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sitios turísticos de nuestro municipio

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  • 1. MY PRESENTATIONMy name is Nancy PaolaFranco Guzman I have18 years study "Analysisand InformationSystems Development"in the SeineLocation AnzoteguiTolima, weekend workand in my free time I likelistening to music andreading.

2. The Republic of Colombia islocated on the northwestern tipof South America, thanks to itsgeographical position, Colombiahas coasts on the Atlantic andPacific.Continentally restrictedColombia with Venezuela to theeast, southeast Brazil, Peru andEcuador to the south andnorthwest Panama.It also has 1099 municipalities,32 departments. 3. AND I LIVE IN THEMUNICIPALITY OFANZOATEGUI 4. LOCATIONThe municipality of Anzotegui islocated north of the Department ofTolima, on the Cordillera Central.The municipality of Anzoteguibounded on the north by themunicipalities of Santa Isabel andVenadillo, on the south by themunicipality of Ibague, in the eastwith the municipality of Alvaradoand the West with the Departmentof Quindo.It is located 38km from the musiccapital of Colombia. 5. DESCRIPTION OF THE SOCIETYThe people of the municipality is characterized bypeasants who toil daily to produce high quality products,are friendly, staff, friendly and above all his great joyalone compared with the warmth of its people.have population from 1400 m to 4000 m having a varietyof care on their part that varies depending on altitude. 6. LANDSCAPES 7. TOURIST PLACES 8. TOURIST PLACES 9. ACTIVITIES CAN DO INANZOATEGUI The activities are different for influence ofLos Nevados National Park nature walks extreme Sports Sport fishing for rainbow trout Hiking, camping and other Besides educational wing because diversitythe municipality has biological Knowledge of farming and agribusiness 10. TYPICAL FOOD Anzotegui is not a typical meal as such, but hasalways typical of Tolima as some others that may be: tamales the suckling pig the cheese chicha The embtelos 11. INVITATIONAnzotegui is an undiscovered paradise andyou are invited to have the pleasure to enjoy thelandscapes of his adventures and the warmth ofits people, come and enjoy the splendor it hasto offer is a unique experience,You expect.