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<p>Presentation Title Goes Here</p> <p>Executive Panel and Q&amp;A Session Danny Sabbah, General Manager, IBM Tivoli Software (Moderator) Panelists Robert LeBlanc, Senior Vice President, IBM Middleware Software Mike Rhodin, Senior Vice President, IBM Software Solutions Group Steve Robinson, General Manager, IBM Security Solutions Tom Rosamilia, General Manager, Power and z Systems Neeraj Chandra, Vice President, Strategy, IBM Rational Software </p> <p> 2010 IBM Corporation </p> <p>Integrated Service Management in the era of Smarter Computing </p> <p>Executive Summary of Pulse 2011 Key Messages </p> <p>New approaches to addressing the high cost of operational inefficiency, transforming the economics of IT and continuously improving the business impact of technology </p> <p> Improve infrastructure affordability and flexibility </p> <p>spanning space, energy, assets, and labor. </p> <p> Enable Product &amp; Service Innovation by converging </p> <p>digital and physical infrastructures and leveraging </p> <p>unprecedented degrees of real-time operational data. </p> <p> Unleash the power of analytics to gain new insights, </p> <p>improving the predictability of business outcomes. </p> <p>1 </p> <p>Extending the Capabilities of ISM for a new era of Smarter Computing </p> <p>Infrastructure Affordability &amp; Flexibility </p> <p> Image / Virtualization &amp; Cloud Management </p> <p> End point Management Solutions </p> <p> Network Management Solutions </p> <p> Real-time Asset Locator </p> <p> Intelligent Network Metering </p> <p> Smart Buildings Management </p> <p> Security Intrusion System </p> <p> Space Management Solutions </p> <p> SaaS Service Desk Management </p> <p> Analytics Solutions </p> <p> Product &amp; Service Innovation </p> <p>Predictability of Business Outcomes </p> <p>Integrated Service Management </p> <p>Business Services and Assets </p> <p>VISIBILITY CONTROL AUTOMATION Monitor in real-time React quickly &amp; effectively Achieve efficiency </p> <p>Visibility, Control and Automation across the End-to-End Business Infrastructure &amp; Service Chain </p> <p>3 </p> <p>CLOUD COMPUTING WORK LOAD OPTIMIZED SYSTEMS FEDERATED INFORMATION </p> <p>An Approach to Continuously Improving Business Impact </p> <p>Infrastructure affordability &amp; </p> <p>flexibility </p> <p>Service quality &amp; resiliency </p> <p>Service &amp; product innovation </p> <p>Predictability of business outcomes </p> <p>Business Services </p> <p>Evolving to an Integrated Platform </p> <p>Integrated Service Management Platform </p> <p>Key Domains &amp; Processes </p> <p>ISM Business Processes Driving Continual Improvement </p> <p>Real-time Metrics &amp; Dashboards </p> <p>5 </p> <p>Leveraging an Open, Standards Based Architecture </p> <p>Best Practices </p> <p>Clients Existing </p> <p>Capabilities </p> <p>Future IBM </p> <p>Capabilities 3rd Party </p> <p>Capabilities </p> <p>Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) </p> <p> Dynamic Interaction </p> <p> Common Services </p> <p> Open Architecture </p> <p> Federated Data </p> <p>For </p> <p>Data Centers For Design &amp; Delivery </p> <p>For </p> <p>Industries </p> <p>Security </p> <p>Collaboration </p> <p>Query Discovery </p> <p>Administration: Users, projects, process </p> <p>Dashboards </p> <p>7 </p> <p>Todays Executive Panel </p> <p>Steve Robinson (panelist) </p> <p>General Manager </p> <p>IBM Security Solutions </p> <p>Danny Sabbah (moderator) </p> <p>General Manager </p> <p>IBM Tivoli Software </p> <p>Robert LeBlanc (panelist) </p> <p>Senior Vice President </p> <p>IBM Middleware Software </p> <p>Mike Rhodin (panelist) </p> <p>Senior Vice President </p> <p>IBM Software Solutions Group </p> <p>Tom Rosamilia (panelist) </p> <p>General Manager </p> <p>Power and z Systems </p> <p>Systems and Technology Group </p> <p>Neeraj Chandra (panelist) </p> <p>Vice President Strategy </p> <p>IBM Rational Software </p> <p> 2010 IBM Corporation </p>