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Monitor 42" LCD

Text of Professional Monitor 42" LCD

  • LT-42WX7042-inch Full HD Slim LCD Monitor

  • Imagine your DSLR photographs represented in faithful colours in your living room - a mirror of reality experienced.

  • All the pictures shown are courtesy of the amateur photography enthusiasts of JVC and its partners.

  • Welcome to the New Genre of Enjoyment

    TV started off using broadcasting signals for real-time display.The evolution of technology has brought about a much greater diversity of usage

    following the expansion of packaged media like VCR and DVD Disks.Now, JVC is proud to bring to you a further evolved way of enjoyment:

    " Show Your True Colours "Imagine the joy of sharing your experiences in real and faithful colour.

  • Various Occasions to Enjoy Xiview

    Faithful Pictures





    Best Customized Pictures

    With LT-42WX70, you can go to two directions. "Faithful to the reality" or "Customized to your Taste".

    Supported by 1) Gamma 2.2 2) D65/9300 3) Adobe RGB 96%

    Professional Photographer

    Professional TV Programmer

    Pro Photogragher

    Movie Lover

    Amateur Photographer

    Supported by

    Supported by 1) Gamma 2.2 2) D65/9300 Supported by /

  • Developers' Voices

    For the new genre of enjoyment, JVC created the special development team for this new product.

    Here, they have provided tips to best stimulate your senses:

    "We invite you to enjoy the freedom of extensive picture adjustments." ---------- Mr. Fujita, Engineer

    "Experience faithful colour reproduction." ---------- Ms. Hanaoka, Engineer

    Youll have the ability to enjoy pictures like never before with theability to adjust this monitor depending on the viewingenvironment and the content. Unlike other LCD products, youhave many parameters that can be individually adjusted in themenu of the LT-42WX70. The display also can save up to 6 modesfor each input terminal.

    The picture menu also has recommended preset modes, allowingyou to enjoy your content without hassle. Photo Pro is set for

    accurate reproduction of both sRGB & Adobe RGB photographs.Monitor Mode is optimized for precise reproduction andanalysis of moving pictures as raw data and Theater Mode isrecommended for watching movies. For everyday use, Standardmode has been optimised for this application, while Gamemode is best for delay free action on the screen.

    Please enjoy the freedom of customising the picture, no matterwhere you are and what you watch with our LT-42WX70 model!

    To achieve this, we have tested thousands of applications and examples tocompare our display screen versus the original data, utilising the chromaticitypoint conversion process, powered by the exclusive JVC picture engine NewDynaPix HD

    During the development, we focused on simulating the colour on the LCDand how this compares with the original colour, since our target was topursue true colour reproduction.

    A colour space chart does not reveal the real difference of Adobe RGB andother colour spaces. However, the actual difference is quite large, since colourdoes not exist in a two dimensional (2D) area, but is in fact three dimensional(3D) space with luminance being a key part of the final process, which iswhere Adobe RGB comes into play with a bigger 3D space. This was thereason that we had to simulate so many types of data comparisons duringdevelopment.

    Generally speaking, it is relatively easy to reproduce colour in the RGB signal

    format as long as the quality of the LCD panel is good. Compared with theother LCD monitors, the JVC LT-42WX70 adopts not only RGB formality, butYUV, which is used in AV equipments, in order to improve the picture quality e.g. Scaling, IP conversion, Enhancing, Noise reduction and Colourmanagement.

    When converting a YUV signal to RGB (which is the display format of the LCDpanel), it is important to maintain high signal processing performance via thepicture engine in order to pursue a faithful colour reproduction.

    Thanks to our exclusive, JVC technology, the LT-42WX70 has achieved theperformance to match the input & output data faithfully, and also theperformance to process the image in various ways.

    Its actually a new genre of enjoyment in being able to view such rich, faithfulcolours on a big screen. Try your own photos with the LT-42WX70 and it willsurely be a fresh experience!

  • The LT-42WX70s wider colour gamut ensures that every digital still photographtaken using sRGB or Adobe RGB colour space will be faithfully reproduced.Depending on the source signal video or stills the user can select a colourmode from Wide (the LCDs colour space), Normal (ITU-R BT.709, HDTVstandards), x.v.Colour (xvYCC extended gamut), sRGB (same primaries as HDTV) and Adobe RGB, with the lattertwo designed especially for viewing digital still images.

