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  • 1. Welcomes YouToThe World Of TreasureRATNAM INFOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED

2. Y o u r L i f e B u d g e t 3. What AreThe Solutions?JobSmallBusinessBigBusinessNetworkMarketing 4. RATNAM VISION RATNAM MISSION 5. Sankalp GroupEstablished At 6th June 2008.Asias No. 1 Network Marketing Co. In BinaryConcept.First Indian Network Marketing Company InInternational Market.Member Of WTC .More Than 3 Lakh + Distributors Across In India.Two Thousand + Lakhpaties. More Then 717 Ceiling Achievers.650 Premium Car Achievers2800 Bike Achievers1400 Royalty Achievers3809 Bangkok & Laptop AchieversBuy Any One Business Starter Package Once In Life Time.. 6. PRODUCTSRatnam Laundry Ball + Suit lengthCombo + Holiday VoucherCost (INR):- 4990/-Ratnam Energy Saver (single phase)+ Suit lengthCost (INR):- 4990/-Ratnam Tungsten Bio MagneticBracelet + Suit length + HolidayVoucherCost (INR):- 5290/-Features :Contains NO Toxic ChemicalsEnvironmentally SafeConvenient to useVery EconomicalAnti-bacterialSafe for Eczema / Sensitive Skin Andlots more..Ratnam Baywatch Pair watch + SuitLength ComboCost (INR):- 4990/-Description :IPG plated Swiss quartz slim watch with mineral glass.Golden printed dial with Jewelry belt.World renowned movement with X 50 movement in ladiesand X 10 movement in gents watch manufactured by timemodule Japan. (sister concern of Seiko Japan).Side bar copper, 4Water resistant.Technical Specification :Rated Voltage: 220V +-10%, 50/60 Hz,Storage Temperature: 10 deg C to 80 deg CAmbient Humidity: 0% to 90 %What is Tungsten bio magnetic therapy Bio Magnetic, beingone of the important forces in Nature, Scientist and medicalresearchers turn their attention to the study of the biologicaleffect of magnetic fields. Scientists eventually discoveredthat magnetism holds sway over all biological life. And,consequently, a new system of healing, magnetic therapywas founded. 7. PRODUCTSRatnam Gas Saver & Life saver + SuitlengthCost (INR):- 5390/-Ratnam Fashion Jewelry Gold Plating+ Suit length + Holiday VoucherCost (INR):- 5690/-Ratnam Induction Stove + Suit length+ Holiday VoucherCost (INR):- 6290/-Ratnam CFL Invertor + Suit length +Holiday VoucherCost (INR):- 6290/-Features :Gas enters the LSD directly from the cylinderGas is channeled into as chamber, where it passes theshutoff element.Gas is then channeled up out of the chamber and pastthe gauge pin.Gas then exitsFeatures :Exquisite collection comprises of ladies necklace.These can be perfectly used in any occasionThe designed gold plated jewelry is the perfectcombination of style and sophistication.Gold Plated limitation Necklace that is sure to attractthe attention of every woman.Technical Specification :1800W, 220V, 50HzSelf detection of suitablecookwaresSelf detection of over high voltage or over lowvoltage and switch off automatically after alarming.Self detection of operating and if no operation,switch off automatically after two hoursFeatures :Zero recurring cost.Weather ProofLong lasting works continuously for 6 hours on asingle charge.Best alternative during power cuts.Totally Eco-friendly. 8. PRODUCTSFeatures :Improves tastes of all liquids, Increases drinking waterenergy level, Increases body energy level, Maximizesnutritional benefits, Improve taste, Extend shelf life ofall vegetables, fruits and meats, Improve wellness,Enhances immune system, Rejuvenates cells,Increases blood oxygen levels more etcFeatures:Its Flip Wall clock with Leaves Attached to it.Its Handy Which shows as a calender raper but its aWatch.It works With 1-d size Battery with negative poleinward.Features :Dual sim working same time, 1 GSM + 1 GSM =total 2 sims (supports any gsm sims), Receive anddial from any of the sim, Bluetooth with A2DPTechnology,3D Sound Quality, FM Radio, 2.0 inchscreen, Large phonebook memory, 1.3 MP Camera,Memory Card expandable upto 8 GB , SupportsCaller picture, Caller video & Caller ringtone etc.Home Jogger, Leg Massager as you wish & like.This is a super demand product all over India.Increases circulation of blood, prevents arthiritis(joint pains), prevents fatigue, helps keepdiabetes in control too! This is the top model with3 timer control function and 8 level speed controlfor all age groups.Ratnam Bio Disc + Suit lengthCost (INR):- 6290/-Ratnam Analog Flip Wall Clock + Suitlength + Holiday VoucherCost (INR):- 6290/-Ratnam G Five Mobile + Suitlength + Holiday VoucherCost (INR):- 6490/-Ratnam Morning Walker + Suit lengthCost (INR):- 7490/- 9. INCOME 10. Weekly Income Plan 11. Weekly Income Plan 12. 1,00,000 + 50,000 + 50,000 = Rs.2,00,000/-Achieve 250 pairs, no time limit, RATNAM will provide MonthlyRoyalty of Rs - 4000/- up to next 12 months.Go For Maximum Benefit[Tri-Pole] ROYALTY INCOME1,00,000/-10010050,000 50,00050505050 13. LEGALS WTC Incorporation certificate 14. RATNAM PromotersAN 1SO 9001:2008,14001,2004 &18001-2007CERTIFIED COMPANYIRON & STEEL TYCOONSINCE 13 YEARSCORPORATE CHANNEL PARTNERS OF L&T,SUNMARK & FISHER GIANT GROUPSSankalp Group 15. INFO 16. Mi nimum 1 st Ye a r Pa c k a g e R A N K SMONTHS SALES PAIR INCOME1 3 1 1,OOO2 4 2 2,0003 8 4 4,0004 16 8 8,0005 32 16 16,0006 64 32 32,0007 128 64 64,0008 256 128 1,28,0009 512 256 2,56,00010 1024 512 5,12,00011 2048 1024 5,20,00012 4096 2048 5,20,000TOTAL 20,63,000RANKS TARGETRatnam New Star 100 PairsRatnam Three Star 250 PairsRatnam Five Star 500 PairsRatnam Gold Star 1000 PairsRatnam Golden Eagle 2500PairsRatnam Shphire 5000 PairsRtanam King 10000 PairsRatnam Ruby 20000 PairsRatnam Maharaja 30000 PairsRatnam Ganesha 50000 Pairs