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Primary Education Smart Mathematics Leaflet

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    Primary Education Smart Science (New Edition)Title Bookcode ISBN Price (Baht) Qty Amount

    Primary Education Smart Textbook Maths P.1 BCRB291033 978-616-541-149-3 205Primary Education Smart Textbook Maths P.2 BCRB292033 978-616-541-150-9 235Primary Education Smart Textbook Maths P.3 BCRB293033 978-616-541-151-6 265Primary Education Smart Textbook Maths P.4 BCRB294033 978-616-541-152-3 295Primary Education Smart Textbook Maths P.5 BCRB295033 978-616-541-153-0 300Primary Education Smart Textbook Maths P.6 BCRB296033 978-616-541-154-7 335Primary Education Smart Workbook Maths P.1 BIRB351033 978-616-541-155-4 85Primary Education Smart Workbook Maths P.2 BIRB352033 978-616-541-156-1 85Primary Education Smart Workbook Maths P.3 BIRB353033 978-616-541-157-8 85Primary Education Smart Workbook Maths P.4 BIRB354033 978-616-541-158-5 120Primary Education Smart Workbook Maths P.5 BIRB355033 978-616-541-159-2 120Primary Education Smart Workbook Maths P.6 BIRB356033 978-616-541-160-8 120

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    Based on the Basic Education

    Curriculum B.E.2551

    Textbooks & Workbooks are available

    Teachers Guide with answers & Lesson Plans are provided at Pelangi e-Learning Website

    A course that leads to excellent results!



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  • PratomsuksaKey Features1-6Primary Education Smart Mathematics Series is

    written based on the Basic Education Curriculum

    B.E.2551. This series help you to :

    Various mathematical concepts through the

    use of well-illustrated examples.

    All the mathematical concepts learned by

    doing numerous exercises.

    Your mastery of the mathematical concepts

    learned through tests.




    Math TipsGives pupils tips on doing mathematical calculations quickly and correctly.

    PracticeProvides exercises to reinforce pupils grasp of mathematical concepts.

    Conceptual MapPresents an overview of the mathermatical concepts learnt in the chapter.

    Test YourselfTest pupils understanding of and ability to apply mathematical concepts.

    KeywordsGives the mathematical terminology used in the chapter.

    Lets Know More!Enable pupils to relate the study of mathematics to everyday life.

    Learning OutcomesStates the learning objectives of the chapter.

    NotesConsists of short notes, explanation and examples of calculations with solutions.

    Activity CornerProvides practical activities to enhance pupils interest, knowledge and experience in learning mathematics.