Radisson Plaza Hotel Minneapolis, MN September 17-19, 2007

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Workshop BIM~ISO15926 Technical overview ISO15926. Onno Paap Integration manager Fluor Corporation. Radisson Plaza Hotel Minneapolis, MN September 17-19, 2007. The data model. An example of a very basic model is how we can tell what kind of object a particular 'physical object' is. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Radisson Plaza HotelMinneapolis, MNSeptember 17-19, 2007Workshop BIM~ISO15926Technical overview ISO15926Onno PaapIntegration managerFluor Corporation

  • The data modelAn example of a very basic model is how we can tell what kind of object a particular 'physical object' isThe boxes are entity data types defined in the data modelNext to an identifier they have (almost) no attributes.'classification' is a relationship with two attributes:'classified' that (here) refers to a 'physical_object''classifier' that (here) refers to a 'class_of_inanimate_ physical_object'

  • The 15926 model

  • ISO 15926 Part 4Some details of ISO 15926 part 3 were merged with part 4: geometrical shapes based on STEP part 42

  • Mapping an application to ISO 15926ApplicationdatabaseStandardclassesStandardProductModelsMappingactivityISO15926CompliantdataFaadeOIM

    FaadeRDLFaade myProject

  • Mapping methodology

  • Example specialized template in OIM(mapped from Part 7 Lite specialized Shortcut Template)

  • Typical exchange file in RDF/XML


    AND A TYPICAL TEMPLATE INSTANCE (means: an xsd:float of '50.75')

  • FaadesFaadeOthersFaadesquery&map

  • Faades

  • FaadesISO 15926 part 4Reference data libraryEPC contractor 1EPC contractor 2Supplier catalog

  • WIP - architectureRDSReference Data System http://rds.posccaesar.comTemporary holder for ISO 15926 part 4 Reference data library(2 years)Also called ERDL (Epistle Reference Data Library)

  • WIP - architectureRDSFREE ACCESS Web applicationrds.posccaesar.comISO 15926 part 412,000 classesPOSC-Caesar lib50,000 classes

  • WIP - architectureRDSEnter new classesTaxonomy By certified usersClasses approvalBy domain expertsEnter new properties By certified usersStarts from IDS projectMove properties to Object Information Models (OIM) By domain experts

  • WIP - architectureRDSRDS projectIDS projectEvergreen operationsFIATECH ADI projectFaademapSemantic Web interface for RDSFaadeFaadeFaade

  • WIP - workflowRDSFaadeMaintenanceFaadeFaadeFaadeISO 15926WIPReference Data LibraryObject Information ModelsNew entry(by cert user)Approval(by ISO)Bentley class editor

  • Query - exchange - hand-overBetween any two systems we may see the following types of data exchange causing problems:

  • Query - exchange - hand-over

  • Reference Data Libraries

  • Confederation of Faades