Pulse wave analysis

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<ul><li> 1. PULSE WAVE ANALYSIS, PULSE WAVEVELOCITY AND CENTRAL BLOOD PRESSUREEUROPEAN HYPERTENSION EXELLENCE CENTERBAHRAIN SPECIALIST HOSPITAL</li></ul> <p> 2. Scheme 3. Measurement of the BPen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korotkoff_souWikipedia 4. Transportation in 1900 5. Telecommunication and Mail 1900 6. CARDIAC CYCLE AND PRESSURE ALTERATION 7. Aorta and Central ArteriesINCIDENT WAVEREFLECTIVE WAVE 8. 18Physiology - Pressure Wave Reflection at the HeartFigure 2 9. 19Pressure Wave Reflection at the HeartFigure 3 10. 20Key Central pressure parameters.S PAPPPDP Systolic pressure (SP) Diastolic pressure (DP) Central Pulse Pressure (PP) Augmented pressure (AP)measure of the energy wastedby the heart due to the reflectedwave AIx (= AP/PP)composite measure of themagnitude of wave reflection andarterial stiffness 11. 21Pressure Wave Reflection at the HeartFigure 5 12. Faster reflected time.Added to systole 13. Schematic representation of pulse pressure amplification.Oliver J J , and Webb D J Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2003;23:554-566Copyright American Heart Association, Inc. All rights reserved. 14. Aging and changes in the pulse wave 15. Central Pressure shows the effects of Drug therapy masked by31 In the CAFE study of over 2,000patients, brachial bloodpressure was controlled in bothstudy arms But the ACE/ CCB arm had uplower central BP and 30% lessCV events than the beta blockerarm. Augmented Pressure wasreduced by the ACE/ CCB butnot by the beta blocker. Brachial pressure does notmeasure arterial stiffnessBrachial PressureWilliams B et al., Circulation 2006; 113: 1213-25 16. Patient with CKD IV 17. BSH study on PWA and Central BP 18. BSH study on PWA and Central BP 19. BSH study on PWA and Central BPPressure Brachial (SE) Central (SE) pSystolic 136 (1.2) 121.8(1.10</p>


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