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COMPANYPURPLE NETWORX a BRAND registered under TRENZ DIRECT SALES CORPORATION with SEC reg. no. CS201003154. A direct selling and network marketing firm that offers individual an opportunity to start a sustainable, long term business by providing people with high value market products for good health and general well being. The company was organized and managed by well experienced group of people who are very eager to provide high quality products to our consumers as well as offer the best income potentials for those who join in our business.

VISIONWe will be the HOME of The BEST, Most TRUSTED and Well RESPECTED LEADERS of the Multi-level Marketing industry.

MISSIONTo ADVANCE the health and well-being of Filipino entrepreneur through PURPLE NETWORX business opportunity offerings that will support positive lifestyle change resulting in improved quality of life.


3 Full Scholarship

Macbook Air


90,000HOURS 8 hours/day x 300 days/year x 40 years

Will that be Enough?@ P300/day = P4.21M @ P600/day = P8.42M

@ P1000/day = P14.4MNo Savings!

No Savings! Now

No Savings! Age 65


At Age 6594% Dead or Dead Broke!63% - Dependent 24% - Still Working 7% - Deceased 5% - Secure P 2,500,000 per year 1% - Wealthy P 5,000,000 per year

Of the 1% wealthy - 74% have their own business

What are our Options?1.) Employment PERFECT BUSINESS 2.) Traditional Business 3.) Purchase a Franchise 4.) Buy Lottery5.) Business with Purple Networx




Clinical StudyPurple corn stops all growth and kills 20% of cancer cells in studyIn a recent study, scientists from Ohio State University reported anthocyanins are potent antioxidants that may be protective against cancer. They compared the chemoprotective properties of anthocyanin extracts from purple corn, chokeberry, bilberry, purple carrot, grape, radish, and elderberry for their ability to inhibit colon cancer cell proliferation. The researchers found that the amount of anthocyanin extract needed to reduce cancer cell growth by 50 percent varied among the plants tested. Extract derived from purple corn was the most potent, taking only 14 micrograms of C3G to reduce cancer cell growth by half. Extracts from chokeberry and bilberry were also fairly potent, though not as potent as the purple corn extract. Anthocyanins played a major role in the ability of the extracts to inhibit cancer, and they exerted an additive interaction with the other phenolics present.

In follow-up work, these researchers found that anthocyanin from red radish and black carrots slowed the growth of cancer cells anywhere from 50 to 80 percent. However, anthocyanins from purple corn and chokeberries not only completely stopped the growth of cancer cells, but also killed about 21 percent of cancer cells without having any effect on healthy cells. (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, October 22, 2008)

Purple corn color suppresses breast cancer resulting from gene damageIn another recent study completed in Japan where most of the research on purple corn is being done, scientists examined the influence of dietary purple corn color (PCC) extracted from purple corn seeds on induced mammary cancer in genetically damaged rats. They found that PCC significantly inhibited the cancer growth, and also significantly inhibited the growth of human mammary cancer implanted in the rats. PCC and C3G inhibited cell viability and induced appropriate cell death in the mammary tumor cells. The researchers concluded that C3G could act as a chemopreventive and also as a chemotherapeutic agent for cancers involving mutations in ras genes. Mutations in ras stimulate cell division and proliferation, and facilitate development of various cancers. (Cancer Science, September, 2008.http://www.naturalnews.com/026210_corn_purple_cancer.html

Clinical StudyPurple corn color may be effective in preventing liver cancerOther scientists in Japan found that the serum of rats treated with PCC provided evidence of significant antioxidant power. Micro array analyses showed PCC to induce RNA expression. They concluded that PCC may be effective as a chemopreventative agent against liver pre-neoplastic lesion development.

Hypertension and cholesterol are lowered by blue cornJapanese scientists also investigated the effects of continuous administration of color from purple corn, purple sweet potato, and red radish to spontaneously hypertensive rats. The animals were fed with diets containing 1% of purple corn, purple sweet potato or radish color. They found that the body weight and daily food intake of administered rats were not different from those in the control group, and the blood pressure and heart rate of the hypertensive rats that were administered each color decreased compared to the control group. These results suggest that anthocyanins have strong anti-hypertensive effects. (Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology, February, 2007) Other Japanese researchers performed an oral toxicity study of PCC with groups of rats fed the agent at dietary levels of 0%, 0.5%, 1.5%, and 5% for 90 days. No mortalities occurred during the treatment period, and there were no treatment-related changes in body weight, ophthalmology, hematology, organ weight, or histopathology. An unexpected finding was that on clinical chemistry analysis, total cholesterol, phospholipids, and triglycerides were significantly lowered in both female and male rats. The no-observed-adverse-effects-level (NOAEL) for PCC was judged to be 5% in the diet for both sexes. (Food Chemistry and Toxicology, February, 2008) Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/026210_corn_purple_cancer.html


PURPLE CORN JUICE PURPLE CORN COFFEEANTIOXIDANT in Purple CornAnthocyanin Anthocyanin Flavonoids All antioxidants All Antioxidants Anthocyanin Phenolics Flavonoids Lutein Anthocyanin Phenolics Phenolics Anthocyanin Lutein Anthocyanin Flavonoids

Health Benefit Anti-Diabetes Anti-Obesity Anti-Cancer Anti-Hypertension Anti-Heart-Diseases Anti-Aging Anti-Inflammation Good Eyesight Blood Health


INVESTMENT PACKAGE (Php 1,800.00) Business Kit Smart Money Card Personal Back Office 25% discount Purple Corn Juice Pack (1 liter Bottle PHP 2,200)

Product Pack

WAYS TO EARN1. Direct Selling Income

2. Direct Referral Bonus 3. Matching Sales Bonus

4. Company Promo and Incentives

DIRECT SELLING 25% DISCOUNTProductBIOnix BIOnix MAX 1 BIOnix MAX 2 BIOnix Silver Booster BIOnix Red Booster BIOnix Orange Booster

SRP2,200.00 2,500.00 2,500.00 2,200.002,200.00 2,200.00

Distributors Price1,430.00 1,625.00 1,625.00 1,430.001,430.00 1,430.00

Purple Corn Juice

2,200.00 110.00

1,650.00 82.50

Purple Corn Coffee


Matching Sales Bonus : PHP 500.00 Maximum paring per Day 16 Pairs Unlimited income per day

PHP. 8,000.00 / Day PHP 56,000.00/ Day

500 500

Php. 224,000 /month



What does the future hold for you? You Can Watch Us Or Fly With Us Your Future is in Your Hands You can be on board

JOIN NA!!!You can Contact Me @ Vanther.me@gmail.com Sun: 09238589499 Or : 09231146888