Recipe for impossible cake dessert

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Receta en ingls para prcticas de turismo e ingls, as como gastronoma, se explican los ingredientes, cantidades, recipientes, medidas y como realizar las mezclas, con la traduccin correcta de todos los materiales necesarios.


During this recipe i will tell you what ill be using step by step, first of all i will make the chocolate for this cake so i will need the pre-made box of chocolate we need to mix the content of the box with 3 eggs, 1 cup of vegetable oil and 1 and cups of water, ill be mixing the ingredients for about two minutes, it depends on the time and ingredients that your pre-made box of chocolate cake says in the instructions , we need that the ingredients get totally mixed without any lump. Once the chocolate cake is ready ill put away the mix and we proceed to make the caramel so I will put the glass of sugar into a skillet in high fire and i will add two spoons of water, it take a while so do not be panic if you dont see that the sugar is melting, when it starts to melt i like to add some lemon juice, until the caramel is getting ready, i start making the custard, ill add a tird part of a piece of cream cheese, this is optional beacuse i like it to get the cake a Little more body, also i will add 4 eggs, 1 can of sweetened condensed milk, 1 can of evaporated milk 1 spoon of vanilla, we need a container we buttered it or we can use spray butter so our cake wont stick to the container, then i add the caramel and we be sure that all the caramel is in all the container in the bottom and the walls then i add the chocolate cake, 1 box of premade chocolate cake is good for two of this chococustard then we fill the container with the mix of the custard its ok if when we finish filling the container it looks like the two mishmashes are mixed tne custard will slowly going down, then i putt he container in wather bath so the caramel wont get burn, we covered the container with foil and we put into the oven preheated for about 15 minutes in 370 degrees, we need to look at the cake by using a stick, a Little stick, by fittjng the cake with the stick and when it gets out clean our cake is ready. Enjoy it!!!