Radar Technology by Premavani Rajendra

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<p>We can learn many things from nature</p> <p>BATS ECHOLOCATION</p> <p>Bats are nocturnal animals But they have very poor eyesight They detect their prey/obstacles by echolocation</p> <p>RADAR TECHNOLOGYPresented by</p> <p>Mrs. Premavani RajendraLecturer, Dept of Electronics, Govt. Science College,</p> <p>What is a RADAR ?RADAR : RAdio Detection And Ranging</p> <p>It is an electromagnetic system for the detection and location of reflecting objects, such as aircraft, ships, spacecrafts, vehicles, people and the natural</p> <p>Invention of RADARIn 1887, a physicist named Heinrich Hertz began experimenting with radio waves in his laboratory in Germany</p> <p>Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt (18921973): Scottish physicist who developed the radar locating of aircraft in England.</p> <p>Principle of Operation</p> <p>A transmitter radiates electromagnetic signal into space by an antenna. A portion of the transmitted energy is intercepted by the target and re-radiated into many directions. The re-radiation directed back towards the Radar is collected by the Radar Antenna which delivers it to a receiver. There it is processed to detect the presence of the target and determine its location</p> <p>RADAR Operation </p> <p>EM waves are transmitted at the target and echo waves are monitored.</p> <p>Block Diagram of RADAR</p> <p>Courtesy: Introduction to Radar Merill Skolnik 3rd</p> <p>Radar Amplifier</p> <p>Radar Magnetron</p> <p>Radar Mixer</p> <p>Radar Antenna</p> <p>Primitive RADARS</p> <p>This was the first surveillance radar system designed to detect objects in space by Federation of American Scientists (FAS)</p> <p>Decca 41 First Weather detecting Radar of Hong Kong Observatory in 1959</p> <p>First Defense RADAR</p> <p>RADAR Monitoring Screen</p> <p>TYPES OF RADARSurveillance Radar includes target detection, target recognition, target tracking and designation to a weapon system</p> <p>Weapon Control Radars track targets, direct the weapon to an intercept and asses the effectiveness of the battle damage assessment.</p> <p>A Missile System Radar might employ Radar methods for guidance and fusing of the weapon</p> <p>High resolution Imaging Radars, such as synthetic aperture Radar have been used for reconnaissance purposes and for detecting fixed and moving targets on the battle field.</p> <p>Airborne Radars are mounted on the aero planes that allow the pilot to avoid hazardous weather conditions.</p> <p>APPLICATIONS OF RADAR</p> <p>Military: In air defense it performs the functions of surveillance and weapon control. Remote Sensing: All Radars are remote sensors. They are used for weather observation, planetary observation, short range below-ground probing and mapping of sea ice to route shipping. Air Traffic Control: They safely control the air traffic in the vicinity of airports as well as ground aircraft traffic.</p> <p>Law Enforcement &amp; Highway safety: The Radar speed meter is used by police for enforcing speed limits.</p> <p>Space: Space vehicles use Radar for rendezvous and docking and landing on moon. They are employed for planetary exploration.</p> <p>Entomologists &amp; Ornithologists have applied Radar for the study of movements of insects and birds which cannot be easily achieved by other means.</p>