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Engaging our Customers Delivering our Dierence 1 2 August 2011


Desired outcome I have told the RMs that their performance expecta6ons are to deliver: 1) a deeper understanding of our customers, eg their internal decision making process wrt RE, biz prospects, space requirements, etc 2) execute and deliver customer care to achieve customer 's6ckiness' and pricing premium 3) cross-sell our products eg promote warehouse space to BP users; develop new biz leads thru our customers eg with the biz partners of our customers 4) Quality Assurance ie check our products and services vs specs during site visit to ensure we keep our promise We have designed a ques6onaire / template to help guide the RMs in their conduct of their mee6ngs with customers. We have also designed a checklist to help them in fullling point 4 above. How do you get people to want to tell you things? Who are the best people to tell you? What is customer care? Why do people want to stay with you and pay you more? What is stopping us from doing that? How can we anCcipate what our customers will need? What is stopping us from doing that?


What to expect? EecCve customer engagement must be internalized We must come across as sincere, natural Both introverts and extroverts can be great relaConship managers

InteracCve facilitaCon using a self-discovery process Two step : Internal habits + funcConal skills (situaConal) No right or wrong answers

Keep open mind, commitment to idenCfy gaps and chart personal progress goals What do you hope to achieve? 3

Agenda Core : 7 Habits of highly eecCve people FuncConal : Customer Engagement Customer Experience Key Accounts Developing product knowledge Securing repeat sales NegoCaCon Handling dicult customers Managing conict Responding to complaints Service recovery Winning back lost customers 4



Habits (what to, why to)


Habits Skills A]tudes (want to)

(how to)


EecCveness and Balance Have I balanced the two sides of eecCveness : ProducCon and ProducCon Capacity? ProducCon Capacity -> Physical, Financial, Human Human most neglected


EmoConal Bank Account Basis of strong and producCve relaConships, eg CiC Are my acCons aligned with EmoConal Bank Account deposits or withdrawals? Deposits Seek First to Understand Keep Promises Kindness, Courtesies Clarify ExpectaCons Loyalty to the Absent Oer Apologies Be Open to Feedback Withdrawals Seek First to be Understood Break Promises Unkindness, Discourtesies Violate ExpectaCons Disloyalty, Duplicity Pride, Conceit, Arrogance Reject Feedback 8

Paradigm Shiging A paradigm is a mental representaCon Our paradigms are never complete, never idenCcal Our paradigms can be wrong Our paradigms can limit us Our paradigms of self come from the social mirror The major changes in life come from changing paradigms Live more from imaginaCon than from memory 9

Maturity ConCnuum Maturity is a process, not a condiCon First stage of the Maturity ConCnuum is dependence Second stage of the Maturity ConCnuum is independence Third stage of the Maturity ConCnuum is interdependence The Seven Habits lead us through the stages of maturity to interdependence


Maturity ConCnuum


Seven Habits of Highly EecCve People Are my acCons based upon self-chosen values or upon my moods, feelings, and circumstances? Have I wriien a personal mission statement which provides meaning, purpose, and direcCon to my life? Do my acCons ow from my mission? Am I able to say no to the unimportant, no maier how urgent, and yes to the important? Do I seek mutual benet in all interdependent relaConships? Do I avoid autobiographical responses and instead faithfully reect my understanding of the other person before seeking to be understood? Do I value dierent opinions, viewpoints, and perspecCves of others when seeking soluCons? Am I engaged in conCnuous improvement in the physical, mental, spiritual, and social/emoConal dimensions of my life? 12

Habit 1 : Be proac@ve

Habit 2 : Begin with the end in mind

Habit 3 : Put rst things rst Habit 4 : Think win-win

Habit 5 : Seek rst to understand, then to be understood

Habit 6 : Synergize

Habit 7 : Sharpen the saw


Basis of Customer Engagement : Total Customer Experience Physical Evidence People Total Customer Experience



Physical Evidence Items Basic -> cleanliness Preserving value Cost savings -> Cost management

Enhancing Emo@onal Bank Account

RMs be proacCve. To know your customers needs. To close the loop on feedback. To communicate good work done. AMs/PMs how to help RMs/marketers do a good job

Enhancing value ComparaCve advantage vs surrounding and new ideas Asset enhancement strategy, tenant mix, ameniCes


