Reading Workshop for Parents

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Reading Workshop for Parents. Thameside Primary School. What is Reading?. making meaning of print more than just matching sounds to a letter. Can You Read This?. Laciate ogni speranza voi che entrate. may read with practise - matching sounds sounds do not make sense - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Reading Workshop for ParentsThameside Primary School

  • making meaning of print

    more than just matching sounds to a letter

    What is Reading?

  • Laciate ogni speranza voi che entrate.may read with practise - matching soundssounds do not make senseno real reading taking placeCan You Read This?

  • Lextexx xxx xox xxe oxxy xluxx xo uxxxown xoxxs.

    competent readers draw upon a whole host of clues when making meaning out of printFluent Readers...

  • Lextexx xxx xox xxe oxxy xluxx xo uxxxown xoxxs

    Letters are not the only clues to unknown wordsCould You Read It?

  • Reading the Environmentnot all reading is in bookssurrounded by print that communicates a messagealert your child to uses of print in the environmentpoint out signs and labels

  • must have a knowledge of languagepatternrhyme and repetitionvocabularypredictabilitymust have a knowledge of how books work

    Pre Reading Requisites

  • whole wordprediction picturegrammarstoryphonicsbeginner readers will be practising one or more of these aspects until all three are usedThree Aspects of Reading

  • Necessary but not the only skill needed20 minute sessions daily for youngest childrenSound sheets practise at homeShort sounds b not buh h not huh etc


  • What is this word?


    Phonics cont

  • fish

    f as in rough i as in women sh as in station


  • 1:1 reading sessionsLiteracy lessons shared textguided readingthrough whole curriculumhearing children is not teaching, but assessment of where to go next

    Learning to Read at School

  • Personalised readingTarget cardsBooksTimetabled slots for every child at the early stages of reading

    Reading at Thameside

  • 1:1 reading until level 2 (average for 7 year old)Transition to guided reading1:1 reading and guided reading Guided reading (at least 4 times weekly)What happens when?

  • Warm up sound sheet (phonics) or phrase cards (high frequency words)Reminder of targetReminder of story so farRead to, read with, read independentlyReminder of target and what to practise at home1:1 reading session

  • Guided readingGives children depth to their understanding.Book TalkIndependent readingQuestioning

  • Now have target cards for every national curriculum level up to level 4a (age 13)Remind child, teacher, other adults in school and parent of which cueing system the child is currently practising Should only have one or two targets at any one timeFrom dark pink onwards target card used in guided reading and may be kept in schoolTarget cards

  • At the end of Foundation Stage (reception) average reader on dark blue/pinkAt the end of Key Stage 1 (Year 2) average reader on orangeAt the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) average reader on pale blue 2pale blue 2

    Target cards

  • Lower levels red, yellow, white, dark blue, pink, brown, green, grey - about one long term

    Levels orange, black, beige at least 2 long terms

    Higher levels dark pink, pale blue around 3 long termsTarget cards cont

  • Any questions

    A chance to look at the resources

    Over to you



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