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13 December 2006



Announce EuroBasket 2007 to the inhabitants of the venues and their respective Comunidades Autónomas (Autonomous Communities), separating society into age groups and segments.

Obtain inhabitants’ widespread identification with the event, as well as active participation of most critical segments.


NON-CONVENTIONAL(Below the line)

• Children and Families Segment

• Young People’s Segment

• Adults, Families and General Segment

• Companies Segment

• Media Segment

• Local Fairs: FITUR, ...

CONVENTIONAL(Above the line)

• Exterior advertising: city decoration• Shop Window Decoration• Exterior advertising: decoration

entering city and other areas of the venues such as main avenues, ... (Social Responsibility Campaign: “Keep your city clean”)

• Internet www.EuroBasket2007.org• Press:

– Support to non-conventional actions (special advertising)

– EuroBasket 2007 Campaign


(Above the Line)

Advertising: city decoration and media investment


April – June

“Campaign Slogan” (TBD)


July – 17 Sep

“Campaign Slogan” (TBD)

17 to 31 Sep

Based on Spain result (TBD)


Advertising support to non-conventional actions

Advertising at access to cities and SR Campaign.

Exterior decoration in rest of regions

EuroBasket 2007 Campaign



Advertising: city decoration and social responsibility

“Keep your city clean” Campaign


(Below the Line)

Children and Families Segment

Children and Schools:Start of Campaign

PEB Presentation

Delivery of Materials


Intra Centres

CAT. A: 6-10 years / CAT. B: 11-14 years / CAT. C: 15-18 years

Winners: All expenses paid trip to the 1st phase of Eurobasket 07 (Venues)

Out-of-school activities:

Children and Families:

The EuroBasket 2007 Grand Puppet Theatre

Stage:The stage will be an interactive space for the entire audience, surrounded by storybook scenery with large elements in the set that will give the audience the feeling that they are part of the play.There will be a large area for the audience to sit in, simulating a basketball court, in which they will be able to throw different balls into the LARGE “Inflatable Baskets”, before the performance begins. Later, during the performance, these baskets will be of major importance in the telling of the story.In another part of the public area and opposite each other will be another two “Inflatable baskets” with a frightening design, replacing the previous ones and situated at the front during part of the stage.


Alberto, the presenter, will be dressed as a basketball referee and tell the children that they will be waiting for the GUEST BALL to make the symbolic THROW that will open EuroBasket 2007.

Two children, PAU and SELENA, appear. They are very happy to be there and ask about the ball. The children in the audience tell them what happened and they decide to look for help. PAU goes to his Coach PEPU, and SELE to the players in the TEAM.The witch reappears and tells the children her plan…

A hostess will throw a large inflatable basketball into the audience which the children will pass to one other like a large balloon until it reaches the stage to a big applause.

Alberto will store it in a special place and say goodbye to the children because he is going to greet the players.

When leaving the stage, FEDERICA, THE WITCH will appear and angrily gesture to the children that she does not want to see them there. When she finds out that they are waiting for the team, she will try to SABOTAGE the competition. The first thing she does is burst the guest ball and then go to her hideout to devise an evil plan to ruin the event.

She calls her snake, PYTHON, which is able to coil up and simulate a ball, and anyone who touches it becomes VERYYYY SMALL, and will also make disappear (deflating them with a spell) the GIANT BASKETS on the stall seats and, in their place, MAGICALLY INFLATE two HORRIBLE DRAGON-SHAPED BASKETS, by means of which she plans to make the team and anyone who gets in the way disappear. She then goes to her hideout for her book of spells, leaving the python to capture the team.

SELE and the players appear one by one and fall into the trap of touching the PYTHON, and become VERY SMALL. The witch puts them into a box and hides them in order to turn them into balls and throw them into the evil BASKETS to make them disappear.

The referees, SIL and BATO (whistle brothers), arrive.

They try to take the ball (which is the coiled-up python), but the children in the audience warn them and the brothers flee in a comic pursuit scene which leads to them getting out of the lorry (from puppets to characters) and running into the audience chased by the snake, which does not manage to reach them.

FEDERICA reappears on the stage with a large book of spells from which she reads the words with which she tries to change the players into balls, for which she needs them together in pairs.

She goes for the box where she is keeping them prisoner. In the meantime, PEPU and PAU appear and, warned by the audience of FEDERICA’s intentions, manage to fool the witch and join her together to the snake, so that with her own magic words they are turned into a large ball.

