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Text of Regulations FIFA Financial Assistance Programme (FAP) .5 FIFA FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME...

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    RegulationsFIFA Financial Assistance

    Programme (FAP)

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    Article Page

    Foreword 4

    FIFA Financial Assistance Programme Regulations 5

    1 Objectives 6

    2 Benefi ciaries 6

    3 Amount, requirements and application of funds 7

    4 Procedure 9

    5 Monitoring of disbursement of funds 12

    6 FIFA Development Offi cer 14

    7 Special provisions 14

    8 Temporary provision 15


    English edition 4

    Edition franaise 17

    Edicin espaol 33

    Deutsche Ausgabe 49

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    Following its announcement two years earlier by my predecessor, Joo Havelange, in 1998 FIFA launched the Financial Assistance Programme (FAP), the aim of which was to provide all member associations and the six confederations with unprecedented means to assist and complete FIFAs work of promoting and developing football worldwide.

    Ten years on, we can be proud of what has been achieved by the FAP, which has not only helped to improve transparency and FIFAs image, but has also strengthened relations between member associations and their partners, increased the effectiveness of the FAP funds by tying their allocation to long-term development initiatives and finally, improved accounting standards at member association level.

    Having completed this first phase, it was important for FIFA to continue its work by setting new goals, namely to professionalise the administration of member associations and promote football through the pursuit of excellence a constant feature of all FIFAs activities. It was with this in mind that at its meeting on 19 and 20 December 2008, the FIFA Executive Committee approved this new version of the regulations governing the use of FAP funds for entry into force on 1 January 2009.

    I am convinced that the provisions of the new FAP regulations, their application and the ongoing work of the member associations, FIFA and the confederations will all be beneficial to the development of our football For the Game. For the World.

    Joseph S. BlatterFIFA President

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    The FAP regulates the financial support provided by FIFA to all its member associations and the confederations in order to improve their administrative and technical capabilities. It was first introduced in the 1999-2002 period and has since been amended.

    These regulations were approved by the FIFA Executive Committee and govern the principles of and conditions for the disbursement of FAP funds to FIFA member associations and the confederations. They also contain rules for monitoring and controlling the programme and specify measures to be applied.

    The terms given below denote the following:

    Statutory audit: Audit of the account of the FIFA member association by an external and independent auditor as outlined in the member associations statutes.

    Independent auditor: An external and independent auditor appointed by the congress of the FIFA member association who audits the accounts approved by the member associations finance committee in accordance with the appropriate principles of accounting and presents a report to the congress of the member association. The auditors are appointed for a fixed period in accordance with the member associations statutes. This mandate may be renewed.

    Local FAP audit: Audit of the FAP account by the independent auditor.

    Central FAP audit: Audit of the FAP account by a FIFA-appointed auditor.

    These regulations come into force on 1 January 2009 and replace the previous regulations and circulars governing the award of financial aid.

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    Article 1 Objectives

    1.1 FIFA provides fi nancial assistance to FIFA member associations and the confederations for projects and programmes that comply with the following objectives:

    Stimulating the worldwide development of football and its principles, as well as its social, educational and cultural values

    Reducing differences in football standards and infrastructures around the world

    Establishing modern, effi cient, transparent and functional football administration

    Strengthening the technical and administrative capacities of FIFA member associations and the confederations

    Promoting the sustainable long-term development of FIFA member associations, as well as solidarity among them

    Enabling FIFA member associations to comply with the requirements for membership and for taking part in FIFA competitions

    1.2 Under the terms of this article, fi nancial assistance may be in addition to other forms of support made available to a FIFA member association for one or more projects, especially as part of other development programmes, and provided the projects support the objectives outlined in art. 1.1.

    Article 2 Benefi ciaries

    The benefi ciaries of the FAP are FIFA member associations and the confederations.

    2.1 Under the terms of these regulations, FIFA member associations are deemed to be those members of FIFA duly admitted by the FIFA Congress in accordance with the FIFA Statutes.

    2.2 In these regulations, the confederations are the groups of FIFA member associations named in the FIFA Statutes, belonging to the same continent (or assimilable geographic region) and recognised by FIFA as confederations.

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    Article 3 Amount, requirements and application of funds

    3.1 The annual amount of funds for all FIFA member associations and the confederations is determined in FIFAs annual budget, which is ratifi ed by the FIFA Congress and communicated to FIFA member associations and the confederations by the FIFA general secretariat.

    3.2 FAP funds, as stated in art. 1, are primarily intended for the development of football, based on the needs assessment and long-term plan of each FIFA member association, and to help FIFA member associations participate in FIFA competitions. Therefore, fi nancial support for FIFA member associations is to be used in the following areas:

    3.2.1 Needs of the game

    Youth football and grassroots development

    Mens competitions and championships (e.g. national and international competitions)

    Womens football development

    Technical development (e.g. education programmes)


    Sports medicine (e.g. prevention)

    Futsal/beach soccer

    3.2.2 Functional needs

    Planning and administration

    Event management (e.g. organisation of international competitions)

    Marketing and communications

    Infrastructure (e.g. training centres)

    Others (e.g. club football, settlement of FIFA accounts, audit fees)

    3.3 Confederations may use FAP funds either to strengthen their own organisation and services and/or to support FIFA member associations in their football development initiatives, in accordance with each FIFA member associations long-term plans and with explicit mention of FIFA as the source of the funds.

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    3.4 Funds from the FAP may also be used to ensure that other FIFA development programmes (e.g. Goal) can be carried out.

    3.5 The FIFA Executive Committee may amend the purposes and requirements for fi nancial assistance at its sole discretion.

    3.6 To encourage the achievement of specifi c objectives (e.g. the promotion of womens football and technical development), the FIFA Executive Committee may defi ne quotas or minimum amounts that must be applied to these objectives from the FAP funds awarded.

    3.7 In the absence of an agreement with FIFA to the contrary, FAP funds for FIFA member associations and the confederations may not be disbursed in advance. Advance disbursement is only permitted within the four-year budget cycle and when these funds are being used for investment projects, e.g. in combination with the Goal Programme. The FIFA Finance Committee shall decide on any exceptions to this rule.

    3.8 The use of FAP funds to cover debts from the previous year is not allowed. The FIFA Finance Committee shall decide on any exceptions to this rule.

    3.9 If a FIFA member association or a confederation does not use all of its allotted funds in a specifi c year, the residual amount will be carried over for use in following years.

    3.10 FIFA member associations are entitled to receive the FAP money provided that they employ a technical and development director who is in charge of youth and development programmes.

    3.11 Only those member associations and confederations that carry out a statutory audit executed by an independent auditor, as outlined in their statutes, are entitled to apply for FAP funding. The FIFA Finance Committee shall decide on any exceptions to this rule.

    3.12 Any interest accrued in a member associations FAP bank account belongs to the member association and must be used for football development.

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    Article 4 Procedure

    4.1 Submission of application

    Any FIFA member association wishing to make use of its right to receive funds from the FAP shall, once or twice a year, submit a written application to the FIFA general secretariat in compliance with the conditions below.

    4.1.1 The following documents are to be included:

    a. Offi cial application form for fi nancial support from FIFA (FAP Form 1)

    b. The FAP budget for the application year (FAP Form 2), which states the planned use of the FAP funds according to the categories in art. 3.2, as well as the payment schedule (specifi ed for each quarter in the year of application)

    c. A list of the predefi ned amount of