Progress of Communication Standardization Activities in CCSA, 2005

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GSC11_OPEN_09. Progress of Communication Standardization Activities in CCSA, 2005. Gaofeng Zhu The Chairman of the Council, China Communications Standards Association May 29th, 2006. General. Organization Development Standards System in China Communication Technical Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Progress of Communication Standardization Activities in CCSA, 2005Gaofeng Zhu The Chairman of the Council,China Communications Standards AssociationMay 29th, 2006</p><p>GSC11_OPEN_09 </p><p>SOURCE:CCSA HODTITLE:Progress of Communication Standardization Activities in CCSA, 2005AGENDA ITEM:OPEN 4.4CONTACT:Gaofeng ZHU, </p></li><li><p>GeneralOrganization DevelopmentStandards System in ChinaCommunication Technical ReportScope of Activities of CCSAProgress of Standards StudyCCSA Technical Standards AwardsOperation Mechanism InnovationInternational ContributionsInternal and External RelationshipPublicationsGuideline and Principle for Standards Development.Work Plan for 2006</p></li><li><p>Organization DevelopmentThe number of members and observers of CCSA has already been up to 180 up to the end of 2005.Electromagnetic Environment Influence and Safeguard Technical Committee (TC9) was newly established.3 New Working Groups were founded: Service and Application Working Group under Network and Switching Technical Committee (TC3).SCDMA/WCDMA Working Group was newly founded under Wireless Communication Technical Committee (TC5). AH2 was founded under TC5, which involves in IOT Standards.Up to now, there are nine Technical Committees and thirty two Working Groups in all in CCSA.</p></li><li><p> Members/Observers Component</p></li><li><p>Standardization Administration In ChinaStandardization Administration of China (SAC )To carry out centralized administration for standardization in ChinaTo approve the National Standard Ministry of Information Industry MIITo carry out administration for standardization in communications industryApproval the Communication Industry Standard</p></li><li><p>Standards System in ChinaNational Standards GB - National Standards shall be developed for technical requirements that need to be unified national wide. - Standards in communication drafted by CCSA, censored by MII, approved and published by SACCommunication Industry StandardsYDand Communications Standards Technology Reference FileYDC - Drafted by CCSA, approved and published by MIIEnterprise Standards - Drafted and published by respective enterprise.</p></li><li><p>Communication Technical ReportCommunication Technical Report is a kind of standard, which is used to standardize perspective technologies which have market demand, but is not so technically mature, and to provide in time guide for network establishment and equipment development for operators and manufacturing companies.Communication Technical Report is developed , approved and published by CCSA;</p></li><li><p>Progress of Standards Study1/2In 2005633 standards or projects totally are being developed or to be developed;101 standards have been already published;CCSA put emphasis on the development of standards on - 3G. - softswiching network - multimedia services etc.</p></li><li><p>Progress of Standards Study 2/2 CCSA has started studies on some important and hot new communication technologies such as home network; IPTV;FTTH;WiMAX;ASON,etc They make the standards research work of CCSA in front of communication technologies all the time, so as to establish foundation for standards development in the future, and to provide reference or guide for standardization activities. </p></li><li><p>CCSA Technical Standards AwardsIn order to commend the groups or individuals who have made great contributions to technical innovation, social benefits and economic benefits through standardization in the field of communication, CCSA Science and Technology Award was founded with the approval of MII and Ministry and Science and Technology, to encourage the technology developer. This is the first time for CCSA to carry out such science and technology awarding activity in the field of communication standards throughout China. Through strictly examining and commenting by experts, 14 projects were awarded, which cover WDM, IP phone, softswiching, network management, DSL, CDMA 1X technical standards etc.</p></li><li><p>Operation Mechanism Innovation 1/2 In 2005, 2 Ad hoc Groups and 1 Special Task Group were established.Home Network Ad hoc GroupTechnical standards framework on Home Network has been determined in this Group.2 standards have been developed : -- General technical requirements for home network based telecommunication network -- Technical requirements of equipment for home network based telecommunication networkHome Gateway</p></li><li><p>Operation Mechanism Innovation2/2IPTV Special Task GroupCCSA established IPTV Special Task Group under IP and Multimedia Technical Committee to carry out studies on IPTV standards including technical standards framework and the following 6 standards: </p><p>--The Service Requirement for IPTV--General Technical Requirements for IPTV Service System--Technical Requirement of IPTV-STB(Set Top Box)--Interface Specification for STB and IPTV Service Platform--Technical Requirement for IPTV COP&amp;SOP Interface (COP=Content Operation Platform; SOP=Services Operation Platform)--Technical Requirement of DSLAM for IPTV</p></li><li><p>International Contributions</p><p>In 2005, more than 1000 experts from CCSAs members participated in the activities of ITU, 3GPP, 3GPP2, TMF, OMA, IEEE, IETF and other international organizations. Now, we have 26 experts taking positions in these organizations. 361 contributions discussed in CCSA were submitted to ITU;1201 submitted to 3GPP;154 submitted to 3GPP2;After several years effort, the number and the technical depth and quality of the contributions increase year by year. Moreover, the acceptance rate also increased continuously. </p></li><li><p> International Contributions Trend</p></li><li><p>Internal and External Relationship CCSA attach importance to the exchange and cooperation with both domestic and foreign standards organizations.Last August, CCSA joined GSC as a tenth partner.The Chairman of the Council, Mr.Gaofeng Zhu met information and communication ministers from ASEAN during the China-ASEAN Telecom Week.Last December, delegation of CCSA visited ANSINISTITAIEEETIAATIS, and also Nortel, Lucent, Motorola, UT Starcom,Cisco, CINGULAR etc., which promoted mutual understanding and communication.The exchange and cooperation among CJK SDOs have made further progress.CCSA has hosted or supported several meetings of ITU-T FGNGN, 3GPP and 3GPP2 in China, which contributed to international standards activities.In order to promote the exchange and cooperation between the Mainland and Taiwan, CCSA has hosted Mainland-Taiwan Information Technology and Standards Forum in July last year.</p></li><li><p>Internal and External Relationship Chart</p></li><li><p>Publications </p><p>Communication Technology and Standards was semimonthly published; Information Briefing was monthly published, which promptly reported the updated activities of CCSA and its Committees,.Furthermore, several Study Reports were issued in 2005, such as Study on RFID Technology, Study on Telecommunication Service Standardization, General Study on Home Network and so on. Standards List 2005, Brief Introduction to Standards 2005Annual Report 2005 were published.</p></li><li><p>Work Plan for 2006To further develop and consummate 3G series standards;To carry out studies on NGN standards, especially on new services and mergence of services and networks; To develop standards on mobile TV and IPTV;Emergence communication;To put emphasis on the study and development of information barrier-free standards to meet the weak and disabled persons requirements.</p></li><li><p> Guideline and Principle for Standards Development</p><p>According to the need of the industry development and the market trend, CCSA carries out standardization activities based on the proposals of its members.CCSA would change the standards development method from simply adopting international standards to develop Chinas own standards according to the actual situation of China.CCSA would continue to extensively establish friendly cooperation with other standards organizations to make joint contributions to the world standardization industry.</p></li><li><p> Thank You !</p><p>China Communications Standards 52# Hua Yuan Bei Road, Haidian District, Beijng, P.R.ChinaPostal code: PersonShizhuo Zhao</p></li></ul>