Projects of military - industrial complex of Ukraine

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Text of Projects of military - industrial complex of Ukraine

  • 1. The part of presentation of strategy on investment of the foreign capital in projects of military-industrial complex of Ukraine

2. 0,0% 2,0% 4,0% 6,0% 8,0% 10,0% 12,0% 14,0% 16,0% 18,0% % Agriculture Energy complex The infrastructural projects and a road economy Financial sector Mountain and metallurgical complex Operations with real estate, M&A market Chemistry and petrol chemistry Gaz and transport system Production of foodstuff The industry Wholesale trade and intermediary Telecommunications The other The most attractive enterprises of industries of Ukraine for foreign investments 3. Military-industrial complex (financing of projects and programs): - Modernizations of existing arms of Ukraine and the country of the investor - Developments and productions of new kinds of arms for land forces - Developments of new kinds of protective arms of distant tracking - Developments and productions of special complexes of anti missile defense - Developments and productions of special systems of fast reaction - Developments and productions of warships and submarines - Developments and productions of control systems by air transport The author of presentation: Alexander Bondarenko Ph.D. ; The most promising projects ofof military-industrial complex of Ukraine


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