    Displaying Digital SLR Photographs

    for Photo PRO

    Wider Colour Gamut and Adobe RGB Compatibility

    Colour space chromaticity diagram (uv chromaticity): As shown here, the LT-42WX70 is capable of encompassing 100% of the sRGB colourspace and offers a coverage rate of 96% for Adobe RGB, enabling it toreproduce deeper reds and blues as well as more vibrant greens, whichare typical characteristics of the Adobe RGB colour range.

    Conventional LCD: Colour details andgradations are not clear.

    The LT-42WX70: Colour details andgradations are clearly visible.

    Individual Gamma Curve Adjustment Prior to Shipping

    Immediate Reproduction

    Precisely Adjusting the Picture Quality

    52 On-screen Image-quality Adjustment Properties

    The LT-42WX70 comes with an array ofterminals for viewing both video and stillimages including an HDMI terminal.Connecting the TV directly to a D-SLRcamera via the HDMI connection allowsimages to be reproduced immediatelyafter they are taken.

    It is unnecessary to match the gamma curve for conventional LCD monitors;nonetheless, in order to ensure accurate gradations regardless of the manufactured lot, as well as consistent and faithful colour reproduction when displaying photographs, JVCs Individual Gamma Curve Adjustment calibrates each panels greyscale tones to gamma 2.2 before a unit is shipped.

    To achieve the preferred colours ofconnected sources individually, the LT-42WX70 features 52 on-screen image-quality adjustment properties that allow thefine-tuning of colours, tint, gamma, andmore, regardless of whether the source is amovie or still photograph.

    Natural and Smooth Video Quality

    for Video

    New DynaPix HD Picture EngineThe new DynaPix HD Picture Engine guarantees the accurate reproductionof natural colours and clear pictures.

    Real Bit Driver: A 12-bit per colour (x RGB = 36-bit) processor that up-converts 8-bit* HD broadcast programmes and DVD signals into 12-bit DeepColour signals to ensure smoother gradation regardless of the quality of theoriginal source signal.

    Intelligent Clear NR (3D): Effectively reduces noise without motion blur bydetecting picture noise in each of the 16 frequency areas in real-time. It alsoadjusts the amount of noise reduction as required without adversely affectingthe original picture.

    Intelligent Colour Management: This new and original algorithm increasesvisual sensitivity naturally for colours in areas of an object that the viewerfocuses on. It analyzes the colour distribution in each frame of the inputsignal in real-time to perform high-level processing for those areas to createimages with vividly realistic colours and textures as well as more presence.

    * The quantity of bits will vary depending on the source.

    3D NR processing available even forpictures with rapid motion.

    Vivid colours and rich contrast realised.

    100Hz/120Hz* Clear Motion Drive IIIAnti-blurring Technology

    100Hz/120Hz Clear Motion Drive III









    550560 570 580 590 600 610 620 640









    0.00.0 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7

    WX70 Adobe RGB sRGB Conventional

    JVCs 100Hz/120Hz Clear Motion Drive III anti-blurring technologysignificantly reduces motion blur in LCD TV images with rapid motion byutilising a high-precision interpolation algorithm to double the amount offrame rate. A real-time, motion-estimated Hadamard 3D noise reductionsystem is also utilised to eliminate noise while maintaining the realism andsharpness of the original picture for both 50Hz (PAL) and 60Hz (NTSC)signals.

    * 120Hz scanning applies to the NTSC broadcasting system.



    Eco Mode

    x.v.Colour technology ensures accurate colour reproduction whileenhancing detail and hues to create more natural images that are as true asthe eye can perceive.

    x.v.Colour and its logo are registered trademarks.

    Screen brightness is automatically adjusted according to ambient light levelsin the room, which helps to alleviate eye fatigue and reduce powerconsumption to save energy.


    The LT-42WX70 comes with an array of terminals to enhance connectivity such as 3 HDMI

    connectors (CEC), a PC input terminal that can be used as a component or composite

    terminal via the supplied conversion cable, and audio L/R jacks for the supplied speaker or

    connection to an external speaker system.




    + -R

    + -L

    Set-top box

    Externalspeaker system

    Supplied speaker



    SLR digital camera

    Blu-ray player




    Yes(HD Ready 1080p)


    IN:x1(shared with PC IN*)

    IN:x1(shared with PC IN*)