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  • Daughtridge Sales Co., Inc.|

    (ph) 1.800.334.9720 | (f) 1.252.977.2192 600 S. Grace St., Rocky Mount, NC 27803

    Pressure and Temperature Instrumentation

    GSA Contract: GS-07F-0113W (11/24/09-11/23/19) Daughtridge Sales Co., Inc. Contact: 600 S. Grace Street Scott Joseph P.O. Box 4364 Director of Operations/Marketing Rocky Mount, NC 27803 252.977.1131 ext. 241 Phone 252.977.1131 Fax 252.977.2192 Company Profile: ISO 9001:2015 Certified Cage Code: 5X318 Year Established: 1972

    DUNS Number: 062670229 Employees: 23

    Federal ID #: 56-1092145 GSA: GS-07F-0113W 11/24/09-11/23/14

    Business Size: Small, Veteran Owned Annual Revenues: $8,000,000-$9,000,000

    NAICS: 334513/334519/339113/423830/423840

    Daughtridge Sales has been in operation since 1972 as an industrial master distributor of pressure and

    temperature instrumentation products and services. The company was started by E.L. Daughtridge out of

    the back of his car and has evolved into one of the most respected industrial master distributors in the

    country. Daughtridge Sales’ primary product focus is gauges and industrial thermometers but has and is

    constantly expanding the product line to meet the needs of the customer base. The product line is

    dynamic and the inventory expansive. The company maintains an inventory of approximately $2.3 million.

    With this massive and diverse inventory Daughtridge can ship orders for in-stock items same day. In

    addition to pressure gauges and thermometers the company sells pressure switches, transducers,

    transmitters, temperature switches, transducers, transmitters, thermocouples, pressure snubbers,

    thermowells, test plugs, ball and needle valves, capillaries, diaphragm seals, calibration equipment as well as

    custom pressure gauge dials and calibration services. Daughtridge Sales product line represents the most

    well respected manufacturers in the industry worldwide.

    Daughtridge Sales operates out of Rocky Mount, NC. The company maintains an extremely

    knowledgeable and experienced sales team. The sales team has an average experience level of over sixteen

    years in the industry and with the company. Orders are taken via phone, fax and email currently with plans

    to expand into e-commerce in the near future. With the company’s vast inventory orders can be shipped

  • Daughtridge Sales Co., Inc.|

    (ph) 1.800.334.9720 | (f) 1.252.977.2192 600 S. Grace St., Rocky Mount, NC 27803

    “same day” on in-stock items or to accommodate most customers’ requests. Daughtridge provides

    calibration services onsite as well. The company can provide Calibration Certificates traceable to NIST

    (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

    Given the vast array and expansive amount of inventory Daughtridge Sales maintains they hold a distinct

    advantage over most competitors in the industry. Not only can most requests be filled with in-stock

    inventory they can also be shipped immediately. On special or customized requests shipping will be

    commensurate with completion of the order. WHAT YOU NEED, WE’VE GOT NOW!

    Products & Services: • Pressure Gauges (industrial, commercial, ● Accessories (snubbers, thermowells, differential, switches, vacuum…) capillaries, diaphragm seals, ball valves…) • Temperature Instrumentation (bimetal, digital, & ● Calibration & Accessory Services industrial thermometers, thermowells, etc.) (gauge calibration, liquid filling, custom • Test Equipment (analog/digital test gauges, capillaries, custom gauge dials, diaphragm calibration equipment, comparators…) seal assemblies…)

    *Daughtridge Sales maintains a product inventory of over $2.3 including over 475,000 units *Our vast inventory allows us the capability of same day shipping on in-stock items

    Daughtridge Sales provides pressure and temperature instrumentation for the military and other Federal

    Government clients. We work with government contracting entities and agencies via their contracting

    officers and procurement specialists on a local, state and federal level. Our approach is simple; provide the

    best solution for each customer while providing the most effective and efficient product and cost.

