of the new location across the street from Central Park. CPP moved in 2006 when the Community Center was expanded and renovated. The December 2008 Best Christmas Pageant Ever was the first production in the updated Acacia Auditorium. </p> <p>The auditorium, like all the other rooms in the Community Center, is named after a Coast Guard vessel that was stationed in Grand Haven. The Acacia, a 180-foot cutter or tender, was stationed in Grand Haven from 1979 to June 14, 1990. </p> <p>Remodeling the auditorium required innovation and determination as the existing brick walls and sloping, poured concrete floor presented several challenges. </p> <p> The original seats and carpeting were removed and grooves were saw cut into the floor to install an assistive hearing loop that is compatible with headphones and many hearing aids. </p> <p> A significant portion of the floor was removed to add five spaces to accommodate wheel chairs and their companion seats, with access on a level surface from the entrance. Two transfer arm seats were added next to the aisle ways. </p> <p>The final layout for the new seats was developed to offer the amenities listed above and provide comfortable seats, good sight lines and to maximize occupancy. </p> <p> The audio system was updated and now includes a microphone to deliver the otherwise unamplified voices on stage to users of the assistive hearing loop. </p> <p>When planning to attend an event in the renovated facility, we suggest that you let the event organizers know in advance if you would like a wheelchair or transfer </p> <p>Page2of2</p> <p>seat and/or if you desire a set of assistive-hearing headphones. Advance notification will facilitate a positive experience at the Acacia Auditorium. </p> <p>The entrance to the auditorium remains near the Columbus Street (south) entrance to the Community Center. However, the 2006-07 addition to the Community Center building included a parking lot and covered entrance on the Fulton Street (north) side of the building. Folks now have the option of accessing the auditorium from the covered Fulton Street entrance and taking the new elevator to the upper level where the auditorium is located. </p> <p>The City would like to thank the organizations who worked diligently to complete the updates prior to the holiday 2008 CPP performances. </p> <p>In addition to the volunteers on the Community Center Board, the City Manager and City Council, our appreciation is extended, in order of appearance on the project site, to the folks at FTC&amp;H of Grand Rapids, Michigan; Tridonn Construction Company of Muskegon, Michigan; Parkway Electric &amp; Communications of Holland, Michigan; Muskegon Tile &amp; Carpet of Muskegon, Michigan; Track Seating of Spring Lake, Michigan; Primary source of Grand Haven, Michigan; AVI-SPL of Grand Haven, Michigan; John S. Hyatt &amp; Associates, Inc. of Grand Rapids, Michigan; Plantengas of Grand Haven; the citys Maintenance staff and the Community Affairs technician. </p> <p>Users of the auditorium include private parties, churches, schools and the Central Park Players. If you are interested in obtaining additional information about the room, please contact Char Seise, Community Affairs Manager, at 616.842.2550. Sandy will be happy to arrange a tour, let you know about the availability and review the rate options. </p>


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