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Pretreatment oil contaminant control

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Text of Pretreatment oil contaminant control

Page 1: Pretreatment oil contaminant control

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We clean industry’s air.

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sion and flexibility analysis, installa- tion, and sample specification.

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Specialty Chemicals Ashland Co. Columbus, Ohio

Ashland’s Product Capabilities Guide 1996- 1997 offers information on the company’s full line of products, services, operating divisions, and man- ufacturing and distribution locations. Ashland produces and distributes a broad range of chemicals and specialty chemicals including process chemi- cals; specialty chemicals for micro- electronics and water treatment, and coatings.

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Wastewater Treatment Carbtrol Corp., Water Treatment Div. Westport, Conn.

Carbtrol Corp.‘s 2-page color bro- chure discusses the cost benefits and applications of the company’s wash- water recycle system. Also featured are ion exchange systems, activated car- bon systems, oil/water separators, and solid filter.

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Chemical Control System Coral Chemical Co. Waukegan, /I/.

A 4-page, color brochure describes Coral Chemical’s GL Series Controller System, which provides total inte- grated monitoring and control through- out your finishing department. The system provides total monitoring and

control, ability to build a database for statistical process control, and an in- formation center that can be accessed from remote locations.

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pH Adjustment System Digital Analysis Corp. Marcel/us, N. I!

A 6-page, color brochure highlights Digital Analysis Corp.‘s PHASE pH Adjustment Systems, which are specif- ically oriented toward the industrial wastewater treatment market. A color photo of the system is included along with specifications and features and options.

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Sputter Coating Process Engelhard-CLA L L P Carteret, NJ.

Engelhard-CLAL’s 4-page brochure compares the three major processes for applying technical coatings to wire or ribbon-the company’s SCX sputter coating process versus traditional plat- ing and mechanical cladding. High- lighted in the literature are the unique characteristics and properties of each process method, which lend them- selves to specific applications. The text is supported by photomicrographs, which illustrate the proven results of each coating application in a number of categories.

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Pretreatment Oil Contaminant Control Environmental Recovery Resources Inc. Bedford Hills, N. K

The stainless steel Suprator Series 84 separation systems are the subject of a 4-page flyer. Discussed in the literature are key features, available options, specifications, and applica- tions matrix.

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Electrochemical Products and Processes Faraday Technology Inc. C/ay!on, Ohio

A capabilities brochure outlines the company’s mission; research interest in electroplating, electrochemical ma- chining, polishing and deburring, envi- ronmental technologies, corrosion