Pumps Valves and Pipes Africa 2005

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  • WORLD PUMPS March 2005 www.worldpumps.com 5

    n e w s b u s i n e s s

    Busch (UK) Ltd, the vacuum pump and blowermanufacturer, has carried out an upgrade projecton existing Huckepack 429 equipment at LionelHitchen (Essential Oils) Ltd to comply with thelatest ATEX standards.

    Lionel Hitchen supplies oils to the food, beverage,toiletry and cosmetic industries. The Huckepack ispart of a range of fresh oil lubricated rotary vanevacuum pumps, with two-stage compression. Thepump was installed at Lionel Hitchen to providevacuum inside a process vessel so that vacuumdistillation could be carried out to fractionate aproduct.

    The Busch equipment is being used in thedistillation plant, which has a multi purposecapability. This includes operations such as

    vacuum distilling of citrus oils or the separationand capture of solvents for reuse from products,which may have been accumulated during themanufacturing process.

    Busch's vacuum pumps are used in chemical andpharmaceutical manufacture as well as inindustrial applications where there is thepossibility of explosion. Any vacuum pump whichmoves explosive substances or which will be usedin an environment, which carries a risk ofexplosion now has to comply with ATEXlegislation. The legislation introduces newstandards and targets for mechanical equipment.Consequently companies with a vacuum pumpinstallation, which runs on a flammableapplication will have to assess the level ofprotection the equipment can offer.

    Busch upgrade at oil supplier Sewage seesTrbo Sanexport toZambiaTrbo San, a division of Mather& Platt in Jet Park, Gauteng, hasrecently dispatched a millionRands' worth of sewage pumpsto Ertec in Zambia as part of aMather & Platt order to thatcountry worth R5,5 million. Thepumps are destined for sewagetreatment plants in variousdistricts of the country and formpart of a government drive toimprove sewage and waterreticulation infrastructure inthese areas.

    The fourth internationalexhibition of Pumps, Valves andPipes Africa sees three majorwater industry events join forcesat Gallagher Estate inJohannesburg in June 2005.

    An international pumpsconference themed "Life CycleCosts with a view to reducingthe Total Cost of Ownership ofpumping systems" has beenorganised by The South AfricanInstitution of MechanicalEngineering, endorsed by TheSouth African PumpManufacturers' Association andsponsored by the Internationalpublication World Pumps. Atthis conference leading pumpmanufacturers, end users,consultants and industry expertsboth local and international will

    be presenting papers and beavailable to address issuesaffecting pump users. ContactGillian Stubbs:Gillian@saimeche.org.za

    Water Focus Africa (WFA), anexhibition of products andtechnology, is being staged incollaboration with the AfricanWater Association, representingmore than 100 utilities in 35countries.

    A water services conventionhas been organised by TradeConferences International andendorsed by IMIESA. Theconvention will focus closely onthe opportunities andchallenges in developing ruralwater supplies. In doing so itwill feature the future direction

    of policy and legislation for therural water supply sector,examine practical and technicalapplications via in-depth casestudies, and initiate paneldiscussions based on grass rootsexperiences. Contact DaleNewman: www.tci-sa.co.za

    This line up of quality events isattracting not only equipmentsuppliers, but utility companiesthemselves. The first of these toconfirm its participation wasJohannesburg Water. Pumps.Valves and Pipes Africa issupported and endorsed bymore professional industryorganisations than any othertrade event on the continent,demonstrating the value of theexhibition as a true 'showcasefor Africa'.

    Pumps Valves and Pipes Africa 2005

    HI asks for participatorsThe Hydraulic Institute (HI),under the approval of theAmerican National StandardsInstitute (ANSI), is seekingqualified individuals toparticipate in the reviewprocess of a newly completedstandard for the definition,application, installation,operation and maintenance ofcontrolled volume meteringpumps. The scope of thecontrolled volume meteringpump standard is limited topositive displacement meteringpumps, including, but not

    limited to, the following: Hydraulic coupled disc

    diaphragm Hydraulic coupled tubular

    diaphragm Mechanical coupled disc

    diaphragm Electromagnetic drive Reciprocating air drive Packed plunger Piston

    Individuals and organizationsdirectly and materially affectedby this standard are asked tocontact HI. These parties include

    pump users and specifiers,producers, standards developers,government agencies, andgeneral interest groups. HI iscurrently assembling a canvasslist of all interested parties whowish to review the drafts and willsubmit the list to ANSI in order tomeet its open canvassrequirements.

    To participate in the ANSI/HIcanvass, contact Joseph Latta,Technical Affairs, atjlatta@pumps.org or call +001(973) 267-9700 x15.

    TsurumiacquiresAwamuraJapanese pump manufacturerTsurumi has taken over thepump division of AwamuraManufacturing Company, Ltd.

    Awamura specializes inproducing large sized pumpsand has been taking a big sharein Japan's public sector market.

    Tsurumi has up to a 70% sharein the Japanese construction de-watering pump market.However, the slump in theconstruction industry has led toa slump in sales and as aconsequence, Tsurumi has beenexpanding in the public sectorwith the products for municipalwater supply, sewerage, floodcontrol and lift stations.

    With its acquisition of TheAwamura ManufacturingCompany, Tsurumi is hopefulthat it can increase itscompetitiveness in the market ofthe public sectors in Japan.

    The company has also beenmanufacturing a variety ofvacuum pumps and peripheralsystems. Tsurumi hopes that byadding this equipment to itsexisting export product lines, itwill strengthen its export sales.