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<ul><li> 1. Adam Little, Eilidh Dickson &amp; Siddharth Muthyala 31st March 2009 Service Design: CIID Pilot Year </li> <li> 2. The hotel guests can now pre-order Library sets up a new service where The Hotels collaborate with the books before their trip or use the visitors to Copenhagen can check out library and can now offer their guests library services and facilities once library material. Library begins by offering a book service as part of their stay. they arrive. Their transactions are the service to Hotels as a way to reach The Hotel premotes the new service tied to their credit card used to book the visitors. on their website and when guests their hotel. arrive, face to face. </li> <li> 3. Are guests interested in looking at books and potentially other library material they did not bring with them? Are hotels willing to implement a book service into their existing system? What material would guests of hotels most like to see, what books would be most useful? What sort of hotels would this collaborative service suit? Does the library have a problem charging hotels money for this service and creating a business model? </li> <li> 4. Initial visits to hotels to promote the new service and speak to guests and members of staff, to gage initial reactions. Dan Hostel Radisson SAS, Fredriksberg Comfort Hotel, sterbro Dangleterre A one week experience prototype at Hotel Fox Getting Feedback from Pernille about the service concept (showing her inital concept video) </li> <li> 5. when i get home i just want to sit and relax, I may not always read, but it would be great to have the option of having them their, reading a little is good, it is good for the eyes and good for the mind this hotel definitly needs it, there is nothing here at all, you even have to order in your own food! Indian Business Man If I was really interested in a book i was reading and didnt have time to (captain Mehra) travels between India and read it all before i left, i would try and find it in the next place he was going Copenhagen Frequently Had been staying the the Comfort Hotel for 3 months to date people very rarely ask for books, our guests are either on holiday or business men, they dont want books, i am chief concierge here, i know my guests and they are not the sort of people who want books, if they need information we provide it for them on copenhagen, we provide the service for them! Head Concierge at Dangleterre </li> <li> 6. promoting danish design &amp; culture </li> <li> 7. with advice on other books to read and places to visit if they enjoyed the book </li> <li> 8. containing an information brochure, a catalogue of the books, order forms and feedback forms </li> <li> 9. oh wow thats lovely english couples reaction when hearing about the service during check-in </li> <li> 10. would like to see classic books and Films/DVDss would be useful Pedersen, regular guest at hotel FOX (didnt loan a book, but filled in the deedback form) </li> <li> 11. fancy hotels showed less interest fox hotel was unsure about success of service but was happy to experiment fox hotel manager was concerned about amount of extra work it would mean for reception staff service was not difficult to integrate, handing out brochures was natural management was more difficult... books quickly became unaccounted for best responses from people who stayed for more than a couple nights fox hotel avoided handing out information if people were staying only 1 or 2 nights copenhagen architecture was first book to be checked out people were generally happy when told about the service classic books and dvds were requested people enjoyed reading recommendations even though people expressed interest, it does not mean they would borrow a book people preferred to read newspaper at breakfast time </li> </ul>


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