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Sergei Rachmaninov a celebrationBlackheath Halls Music Appreciation Classes Monday mornings with Matthew TaylorCommonly regarded as one of the last of the great Romantics, Sergei Rachmaninov was one of the very few 20th century composers whose music not only has a broad appeal but also shows an ability to enter the hearts of listeners after just a few hearings. As well as exploring the popular works for solo piano, and piano and orchestra, we shall assess his career as a composer of symphonies, tone poems, and chamber music as well as investigating his output for the human voice. There will also be opportunities to hear some historic archive recordings of Rachmaninov playing his own works and that of composers who were close to his heart.

10 Mondays from 10 am to 12 noon in the Recital Room Blackheath Halls: January 8 to March 12, 2007Course fee: 55For further details contact Blackheath Halls on 020 8318 9758 or Michael Mellish on 020 8852 6391

Poster design: Tom Butler 2006