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  • NEW SYSTEM The affordable Safety Solution EconoChip Always thought bark was the only cost effective solution to surfacing? Safe & long lasting surface Affordable price

    Safety surfacing from concept to compliance 0800 686 125

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    Trent Millns Project Manager

    SureFoot mats Great solution for high-use areas

    Innovation is at the heart of Numat. Since 1995 weve been meticulously developing and testing products in the factory and working with international experts to ensure the solution thats put down rises above all expectations.

    Its an approach thats paid off. One of our customers recently said they needed a solution for messy bark areas in their playground. However, because budgets were tight for the school year, they could really only consider loose fill bark, which is a short term solution because of its decomposing issues. We put our thinking caps on and started testing a bark-lookalike product made out of strong & long-lasting rubber.

    This is an extremely cost-effective surfacing solution, one that fits with the natural environment but most importantly, can save thousands on maintenance costs - not to mention the extra cushioning to ensure everyones ankles & heads are protected. And its all at a fraction of the price of traditional methods. Check out the pics inside and keep an eye out for installation updates soon.

    With school holidays looming, November is a great month to book in a FREE site visit, and we can schedule installation during the xmas/new year break to ensure minimal disruption to your site.

    As always we welcome your feedback and thoughts on how we can help. Feel free to call and let us know any issues or ideas you may have.

    Look forward to seeing you on-site soon , Trent.

    Spring has truly arrived, and our installers are enjoying being out and about in the warmer weather. With all the new growth around we are also continuing to develop and grow our range of solutions for the recreation industry.

    1.0m x 1.5m x 24mm heavy-duty rubber mat

    NZ safety certified

    Adds to surface stability

    Protects lawn in heavy foot traffic areas

    Easy to install using anchor pins

    Numat SureFoot 24mm rubber matting reduces maintenance

    and increases safety where wood bark or rubber mulch is

    used as fall zone protection.

    BUY 20 & PAY ONLY $95ea



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    Resident photographer A selection of exciting snaps of our recently completed projects







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    Are you going to waste money again on refilling your playground up with dirty loose fill bark that will decompose and become unsafe?

    Simply combining Econo-Chip with DuraSoft foam shockpads for unbeatable value and performance.

    First in the industry to offer a clean, safe, low maintenance,

    long lasting and cost effective surface for your playground.

    Upgrade an existing surface or opt for the ultimate in a clean,

    safe, cost effective and low maintenance safety surface.

    Simply add Numats exclusive EconoPlay, a combination of

    specially formulated loose fill rubber EconoChip spread over

    our DuraSoft foam shockpad base to provide a significantly

    improved play surface, all the while maintaining your fall

    protection all the time. EconoPlay is the premier loose-fill

    surface choice for new or retrofiting existing playgrounds. So

    for the safest and most cost efficient recreation surfacing in

    New Zealand, choose Numat branded product and get peace

    of mind.

    Provides a soft surface to help keep children safe on the playground (twice the cushioning effect of sand or gravel)

    Maintains beauty even after years of exposure to the elements

    Made from non-toxic, environmentally-friendly materials

    Inhibits growth of molds and fungi, reducing allergy risk

    Five times heavier than wood mulches, this rubber mulch will not float, absorb water or erode during heavy rain and flooding or blow away.

    Doesnt decompose

    Saves time, money - lasts many years Easy to install

    Introducing EconoPlay Our new affordable solution to rubber surfacing

    Available in the following colours:

    forest green

    carribean blue redwood earthtone

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    Eliminates problems in high traffic areas where loose fill may kickout during normal use, and increases impact protection and stability where its needed most.

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    Another very happy Numat customer Olivia ThompsonAbove & Beyond Education and Care Centre

  • Call 0800 686 125 or visit 7

    We chose to use PermaTurf when we built our new centre and playground because its clean and tidy and it fits in with the environment which has natural grass as well. We think its a great product; it is safe and doesnt make the centre look too institutional.

    We discovered a small issue with the ground when we were about to install the PermaTurf and Numat were great. They came up with a customised solution to suit the area in question.

    We found Numat to be really helpful. We will always look at using Numat first when we build a new centre.

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    Working with Numat is simple and fun!

    New Zealand-wide design, installation and project management from concept to compliance

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