Customer Engagement 1) Great sense of their business 2) Completely segment their market place 3) Know what is really going on in their customers minds 4) Take a long term view How do we and our customers grow and compete? For Ascendas, how can we segment our customers to deliver value eciently? How can we conduct eecCve meeCngs? Short-term sales vs long- term trust building? 16

Engagement Framework




Delivering Customer Experience : Seeking Resonance NaConality Singaporean Japanese Americans Germans French Chinese Indians

Tiering of customers and execs Chairman/CEO CFO Biz Heads Facility Heads HR/Employees



Customer Engagement Customer saCsfacCon is key to customer creaCon SaCsed customer inuence other to buy your product or service Use feedback Turn them into fans 21

Customer Centric An approach to doing business in which a company focuses on creaCng a posiCve consumer experience at the point of sale and post-sale Ascendas : holisCc treatment of prospects- customers in view of long-term partnership, characterized by sincerity, proacCve, aienCve, cool, enthusiasm, trustworthy, best-in-class; achieved through constant anCcipaCon of customers needs and communicaCon, as well as a win-win mindset 22

Key accounts

Repeat sales

Manager of Ascendas overall relaConship with customes Insights through insCtuConal relaConship, inCmacy Value creaCon through customer service


Customer SoluCons Group Notes :- a) RMs will be owner of customers b) CS and CA are enablers c) CS manages relaConship and ensures customer services are delivered to customers, supported by systems


(i) customers space needs over next 3 5 years; (ii) provide quality repeat business leads

Trust Knowledge Connected Life

Customer service (i) Passive (ii) AcCve cross selling, up sellng, features vs benets, top line, boiom line

InsCtuConal relaConship (i) IdenCfying key execs (ii) Engaging key execs 24

Growing with FedEx Singapore FedEx Xilin 5,400 sqm BTS in ALPS China Suzhou 2,200 sqm India Korea Malaysia Philippines Vietnam


Understanding FedEx FedEx CorporaCon

FedEx Express

FedEx Ground

FedEx Freight

FedEx Services

FedEx Express (express transportaCon)

FedEx Ground (small- package ground delivery)

FedEx Freight LTL Group

FedEx Custom CriCcal (Cme-criCcal transportaCon)

FedEx Services (Sales markeCng and informaCon technology funcCons)

FedEx Trade Networks (global trade services)

FedEx SmartPost (small- parcel consolidaCon)

FedEx Freight (fast- transit LTL freight transportaCon)

FedEx oce (Document and business services and package acceptance)

FedEx SupplyChain Systems (logisCcs services)

FedEx NaConal LTL (economical LTL freight transportaCon)

FedEx Customer InformaCon (customer service, billings and collecCons)


Understanding FedEx Country/ City Guangzhou Exis@ng facili@es 1 Intl Hub 4 StaCons 1 Oce 1 Kinko oce 4 StaCons 1 oce 5 Kink Oces 5 StaCons 1 Oce 8 Kink oces 1 StaCon (2,200 sqm in SIP) 4 StaCons 1 Oce 2 Kinko oce 1 DomesCc Hub 1 StaCon 1 Oce 1 Customer Services Center 1 StaCon (3,000 sqm) Expand exisCng Customer Service Center (1,500 sqm) DaJiangDong With Ascendas Growth Plan 1 staCon (3,000 sqm) Possible projects Guangzhou Knowledge City


1 staCon (2,000 sqm) 1 oce (700 sqm) 1 staCon (3,500 sqm)




Suzhou Shenzhen



To explore SHSTP or DAITP as alternaCve sites for Customer Services Center 27

Understanding FedEx Country/ City Singapore Exis@ng facili@es 1 Hub 3 StaCons 1 oce 2 World Services Center 6 Drop Box 15 StaCons 26 Kinko Oces 2 World Services Center 81 StaCons 11 World Service Centers 3 StaCons 7 StaCons 7 World Service Center 39 World Service Centers 11 StaCons With Ascendas 1 StaCon (5,399.94 sqm in Xilin Districenter) 1 Hub (BTS in ALPS) Consolidate their 2 World Services Center into 1 locaCon Increase the no of staCons in the ciCes Increase the no of World services Centers Increase the no of StaCons Growth Plan Possible projects Explore expansion plans for StaCons and add more drop- box in Ascendas strategic buildings

South Korea