Profound Sonic Integrity Testing - Dutch Masters in .Profound Sonic Integrity Testing Profound vibra
Profound Sonic Integrity Testing - Dutch Masters in .Profound Sonic Integrity Testing Profound vibra
Profound Sonic Integrity Testing - Dutch Masters in .Profound Sonic Integrity Testing Profound vibra
Profound Sonic Integrity Testing - Dutch Masters in .Profound Sonic Integrity Testing Profound vibra

Profound Sonic Integrity Testing - Dutch Masters in .Profound Sonic Integrity Testing Profound vibra

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    ProfoundSonic Integrity Testing

    Profound vibra Series




    SIT-series: main characteristicsSystem dimensions 248 mm x 164 mm x 38 mm (L x W x H)Total system weight SIT+/SITPRO 2.85 kg (SIT excl. sensor = 2.3 kg)Temperature range - 20C to + 60CClock Stability within 5 minutes/year at 25CData retention 10 years at 25CAccelerometer range 500 m/s2Extra Permanent connection check during operationPC software Program Download and presentation software package, with

    basic analysis functionality. System requirements is Windows XP (or higher)

    Cost-effectivePile Integrity Testing is a proven tech-nique to check concrete piles in an efficient and non-destructive way before they are incorporated in the final foundation plan. The SIT-series meets the construction industrys demand for professional Sonic Integrity Testing of concrete piles. The SIT-series has been optimised for use in the field as well as for advanced interpretation and efficient management of the measurement data in the office. The SIT models are robust, easily portable and user-friendly to operate at the construction site. One person can test numerous piles per hour.

    Non-destructive Low Strain Integrity Testing With each model of the SIT-series you can verify the pile length and detect irregularities and cracks in the pile shaft after installation. This applies to both cast-in-situ and prefab piles.The measurement is performed by hitting the pile head with a hand-held hammer and measuring the response on the head with the sensitive and light-weight SIT-accelerometer. The SIT pres-ents a measurement signal directly on screen, enabling a direct check of the quality of the measurement. If approved, measurement signals are stored in the unit with additional information such as pile number, area, date and time stamp, gain and filter settings and notes. For each pile multiple signals should be acquired for proper evaluation. For further analysis, interpretation and validation the measurements are downloaded via USB to a Windows computer. Proven technology

    Profound SIT-series (SIT/sit+/SitPro)

    Pile quality is often determined by performing a low strain integrity test directly after pile driving or within days after installation of cast-in-situ piles. This Sonic Integrity Test (SIT) of a pile is a quick non-destructive method for detecting pile defects in concrete piles. With a SIT system you can verify the pile length and check the integrity of foundation piles on defects after installation. Testing can point out which piles require further examination.

    The SIT-series meets national and international standards such as ASTM D5882-07, CUR aanbeveling 109, EA-Pfhle and AFNOR NF P94-160-2.

    Since the early 1960s Sonic Integrity Testing has been per-formed to reduce the risk upon foundation failure caused by pile damage. Profound, pioneer in the field of profession-al pile testing research and equipment, has over 50 years worldwide experience and continuously strives to make the best technology available to its clients. The SIT-series is the latest generation of sonic integrity systems. SIT has proven to be a reliable and professional tool. The reliability of the concept has been proven by the hundreds of SIT-systems in use around the world.

    Innovative Depending on the usage frequency and measurement purpose, Profound offers you the choice out of three models to meet your specific measurement needs. The SIT-series comprises three models SIT, SIT+ and the topmodel SITpro. Each model is provided with an accelerometer, cables, hammer and signal process-ing and analysis software. Depending on the chosen model, the SIT system enables you to continuously perform tests between 4 up to 8 hours with the integrated high-per-formance Lithium battery. With a SIT-system you also re-


    Profound SIT-series: detailed features overview SIT SIT+ SITpro

    Case Robust hardened anodized aluminium weatherproof case IP65 rating according DIN 40 050/IEC 529 (connector caps closed)

    Integrated battery pack Lithium battery pack (4 hrs of operation) Extended Lithium battery pack (8 hrs of operation)

