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  • PROSFD Compressed Air Desiccant Dryer Range Innovative design. Exceptional engineering. Improved performance

  • Introducing a new generation of Desiccant Dryers with optional Dewpoint Management Control


  • Walker Filtration is one of the leading manufacturers of high efficiency compressed air filtration and drying equipment.

    At Walker Filtration we take pride in our world-class reputation for designing, developing, and manufacturing products of superior technical performance. Delivering high quality, well-engineered filtration and drying solutions since 1983, all of our products are designed and manufactured on site at our state of the art 12000 m² headquarters in the UK.

    With a portfolio encompassing both industrial and medical products, our complete product range illustrates the diverse capabilities and expertise of Walker Filtration.

    Compressed air is a versatile and important power source. The requirement for a compressed air supply to be clean, dry and contaminant free is crucial to ensuring safe, efficient and profitable operation and manufacturing. Any form of moisture or contamination in a compressed air line has the potential to cause costly downtime, machine damage and product spoilage. The Walker Filtration product range, designed and tested to international air quality standards, ensures that compressed air is delivered contaminant free, to exacting specifications, required for the end use.

    Compressed air filtration and drying solutions must deliver uncompromising performance and reliability. Ensuring that a compressed air system delivers the required air quality for the end application is crucial to successful daily operation. The more energy required to produce clean, dry and reliable compressed air, the greater the cost. Therefore, installing and maintaining the correct filtration and drying solutions for your compressed air system is critical to guaranteeing optimum performance and ensuring that energy costs are kept to a minimum.

    Whatever the application We have the dryer solution for you

    The Need for Clean and Dry Air

    Energy Efficiency

  • Walker Filtration’s range of PROSFD desiccant dryers deliver optimum performance and provide a compressed air drying solution you can count on. With built in energy saving features across the range, the PROSFD series of heatless regenerative dryers has been designed to incorporate an energy management system which allows the dryers to be linked with a compressor control system to reduce air consumption during periods of low demand – greatly reducing energy consumption and improving energy e�ciency.

    improved serviceability are central to PROSFD’s design, as downtime Optional Dewpoint Management Control, �exible installation and

    associated with servicing and installation not only e�ects productivity but also directly impacts upon costs.

    The PROSFD range of heatless desiccant dryers delivers uncompromising performance and air quality. Constructed using extruded aluminium towers which are fully anodised for corrosion protection, this distinguished range of high e�ciency dryers has been designed and tested to meet the purity classes speci�ed by ISO 8573-1: 2010

    All dryers are built to be fully compliant with international standards and have multiple voltage options, suitable for worldwide installation.

    The Solution

  • Innovation and sound engineering is at the heart of Walker Filtration and focuses all that we do. Continued investment in research and development, new technologies and the latest test standards, allows us to meet the highest demands of both the end user and the OEM customer. Our commitment to exceptional and innovative design, along with a proven track record of engineering excellence, enables us to remain at the forefront of compressed air �ltration and drying technology.

    For more than 30 years, Walker Filtration has built a reputation of high quality, well-engineered �ltration and drying products. Founded on sound engineering principles, we continually invest in technology and expertise to stay at the leading edge of innovation. By utilising the latest technology in computer aided design and combining this with the extensive knowledge of our engineering and technical team, we have become the partner of choice and are proud to work with OEM customers on an international scale.

    With in-house test facilities and sophisticated on-site laboratories at our UK and USA locations, performance is guaranteed.

    Technical Capability

    Innovative Product Design

    At Walker Filtration our customers’ needs are always paramount - we pride ourselves on our customer focused approach and exceptional levels of service. Our approach is straightforward – we enjoy what we do, working with our customers and o�ering competent advice and sound engineering. With dedicated technical, sales, and support teams globally, we are well placed to ensure a rapid response and fast delivery. We deliver not only highly speci�ed standard product ranges, but also customised solutions designed speci�cally for our client’s needs.

    Customer Focused

    PD004-PD035 PD0046-PD0360


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    Walker Filtration products can be found in virtually any industry where compressed air is used.

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    4 to 360 scfm (7 to 612 Nm The PROSFD range of desicant dryers, with 17 models, provides �ow rates from

    ³/hr). This modular series o�ers a robust and reliable compressed air drying solution.

    Designed to suit various applications, the PROSFD range consists of our proven existing low �ow models PD004-PD035, and our new and improved larger �ow models PD0046-PD0360. Utilising the latest in drying technology, this technically advanced range of highly e�cient desiccant dryers delivers a compact solution to moisture removal from compressed air.

    Whatever your requirement, PROSFD’s exceptional performance can deliver - the features and bene�ts of PROSFD ensure almost every application need is met.


    Critical ApplicationsHigh Quality Applications




    Food Production

    Beverages & Breweries

    Critical Component Manufacturing

    Vacuum Packaging


    Pneumatic Conveying




    Industrial Cleaning

    Power Generation

    Paper & Printing


    Oil & Gas

    Laser Cutting



    General Industry

    Dewpoint temperature Application

    -74°C (-100°F) Highly critical applications (e.g.) semiconductor industry / electronic industry

    -40°C (-40°F) E�ective point of use (e.g.) general industry (standard pressure dewpoint)

    -20°C (-20°F) Specialist use including some breathing air applications

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    With �ow rates from 4-35 scfm, our range of lower �ow PROSFD models provide a proven solution for compressed air drying and are ideal for smaller point of use applications.

    Designed to deliver optimum performance in line with the highest standards of air purity, meeting the quality classes speci�ed in ISO 8573-1: 2010 (see pg.14 for further information on Air Quality Classi�cations), PROSFD models PD004 to PD035 are supplied as standard with XA grade 0.01 micron coalescing �lter.

    PROSFD can be installed vertically and horizontally, providing a �exible solution to your compressed air drying needs

    range of dryers is 100% function This highly reliable, high e�ciency

    tested prior to despatch and is supplied with a DIN plug for a fast and e�cient installation.

    PROSFD | PD004 to PD035

    LED Controller supplied as standard

    supplied as standard

    0.01 Micron XA Pre-�lter

    Internal Silencer

    1 Micron X1 Dust Filter integrated into

    Desiccant Cartridge

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    Serviceability Ease of service is foremost to the PROSFD design - desiccant columns are easily removed, allowing access to desiccant cartridges for quick and e�cient change out.

    Reliability The PD004 – PD035 design incorporates highly reliable 12 VDC solenoid control valves which operate diaphragm exhaust valves. The control valves are set to be ‘normally closed’, a fail safe that ensures that the dryer will still provide compressed air – even in the event of a power failure.

    Energy Efficient Design Energy management features are built-in into PROSFD’s LED Controller (supplied as standard). The compressor can be linked to the energy management contacts, isolating the purge �ow during periods of low demand for e�cient use of compressed air.

    LED Controller Supplied as Standard Both smaller and larger �ow models come with an LED Controller, providing continuous updates on dryer performance via an intelligent built-in central processing unit (CPU). The LED Controller illuminates to alert in the event of low power faults, controller faults, drain valve faults, solenoid failures and when service intervals have been reached. An external alarm process is built-in o�ering total security and peace of mind.

    Low Cost of Ownership optimum performance and �nancial bene�ts. Features such as an integral

    Walker Filtration’s dryers are designed to deliver

    electronic drain, service interval indication and integrated condensate management a


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