Recording your memories. Autobiography, Memoirs Or Memoir? Autobiography is the story of your whole life. Memoirs are written by famous people. Memoir.

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  • Recording your memories
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  • Autobiography, Memoirs Or Memoir? Autobiography is the story of your whole life. Memoirs are written by famous people. Memoir is selected incidents from a persons life which illustrate a theme.
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  • Why write my memoir? Its fashionable. To pass on knowledge. To pass on life skills. To entertain. To give your descendants a glimpse into your life.
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  • What if I hurt people? Poison doesnt need to come out. Dont use your memoir to settle scores. Remember to portray other points of view. Consider whether its worth alienating yourself. Tell your story with self-deprecating humour? Its often unfair to portray someone negatively.
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  • Gathering Information Memory Research
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  • Memory Journals Meditation Meaningful objects Photos Make lists Caution: memories can be overwhelming. The positive? Thats what will keep people enthralled.
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  • Research Search engines Local historical societies Archives State library Local library; local librarians Bibliographies at the back of a book
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  • More... Industry journals Ships records Museums University libraries Local histories Genealogical societies
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  • Yet more... Electoral rolls Property title searches Phone books Registry of births, deaths and marriages Unmarked graves Check the names on neighbouring graves Lawyers records; local law society
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  • ... Police records Hospital records Migration records State uni libraries School records; school magazines Books on history Australian war memorial
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  • Cautions Be sceptical; check a number of sources Look at things from a different point of view Dont spend too much time on research
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  • Getting started Who is this story for? Who is this story about?
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  • Publishing method? Mainstream Self-publish Print on demand Blog Ebook Private
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  • ... Video Audio Patchwork CD and DVD Computer file Memory stick or hard drive
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  • The nuts and bolts Allocate a certain colour to each character and have a file for each. Divide an A3 into 30 boxes. Each box represents a chapter of 3000 words. The aim is a 90,000-word publishable memoir.
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  • ... Your first 10 chapters must introduce your main characters. Chapters 11 to 30 contain all action and interaction. Chapters 1 to 20 introduce all questions and problems faced. Chapters 21 to 30 no new questions. Chapter 29 and 30 contain the resolution.
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  • Other methods Write as a series of short stories. Make up a photo album and then write a short piece about each photo.
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  • Tips Any good story is like laying a trail of crumbs for a bird. Write passionately. Follow the emotion.
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  • Where to publish? Ebook: Smashwords, Amazon, pdf Print on Demand: Lightning Source, Feedaread Blogs: Blogspot, Wordpress Print: Digitalprintaustralia, Griffin, Watson and Ferguson Albums: Digitalprintaustralia, Kmart, BigW
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  • Covers Must be professional Smashwords has a list of cover designers for ebooks Use a search engine to find book cover designers Buy stock photos online Make sure the title and author are in HUGE font
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  • Content Get a professional edit Proofread your work once the layout is done
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  • Conclusion Follow the passion Laugh Cry Enjoy


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