    Processor Basic Graphical Processor High Quality Graphical Processor

    Display Type : TFT LCDSize : 5,7 (diagonal)Resolution : 640 x 480 pixels (RGB colour)

    Data management Storage capacity 1 GB Pulse width measurement Single pile average Group pile average Data validation functionality Instrumented hammer 0) 0)Mobility analysis** 2) 2)Profile analysis / Impedance Graph** 2)

    Read-out functionality Single user Multiple users / Network License 1) 1)

    I/O functionality Acceleration sensor Instrumented hammer** 2) 2)USB-connection Battery charger

    AD-converter 24-bits data conversion International standards ASTM D5882-07

    CUR 109 Empfehlungen des Arbeitskreises Pfhle EA-Pfhle April 2007 AFNOR NF P94-160-2, 1993 2) 2)AFNOR NF P94-160-4**, 1994

    PQC (Project Quality Control) Date and time stamps per measurement Built in GPS Site Location (GPS coordinates)*

    Pile location indicator* PC read out software Download and presentation PC software package

    Network database server 1) 1)PC analysis software Velocity analysis 2) 2)

    Mobility analysis** 2) 2)Profile analysis - built-in basic version SITWAVE interpretation analysis tool 2)

    * depending on the availability and quality of GPS signal. 0) optional accessory for SIT+ / SITpro. Availability: 2012** in combination with instrumented hammer 1) fully implemented in SIT software version 7.97 2) fully implemented in SIT software version 8.X

    ceive extensive documentation. Additionally, you can follow a training scheme where theory, operation of the system and interpretation of the measurement signals are discussed. The SIT model has sufficient capacity and functionality to carry out integrity testing for quality control purposes and field checks by controlling engineers.

    The SIT+ model is especially designed for frequent everyday use with the up to 8 hours battery life and enhanced processing capabilities.The top of the line SITpro is equipped with all first-rate features includ-ing expert dedicated analysis software. This entails an integrated pile database module and more advanced interpretation tools such as pile average and group pile average. Thus enabling professional users to perform pile integrity testing in the most efficient, expert and state-of-the-art way.

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    SIT-accelerometer (SIT.20800)The Profound accelerometer for the SIT-series has been custom-designed for high-performance sonic integrity testing of installed foundation piles.

    The pile head is struck with a special hand-held hammer that sends a shock wave down the pile shaft. The signals are measured by the sensitive SIT-acceleration sensor pressed onto the pile top. The response of the pile is shown in a reflec-togram on the display of the SIT-system, enabling a direct quality check of the measurement.

    Advanced designThe advanced design of the accelerometer in combination with the carefully se-lected components resulted in an ergonomic, lightweight and high-end sensitive acceleration sensor with high linearity and repeatability. The lightweight sensor registers exceptionally well the response to the hammer blow.

    Due to this combination users can perform measurements efficiently, as the high-quality sensor can be placed fast and very accurately on the pile head. Thus the system generates high-quality reflectograms, providing users with accurate infor-mation about the pile shaft and possible defects.

    Digital IDThe SIT-acceleration sensor has an electronic datasheet, which also includes the serial number. Therefore, the source of measurement data can always be traced.

    High-performanceThe SIT-acceleration sensor in combination with the SIT-sys-tem provides high signal stability and extremely low noise level. Thus capable to detect even smaller defect in piles.

    Technical features SIT accelleromterAcceleration range, Linear Up to 500 m/s2 (ASTM req.)Acceleration sensor type Delta shear with thermal isolationNominal sensitivity 10 mV/gResonant frequency 32 kHzReinforced spiral cable Reinforced spiral cableDimensions OD = 25 mm x H = 75 mmMaterial Fibre reinforced syntheticsTEDS Electronic ID, according to IEEE std. 1451.4Temperature range -20C to +60C (operating)Protection rating IP65 according to DIN 40 050/IEC 529Total sensor weight 60 g (incl. cable = 140 g)Connectors High quality waterproof IP66 (when connected)