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<p>PSD to Drupal Conversion Smart Choice for an Effective Website</p> <p>PSD to Drupal conversion is the most sought choice for making appearance of website customized. Drupal is a Content Management System (CMS), which is a widely preferred open source system to assist website owners experience customized themes effect in simple steps. PSD to Drupal theme conversion is quite an easy process, but if one is new to open source content management systems and HTML, technical assistance of Drupal developers will be needed.</p> <p>As we know, PSD is a photoshop design, one can design website using it, but it is not browser compatible and cannot be uploaded directly. First of all, PSD gets converted into HTML coding before integrating with Drupal. Before the process of uploading, PSD is sliced to separate the elements like images, texts, logos and many more. Further, these elements are coded as HTML pages.</p> <p>HTML defines the look of a page, as it is a mark-up language. It decides the pattern of tools and applications on that particular website. HTML is an indispensable source for designing web pages. Innovation in the world of HTML is HTML5, which comes with various multimedia functions. </p> <p>PSD to Drupal theme has an amazing effect of Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). CSS decides the style guide for HTML coding to bring out the desired form of a website. It allows the user to manage background colour, graphics, texts and other sections of page. </p> <p>Converting PSD to HTML is entirely a technical task and indispensable for PSD to Drupal conversion. Text box cannot be sliced because it is not SEO friendly. Colour combination should be proper, so that the page look clean when appear on browser. One can go for RGB rather than CYMK and make changes via navigating to MODE &gt; RGB&gt;. Apart from this, the saved slices that will be integrated to Drupal site should be of PNG-24 format, as it is the highest colour supporting format. After all this, you may need some technical assistance for integrating HTML coding with Drupal site. In that case, Drupal needs to be downloaded and folders are required to be made for saving HTML and CSS files. Besides, certain changes will also be needed to manage the site in Administration panel of Drupal. In order to add or configure blocks, you need to do it via SITE BUILDING &gt; BLOCKS&gt;.</p> <p>Most of the people prefer hiring professional for PSD to Drupal theme conversion. Hiring a Drupal professional is not a very expensive thing; after all he can provide you a vast scope of customizing your website as per your requirements. Apart from this, there are many factors that can be provided by a professional, such as W3C validation, semantic coding, cross browser compatibility and pixel perfect conversion. Therefore, it is recommended to go for a professional PSD to Drupal convertor instead of making you fall in trouble</p>