They call Alberto, who explains to the audience that basketball is a team sport, and that by working all together, helping each other, they can throw the witch into her evil basket.

With the help of the children, they throw this large ball, which has the image of the interwoven witch and python printed on it, into one of the evil baskets which collapse and deflate amidst smoke and noise. Then the GOOD BASKETS are re-inflated, finally finishing off the witch FEDERICA.

PEPU and PAU free SELE and the Players, but they are very small. To make them grow they are given a GOOD GLASS OF MILK which they all drink and return to their normal size.


The show will consist of 15 puppets around 1.2 metres in height, which are moved using sticks. Some characters will be puppets (behind the stage) and become characters that interact with the audience.

The Baddies

The Witch Federica

The Python Snake

The Goodies

Pau and Sele

Sil and Bato

Pepu and the Team (8 players)

Young People’s Segment

Sponsorship and organisation of basketball competitions amongst young people locally and regionally:

Provincial Matches

- 69 events held throughout the country.- 6,612 teams taking part.- 26,448 male and female players.- More than 500,000 people attending (public, family members...).- Extensive coverage in local and provincial media.- Match dates: March to May (inclusive).- One day events (during school timetable).- Contents: Meeting of schools and supporters to carry out leisure and competitive activities.

Attraction of cultural activities for their carrying out at EuroBasket 2007 venues

These activities will require the joint collaboration of different urban and institutional players to guarantee their success, contributing to the economic and cultural development of the venues.

EuroBasket 2007 Music Concerts and Artist

The COEB’07 will choose an artist to compose the music for EuroBasket 2007 and form part of the Event’s promotion (National and International) in both the Media and for live performances.

Collaboration with Universities (TBD)

Adults, Families and General Segment

Leisure programmes “Basket Square” (during the EuroBasket 2007 event): Promotion and Relationship Marketing.

Euro Street Basket 2007 “The Basketball Exhibition”

Exhibitions and other cultural activities (under the EuroBasket 2007 umbrella)

Volunteers programme and integration with EuroBasket 2007 event (Generate Promotions)

Special basketball-related programmes for disabled people, in contact with associations or NGOs “Sport without Frontiers”, UNICEF...

Companies Segment


Involve local companies in the EuroBasket 2007 event.


Companies and involvement in the Event: through an agreement between the COEB’07 and venues:

Seminars to companies with Sports’ business principles

• “Teamwork” practices

• Seminars Programme with the IESE

Company involvement.

Creation of a list, between Venues and COEB’07, of the most important companies in each city for carrying out Direct Marketing Campaigns for Hospiyalty and public relations actions. Involvement of local/regional companies to provide a service to EuroBasket 2007 teams and organisation (no sponsors’ competitors)

Media Segment


Written support to local, regional and national/international media with local offices.

Generate publishing products (specials) with advertising investment support from: COEB’07, the venues and event sponsors.

Alliances with local and regional media for promotion of below the line activities involving all media and producing contents and promotion tools for them.

COEB’07 support in exploiting the visit of national and international media before and during EuroBasket 2007 to promote cities (guided visits, celebrations …)


Make conventional advertising non-seasonal



EuroBasket 2007 Venues

The basketball show is playing at home,

An event for the masses with widespread effect

- Transform the city into a first class tourist destination

- Project its image as a major events organiser



NON-CONVENTIONAL(Below the line)

• National Tourism Fairs.

• National Competitions organised by the FEB (100% target audience):

– Queen’s Cup – Prince’s Cup– Others of interest

• Shopping Centres Tour.

CONVENTIONAL(Above the line)

• 100% target sector magazines

• Special Sports supplements

• Press: EuroBasket 2007 campaign and special actions.

• Internet www.EuroBasket2007.org

• T.V: Preparation of launch for future advertising spot (a look ahead at programmes format / June 2007 to September 2007)

April-May 2007: beginning of shooting.


(Above the Line)

Special actions

2007: 50th Anniversary of Mortadelo and Filemón


TITLE: “At EuroBasket we are going cause a riot”

PIECE: Prestigious books and books for cross promotions

Advertising Spot (Strategy I)

Spot Preparation(Creativity, Adaptations

and Formats)

Parallel negotiation with FIBA

March 2007

Final Story Board

COEB’07 presentationat

EuroBasket venues2007

April 2007

Shooting at differentEuroBasket

2007 venues

May 2007


Search for FAME

Press conference=dissemination at Venues

Generate “intrigue”

Advertising Spot (Strategy II)

Before campaign launch:

Search for FAME


Presentation to Media

“Making Off”

June 2007(1st week)

Planning of campaign to September


National Launch

June 2007(2nd week)

Advertising Spot (Outline)



PIECE: SPOT 30/45”

A basket from the European basketball competition is transported in a lorry through a city. The lorry carries the Eurobasket 2007 inscription. The city’s passers-by watch it go past.