  • Daughtridge Sales Co., Inc.|

    (ph) 1.800.334.9720 | (f) 1.252.977.2192 600 S. Grace St., Rocky Mount, NC 27803


  • Daughtridge Sales Co., Inc.|

    (ph) 1.800.334.9720 | (f) 1.252.977.2192 600 S. Grace St., Rocky Mount, NC 27803

    Selected Customers:

  • Daughtridge Sales Co., Inc.|

    (ph) 1.800.334.9720 | (f) 1.252.977.2192 600 S. Grace St., Rocky Mount, NC 27803

    Daughtridge Sales Products & Services:

    Pressure Pressure Gauges

    Differential Pressure Gauges Digital Pressure Gauge Panel Mount Gauges Low Pressure Gauges

    Process Gauges Stainless Steel Case Gauges

    Test Gauges Industrial Pressure Gauges

    Commercial Pressure Gauges Sanitary Pressure Gauges

    Special Application Gauges Utility Pressure Gauges

    Pressure Switches Pressure Transmitters Pressure Transducers

    Differential Pressure Switches Agricultural Ammonia Pressure Gauges

    Bellows Gauges Duplex Gauges

    Refrigeration Pressure Gauges Air Compressor Gauges

    Hydraulic Pressure Gauges Differential Gauges

    Vacuum Gauges Air Pressure Gauges

    Low Pressure Switches Digital Pressure Indicators

    Test Equipment

    Calibration Equipment Dead Weight Testers Analog Test Gauges Digital Test Gauges

    Digital Pressure Indicators Handheld Calibrators

    Pressure Instrument Comparators Pressure Calibration Equipment

    Test Gauge

    Temperature Bimetal Thermometers Digital Thermometers

    Industrial Thermometers Temperature Switches

    Temperature Transmitters Temperature Transducers

    Thermocouples, RTD's Boiler Gauges (Tridicators)

    Remote Reading Thermometers Pocket Thermometers Glass Thermometers

    Digital Temperature Indicators

    Accessories Gauge Cocks

    Pigtail Siphons Pressure Snubbers

    Thermowells Pressure Test Plugs

    Temperature Test Plugs Ball Valves

    Needle Valves Capillaries

    Diaphragm Seals Pulsation Dampeners

    Services Pressure Gauge Liquid Filling

    Diaphragm Seal Assembly Pressure Gauge Calibration

    Stainless Steel Tags Custom Pressure Gauge Dials

    Custom Capillaries

  • Daughtridge Sales Co., Inc.|

    (ph) 1.800.334.9720 | (f) 1.252.977.2192 600 S. Grace St., Rocky Mount, NC 27803

    Daughtridge Sales:

    Daughtridge Sales proudly carries the ASHCROFT line of pressure and temperature instrumentation products because of its long history, over 100 years, of providing the utmost in quality craftsmanship and product integrity. ASHCROFT has served as the benchmark in the

    industry and is one of the most highly regarded trademarked product lines in industrial instrumentation.

    Process Gauges General Service Industrial Gauges Stainless Steel Case

    Differential Industrial Gauges Low Pressure Special Application Industrial Gauges

    Digital Indicators Commercial Gauges Ag Ammonia/Refrigerator Gauges

    Sanitary Gauges Direct Drive Gauges Diaphragm Seals

    Transmitters & Transducers Temperature Instruments Pressure & Temperature Switches

    Daughtridge Sales:

  • Daughtridge Sales Co., Inc.|

    (ph) 1.800.334.9720 | (f) 1.252.977.2192 600 S. Grace St., Rocky Mount, NC 27803

    Daughtridge Sales and WIKA have a long-term mutually respectful relationship reaching back to WIKA’s entrance into the US domestic market. Daughtridge Sales has become one of the premier distributors of WIKA pressure and temperature instrumentation in the country. WIKA is the epitome of state-of-the-art production while also engineering some of the most reviled customized products in the industry. Commercial Gauges All Welded Assembly Industrial Gauges Process Gauges

    Calibration & Test Equipment Sanitary Gauges SealGauges Differential & Duplex


    Low Pressure Gauges High Pressure Gauges Flanged Seals INLINE Seals

    Threaded Seals Plastic Seals Capsule Seals Sanitary Seals

    Bimetal Thermometers Digital Thermometers Twin-Temp Thermometers

    Gas Actuated Thermometers Industrial Thermometers Vapor Actuated Thermometers

    Industrial Pressure Transmitters OEM Pressure Transmitters Sanitary/Submers. Transmtters Temperature Transmitters Meters & D