Present continuous My family and not only :) By Krystian Solecki

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Present continuous My family and not only :) By Krystian Solecki Slide 2 I am Krystian I am not running. I am sitting on the stone. Slide 3 Sister Kinga She is drinking tea. She is not eating carrots. Slide 4 Cat Mati He is sleeping. He is not playing computer games. Slide 5 fish They are not walking to school. We are swimming. Slide 6 Mum Sylwia and dad Leszek They are snuggling. They are not dancing. Slide 7 Mr.Bean He is riding a bike. He is not riding a horse. Slide 8 Banana Joe It is dancing. It is not eating bananas. Slide 9 James Bond (agent 007) He is sitting. He is not jumping. Slide 10 Aunt Ela She is standing at the moment. She is not watching TV. Slide 11 I am Krystian,Sister Kinga,Cousin Igor, Cousin Filip and Cousin Nikola They are standing. They are not jumping. Slide 12 Dad Leszek He is holding a white-tailed eagle. He is not holding a chicken. Slide 13 Uncle Tomek He is laughing. He is not ironing. Slide 14 Aunt Jola She is sitting. She is not reading a book. Slide 15 I am Krystian I'm lying on a wooden snake. I am not lying on a wooden rabbit. Slide 16 Sherlock Holmes He is looking for some clues. He is not eating a sandwich. Slide 17 Albert Einstein He is thinking. He is not sleeping. Slide 18 I am Krystian I'm holding a falcon. I am not holding a chicken. Slide 19 Thank you for watching it. Goodbye goodbye goodbye