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  • 8/8/2019 QCPU detailed Project Proposal


    Quezon City Polytechnic University673 San Bartolome, Quirini Highway, Novaliches Quezon City


    1. The Project Proposal should contain the following:

    I. Project Title- Reflects main idea- Brief and Serves as abstract- Captures the essence of the project with impact- Facilitates understanding

    II. Proponents- those who proposed the project

    III. Duration- Date and length of the project implementation

    IV. Venue- Place / Location

    V. Co-Sponsor- If there are sponsors

    VI. Target Group- Beneficiaries of the project

    VII. Justification- Expected benefits and impact of the project- This can beA. Socioeconomic ImpactsSocioeconomic benefits that the project can provide for the community /institution / Barangay. Examples are: Contributions to the development andimprovement of their living conditions; Economic benefits such as additionalearnings for the members of the communityB. Environmental ImpactsEnvironmental significance of the project. Its immediate and long-term effecton the protection of our environment.C. Institutional ImpactsExpected transformation that the project would bring to the community /barangay / institution in terms of technical assistance; delivery of services forits constituents / members; community participation in the project planning,implementation, monitoring and evaluation; organizational development forthe community, students, as well as the university.

    D. Other ImpactsThe group can also provide additional expected impacts that the project canprovide. Examples are: Impact on people empowerment; Awareness and

  • 8/8/2019 QCPU detailed Project Proposal


    advocacies for particular issues in the community / barangay / institution;Policy Development.

    VIII.Objectives- Reflects the main purpose of the project- Use SMART to define

    IX. Description (Background)- Refers to the project site, status of the community, needs of the

    community, and objectives in the implementation of the project. Must alsoinclude a description or profile of the Barangay / Institution or NGO andthe target beneficiary of the project

    X. Resources Needed- Manpower

    o Tasking

    o Duties and responsibilities of the members

    - Budget Requirements


    1. Each member of the group should participate and contribute in thedevelopment of the project proposal. Strictly no duplication of projectproposal.

    2. Use Times New Roman, Font size 12, double spaced3. Margins should be 1.5 left, and 1 right, top, bottom4. Page numbers should be at the bottom of page (footer), aligned right.5. Observe proper citations when using other project proposals / previously

    submitted proposals as reference. This also follows when using othermaterials as reference for your project proposal.

    6. Submit project proposal through email first for comments.