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Recommended resources for READ EASY Reading Coaches

Please note that this document provides live links direct to publishers’ websites.

Suggested contents for a ‘Reader & Coach Starter Kit’

We highly recommend that you provide all your reading coaches with a ‘starter kit’ – a few suggestions are provided below.

Resource Publisher Price

A welcome sheet explaining where your Resources Box is kept, what it contains and how to borrow resources. (This could also mention that Consolidation training will help coaches to use resources.)

‘Examples of multi-sensory activities’ handout

From RE website

Mini Whiteboard and pen

Available in packs of 10 from listed

supplier as shown or from high street shops

£12.50 pack of 10

Card, marker pens & Post-it notes

Some spare Reading Record sheets (from RE website)

Recommended resources to make for your box:

(REUK can provide guidance on how you can make these in workshops at coach meetings.)

Word cards with blend header cards, e.g. ‘bl’+ ‘ot’, ‘ack’,’ip’, etc.

Bingo boards, e.g. for matching blends

Give us a clue – clues in speech bubbles and word lists

Onset & rime / word family building cards

Snap cards – (picture/initial letter; picture/word; word/word)

Social Sight Word Cards

Days Months Seasons – cards for sight recognition & sequencing in both upper and lower case.

Dolch 1st 100 words & Dolch 2nd 100 words

Recommended resources to buy or download for your Resources Box Resource Publisher Price

Basic Literacy Starter Kit, containing:

Alphabet dice

Lower case wooden letters

Hands On Packs – Alphabet

Hands On Packs – Consonant Cluster

Hands On Packs – Social Sight Words

Axis Hands On

£53.95 + VAT (10.79)

(Please note that these resources can also be bought separately, and possibly more cheaply, from a range of other suppliers.)


Pack of 10 multi-colour reading rulers

Crossbow Education (from Amazon)


Set of 4 YWCR reading books


Set of 30 Turning Pages Readers

Gatehouse Books

Shannon Trust




Functional Skillbuilders – Reading Entry Level 2

Axis Education


Word Maps by Margaret Bevan

Partners in Education


Read Easy Handwriting Pack:

Handwriting Skills Coach Handbook

Pack 1 - Early letter formation

Pack 2 – Progression Exercises

Free to download and print out from the Read Easy website

Printable Alphabet Cards

Range available free to download from internet

Pack of coloured pipe cleaners

Baker Ross; Amazon etc

Approx. £3

Mirror (small)

Local shops, internet

£1 - £2

Ring binder containing:

‘Library lending’ sheet to record what is borrowed and who has borrowed it

List of what should be in the box

‘Examples multi-sensory activities’ handout

Copies of resources that are available to download from the Read Easy website (could be laminated where appropriate for borrowing)

Bridport’s guide to problems coaches may encounter with readers (using YWCR)

Downloadable from RE website

Copies of catalogues from:

Barrington Stokes


Axis Education & Hands On

Free from suppliers

Approx. total cost:

£155 (YWCR)

£195 (TP)

‘Nice to have’ recommendations

Practical English Challenges Reading Entry Level 1

Practical English Challenges Reading Entry Level 2

Axis Education



Trugs 1 (& 2, if affordable)

Axis Hands On


Upper Case Wooden Letters

Axis Hands On


Sandpaper letters (lower case)

Axis Hands On


King Street Readers Set One (set of 10) with Exercises

Gatehouse Books


Sample readers

e.g. ‘The Lift’ (£4) plus ‘The Lift Exercises’ (£4.50)

Gatehouse Books


Play on Words Book Volume 2

Axis Education

£19.95 + VAT (3.99)


Filling in Forms – Photocopy Master (PDF)

Gatehouse Books


Phonics Resources for Older Learners by Frances Woodward

Phonics Stories for Older Learners

Forward with Phonics



A Cloze Thing – work book by Brown & Brown

Gatehouse Books


Social Sight Words - 56 cue words on cards or magnets – or make your own.

Axis Hands on


Days Months Seasons – 46 cards (or magnets) for sight recognition & sequencing in both upper and lower case – or make your own.

Axis Hands on


Magnetic board to use with magnetic activities

Axis Hands On


Dolch 1st 100 words & Dolch 2nd 100 words

2 sets of 100 professionally produced magnets (or cards) for learning Dolch words to help reading fluency and speed – or make your own.

Axis Hands on



Compound words - set of 24 durable plastic dominoes with words that can be linked together to form compound words.

Axis Hands on


Look at Spirals books on Amazon

Also have a look at: This Life Readers – set of 10 books plus a resource pack

A series of ten adult-focused fresh, quirky stories, fun to read. Designed for struggling older students at Entry Level 1, these 32-page stories feature one or two short, simple sentences per page with good, clear print and plenty of repetition and reinforcement.

Axis Education

£89.95 for set of 10 plus resource pack, or available individually

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