Cut to:

A referee prepares to throw a ball to begin a basketball match. This is the typical moment when the ball is thrown upwards. The two adversaries that jump look at each other fiercely. The referee throws. The players jump. One pushes the ball into his field. A player from his team catches it. The shot opens up and we see that they are in the middle of the Puerta del Sol and those that jumped are wearing normal clothes, just like the player who caught the ball. Suddenly a group of passers-by jump for the ball and surprisingly start to bounce it and play skilfully. A man in a coat starts to pressure one of them and the person with the ball passes him very easily. A man next to a metro stop takes the ball. He throws it down into the metro. On the platform a girl moves forward quickly with the ball and others cover her. She passes to one of them inside the carriage. This person bounces the ball and side-steps. They throw the ball strongly and it emerges on the steps at the Santa Justa station in Seville. A child receives it and passes it rapidly. A girl catches it at the top of the Giralda. Without hesitating, she passes it quickly. A man catches it and moves forward. He raises his head and looks. He sees the lorry with the basket. He throws upwards and a boy jumps to dunk but an opposing player takes the ball in mid-air to prevent the slam dunk. He looks and throws strongly. A woman catches the ball in front of the Palma Cathedral. She is a bit clumsy bouncing it. The opposing players, out of respect for the old lady, do not try to stop her. The woman bounces, looks and passes. A young man (guard type) catches the ball and moves forward quickly along the Alicante promenade. He skilfully passes the ball behind the back of the neck. A boy takes it at one of the Alhambra towers. He moves forward, looks, throws upwards… The lorry arrives with its basket. A boy runs quickly toward it, jumps, catches the ball and… slam dunks…

Cut to:

Sitting in the stands of a stadium, like spectators, are the most important players in Europe; Gasol, Nowisky, Kirilenko, Basile… (in real life) and the artist/s who composed the spot’s music. They all vigorously applaud the boy’s dunk. They slap each others hands to celebrate the moment and… the game continues.



Post-pack: A player takes the ball from under the basket. He quickly throws the ball to the camera which goes black.

Advertising Spot (Summary Cont.)

Advertising Spot (Story Board I)

Advertising Spot (Story Board II)

Advertising Spot (Story Board III)


(Below the Line)

Shopping Centres Tour



LENGTH: 7 days per Shopping Centre

Bring the “The Basketball Show” to 12 Spanish cities in Shopping Centres from April to September 07 with an average of 7 action days per centre.

It is a space especially devoted to children and youths, within a space where things always happen… It is an interactive area permanently at the service of the Centre’s customers, free of charge, inviting them to have fun by discovering the world of basketball and participating in different activities related to it, while parents also take part or do their shopping.


There are billions of visits each year to the more than 400 shopping centres across Spain. More than 60% of Spaniards visit them frequently.

It manages to attract more than 21 million consumers each week to all Spain’s centres (37% belong to families with children).

The event will include 4 thematic areas:

-Audiovisual and Multimedia Area.

-Exhibition Area.

-Children’s Games Area.

-Promotional Area linked to consumption at centre.

and different activities and actions:


-Press conference presenting the event in each city.

-Sponsorship and Cities space.



NON-CONVENTIONAL(Below the line)

• International Tourism Fairs together with tourist agencies from the venues (City and Community) and the Secretary General for Tourism in Spain.

• Meetings-presentations (tourist packages) of the different venues with the leaders of the National Federations taking part in EuroBasket 2007 in their respective countries (December 2006-March 2007). International Tourism Offices Collaboration.

• Invitations to the National Federations to visit the venues (+ sports and tourist press)

• Presence of EuroBasket venue stands at major basketball events in countries of participating teams (All Star Game, Copa,…) + press conference with player/local coach. Calling of local media to a press conference.

CONVENTIONAL(Above the line)

• 100% target international magazines from the sector.

• Main Sports Papers from the countries for each city. Cross promotions, hospitality plus tourist package in exchange for promotion and distribution.

• TV campaigns.

• Internet www.EuroBasket2007.org