Portrait of a 21st century student

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Portrait of a 21st Century Student What adjectives would you use to describe a 21st century student? If you are interested in helping students ask deeper questions, collaborate effectively and produce quality projects, this session is for you. We will explore resources and strategies that develop those much need skills for future academic and professional success. Presenter: Cheryl Ellis - Zaner-Bloser Publishing - Franklin, TN


  • 1.Developing 21st Century Thinkers

2. 21st Century Student What skills are needed to be college and career ready? Creative Thinking Critical Thinking Collaboration Communication 3. Assessment - Past Level One (Recall/ Understand) Level Two (Apply) 4. Assessments Next Generation Level One (Recall/ Understand) Level Two (Apply) Level Three (Analyze/ Evaluate) Level Four (Create) 5. Whats your preference? 6. Critical Thinking 7. Creative Thinking 8. Communication Casual & Simple Formal & Complex Friendly talk Quick notes Texting Personal e-mails Blogs Class notes Class discussions Business e-mails Business letters Interviews Informational speeches Stories/songs Podcasts Essays/reports Persuasive speeches Project presentations 9. Communication R A F T ole udience orm opic 10. Collaboration Appreciating Diversity Carrying Out Group Work Resolving Conflicts 11. Inquiry Process 12. Cheryl H. Ellis cheryl.ellis@zaner-bloser.com