Reasons to Why Update Your Halogen Car Headlights to HID Xenon Headlamps from NearbyExpress

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This article provides almost ten reasons why you should update your halogen car headlights to HID xenon headlamps now, which is provided by NearbyExpress who is the professional dropship supplier of factory-direct car headlight kits.


Reasons to Why Update Your Halogen Car Headlights to HID Xenon Headlamps from NearbyExpress

Before taking something about HID xenon lamps, lets make a clear statement about Halogen Car Headlights. Halogen Headlights develop from Tungsten Filament bulbs, which add halogen gas in filament bulbs to make tungsten filaments more efficacious producers of light more lumens out per watt in. However, HID Xenon headlights hardly apply filament except xenon gas to produce lumens which are much money-saving and effort-saving. In order to provide more clear comparisons between halogen headlights and HID xenon headlamps for customers, NearbyExpress ( ) who is the professional dropship supplier of wholesale car headlight kits offers the following ten reasons why should you update your car with HID xenon car headlamp kits now!1) Brighter, While standard halogen auto headlights can provide 700-1000 lumens on average, these HID Xenon bulbs give you 2800-3200 lumens on average, which is 3x more lumens, which means three times as much light!

2) Safer, You know youre a great driver, but its the other road users you need to look out for, right? HID Xenon bulb can provide peace of mind and enhanced driving safety by improving your night vision by an extra 25-30 meters, with more than twice the light coverage on the road than you had before. This leads to improved vision produces greater reaction time and visual clarity for you to avoid unexpected road hazards, pedestrians and coming drivers.3) Cooler, theres an old saying that you should never judge a book by its cover, but the simple fact is, Xenon headlights really do look way cooler than halogen ones. Are you the kind of driver who likes to stand out on the road? Are you thinking about ways to make your car a bit more eye catching? Then HID Xenon car headlights can be your NO.1 choice.4) Longer, not only are HID lights better looking but they outlive halogen bulbs, lasting up to 10 times longer meaning less time and money spent at the garage

5) Cheaper, theyll also save you cash when it comes to running your car as they consume much less power than regular headlight bulbs

6) Multi-choice, HID lighting comes in different color temperatures so you dont have to stick to just the one boring shade of yellowy white like before.7) More Natural, The halogen lamps currently installed in your vehicle have a color temperature of about 3000K, which is a warm white color like you might use in your home living room. While this is a comfortable color of light for reading and relaxing your eyes, if you want better visibility then you need higher road contrast and brightness, meaning that you want a cooler (blue) color of light. With this 4300K headlamp, you get a cooler light that is not too intense.

8) More Lucrative, Thinking of selling your car? Upgrade to HID lights and upgrade the perceived value of your vehicle to potential owner and increase the sale price too, naturally and lucratively!

9) More Anti-bad-weather, Do you live somewhere where the weather, quite literally, isnt always so hot? HID xenon headlights are a must have for those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel in dark, overcast, rainy or snowy conditions.

10) Motorcycles Suitable, Many kits can also be used on motorcycles, so its not just the 4-wheeled drivers that get all the fun you bikers can have a piece of the action too!


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