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Prospecting for minerals in sub-arctic regions

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    Prospecting for Minerals in Sub-Arctic Regions. Equipped for a two years' stay in Canada's sub-Arctic regions and with airplanes for prospecting, a party of Canadian mining engineers and geologists has sailed from Halifax in the schooner Morso, bound for points in Hudson Bay. The expedition which is sent out by the Dominion Explorers, Ltd., is under the direction of Mr C. H. Blanchet, exploratory engineer of the Canadian Department of the Interior, who is on leave of absence for the purpose. Equipped to be self-supporting and to venture beyond the tree belt into the so-called "barren lands," the expedition carries two "Fairchild" and two "Moth" airplanes, fitted with bath pontoons and skis, besides specially constructed river boats known as "sturgeon heads" and snow-mobiles, or motor cars equipped with skis forward and giant flanged wheels on the rear axles. The engineers believe they will unearth mineral resources of vast value, which may he exploited with profitable facility on the completion of the Hudson Bay railway. Lieut.-Commander J. T. Randall, D.S.O., a retired officer of the British Navy, of Liverpool, Nova Scotia, is in charge of the Modorso, a schooner of 400 tons, equipped with powerful auxiliary motors, wireless, and modern navigation aids.-Chcn. Age, 19, 32 (Oct. 6, 1928).