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Postdoctoral PharmD Fellowship Program · PDF file Overview of the ConneXion360 Postdoctoral PharmD Fellowship Program This unique two-year Postdoctoral PharmD Fellowship Program is

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  • Medical Affairs Fellowship Program 2021-2023

  • About ConneXion360 ConneXion360 ( is the nation’s leading provider of healthcare professional (HCP)–focused, multi-channel communication. The company was founded with the mission of providing innovative solutions to help biopharmaceutical companies effectively communicate with HCPs across a variety of innovative platforms. Over the past 15 years, ConneXion360 has worked on close to 65 different brands and completed more than 500 projects for our industry partners. We strongly believe that our collaboration and commitment to excellence are core values that continuously drive our business to greater heights.

    What We Do Best • National Broadcasts are live webcasts that reach thousands of HCPs and feature medical topics

    presented by national key opinion leaders (KOLs). Our broadcasts also offer an opportunity for HCPs to engage with the speakers in live question-and-answer sessions to improve their knowledge about the medical topic or brand.

    • Treatment Perspectives™ platforms are designed to directly engage a highly targeted audience through videos and newsletters featuring pharmaceutical or medical topics. An email campaign promoting the platform content is selectively addressed to prescribers based on their specialty or area of practice, enabling pharmaceutical companies to strategically reach HCPs instead of, or in addition to, interaction with a sales representative.

    • mChat™ is a one-on-one, peer-to-peer (P2P) program that pairs a KOL with an individual HCP or practice via web conference. These programs educate HCPs about specific aspects of a brand or product (eg, epidemiology, dosing, safety). An mChat™ is designed to ensure that HCPs feel confident with the role of the product when making clinical decisions for their patients’ overall health.

    • eMotion Media Mini Movies are Hollywood-quality, short films that transform key messages and scientific rationale into compelling, clinically relevant scenarios, resulting in an actionable moment with sustainable behavior changes.

  • A Message From Our Managing Partners

    Dear ConneXion360 Fellow Candidate:

    We want to thank you for taking the time to learn about ConneXion360’s unique two-year Medical Affairs Fellowship Program.

    ConneXion360 is an innovative company that prides itself on developing new, creative, and impactful ways to help the biopharmaceutical industry communicate more effectively with HCPs across the United States.

    We offer our fellows the opportunity to participate in a variety of roles, including: • Project Management: Interacting with brand teams and participating in medical, legal, and regulatory

    (MLR) review meetings, guiding projects all the way from the idea phase to launch • Medical Content Development: Researching information and creating content to incorporate into our


    At ConneXion360, we emphasize the development of well-rounded leaders. As Managing Partners, we consider preparing you for a leadership role in the pharmaceutical industry to be our top priority.

    Unlike some other fellowships, ours is unique in its ability to prepare fellows for real-world challenges in the management side of the pharmaceutical industry. As a fellow, you will be an integral piece of the ConneXion360 team.

    Thank you again for your interest in our unique program.

    We look forward to having you join our team.


    Managing Partners


  • Overview of the ConneXion360 Medical Affairs Fellowship Program This unique two-year Medical Affairs Fellowship Program is designed not only to provide PharmD graduates with a core foundation in medical affairs and communications, but also a real-world experience across a variety of medical communication agency departments. Fellows will be able to enhance their understanding of the key roles within medical affairs, communications, and project management within the ConneXion360 business unit. Following completion of the Medical Affairs Fellowship Program, fellows will be well-rounded industry leaders with hands-on experience to bring to future roles. Additionally, this fellowship program offers the opportunity to gain experience in multiple aspects of medical education through the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) School of Pharmacy Teaching and Learning Curriculum Program.

    Fellows will simultaneously serve various cross-functional teams as listed below:

    Project Management

    • Coordinate tasks for internal departments and external vendors to ensure effective service and function of projects

    • Assist in the development of tactical plans, including product positioning and brand strategy • Oversee and facilitate marketing tactic creation, approval, and production in the launch process • Act as liaison between project management, medical, creative, editorial, development, and client

    teams to ensure timely and efficient execution of projects • Collaborate with clients’ MLR review committees

    Medical Development & Content Creation

    • Serve as the medical content lead in developing various assets for our biopharmaceutical industry partners and clients

    • Prepare slide decks and presentations, e-based initiatives, case studies, newsletters, interactive flipping books, and other areas of content development to educate HCPs on products and disease states

    • Coordinate with project management to meet client requests, needs, and deadlines • Provide strategic direction to internal teams on a variety of therapeutic areas • Utilize professional medical databases to ascertain relevant data for content development

  • Meet Our Medical Director

    Congratulations on your continuing academic achievements and your decision to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

    The ConneXion360 Medical Affairs Fellowship Program will allow you to work with some of the brightest minds in medical affairs, providing the foundation needed for a successful career in the industry no matter where your interests lie. Our medical team is a cohesive bunch that learns and grows together. We are looking for more talented pharmacists to round out our team with their unique talents and perspectives.

    At ConneXion360, there is no such thing as “just a fellow.” Fellows truly are integral team members with a wide range of responsibilities at ConneXion360. You will quickly be able to serve as the medical lead on projects, and your time spent in project management will give you a deep understanding of what goes into producing assets in the industry. The skills developed during your time with the ConneXion360 Fellowship Program will easily transfer to future roles, helping you grow into a leader in the pharmaceutical industry and serving you throughout your career.

    Thank you for your interest in joining our medical team.

    Amy Rogers, MD Medical Director, ConneXion360

  • Meet Our Fellowship Director

    Thank you for your interest in the ConneXion360 Medical Affairs Fellowship Program! This is the perfect program for anyone looking for a well-rounded, robust medical affairs fellowship with experiences in project management. Upon completion of this program, all fellows will be well-prepared to excel in their careers in the pharmaceutical industry. I joined the ConneXion360 team as a fellow in 2019 and was amazed at the magnitude of the role that fellows have in the success of the company. Fellows at ConneXion360 serve as medical team leaders across projects by developing medical content, aiding in the medical/legal/regulatory review process, and working with client brand teams to effectively carry out their marketing strategies. Fellows also gain valuable experience as project managers, a critical role with ConneXion360 or any company in the pharmaceutical industry. By splitting time between project management and medical affairs roles, fellows learn the skills needed to effectively lead a project and interact with internal and external team members. My top priority as Fellowship Director is to ensure that each fellow recieves the training and support they need to grow as industry pharmacists within medical affairs. The ConneXion360 Fellowship Program is designed to develop your communication, organization, and leadership skills through hands-on experiences with global leaders in pharma. Fellows will receive further professional training through the teaching certificate program offered through TTUHSC. I am confident that every fellow at ConneXion360 is going to be a highly qualified medical affairs pharmacist at the end of this two-year fellowship program. Thanks again for your interest in joining our team at ConneXion360. Please do not hesitate to reach out for more information. Sincerely, Zac McKinney, PharmD, RPh Fellowship Director, ConneXion360

  • Meet Our Current Fellows

    “This fellowship offers a unique experience in medical affairs and communications. ConneXion360 is a great place to see many aspects of the pharmaceutical industry and develop important skills that transfer to a variety of careers. The fellowship offers the opportunity to collaborate with different teams and provides experience in medical content development and project management. Since beginning this program, I have worked on projects with different pharmaceutical companies for various drugs and disease states and learned valuable skills that will support my future career in the p

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