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This document presents a selection of projects from my graduate and undergraduate education at the College of Arts + Architecture at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and the College of Design at North Carolina State University.

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  • design portfolio

    Devki Wright

  • Iron-Working Studio

    House America

    Con/Temporary Temple

    NC Sustainable Design Competition


    design + build

    study abroad studio

    contemporary landscape

    sustainability + affordability

    comprehensive studio



  • As a designer, my personal approach to architecture strives to demon-strate a clear articulation of a subtle and sensitivly integrated physical form rather than the creation of an isolated object. Both my professional and personal interest lie in the utilization of architecture as a medium with which to address the existing and future social and environmental issues within our contemporary landscape.

  • The following collection includes samples of work completed during both my undergraduate architectural education at NC State Unviversity and my graduate education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The projects were selected with the purpose of demonstrating an accumulation of a diverse set of experiences including traditional studio design projects as well as projects completed through design/build, study abroad, and competition entries.

  • con/temporary temple

  • levine museum of the new south[Charlotte, North Carolina]



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    The Con/Temporary Temple was designed and built by a team of 8 architecture students from the UNCC College of Arts + Architecture. The design was inspired by the architectural and cultural aesthetic of traditional African American worship services in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    Designed to be nomadic, the temple was then reconstructed by the designers as a performance art piece at an event at a local museum.

    With the flexibility of a steel pipe structure, the temple was then clad with white ripstop fabric and perforated wooden panels designed to engage the viewer in an architecture of both meditation and mediation.

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  • iron-working studio

  • The master plan for the site and the building for the iron-working studio spaces was designed for the American College of the Building Arts. The site, a historic plantation in Charleston, is designed to focus on the preservation of the exiting structures and natural landscape. The design concept focuses on the creation of dynamic inside/outside spaces for the students to practice their craft-making.

    Located on the southeastern-most portion of the site, the iron-working studio is organized into three zones. Two zones, the classrooms and studio spaces relate through a more organic third zone containing common areas with circulation, secondary and support spaces. c





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    [ Charleston, South Carolina ]

  • Cross Section

  • Longitudinal Section

    East Elevation

    South Elevation co







  • house am


  • ExhibitionSpace




    House America c

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    overall street fac






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    io[ Praha, Cze

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    lic ]

  • flip-a-strip

  • Located off of Tryon Street North Point Plaza Shopping Center sits in a relatively poor area of Charlotte, North Carolina. 17.8% of the surround-ing homes are categorized as single mother households. Contrary to the common strip center layout, this building extends perpendicular to Tryon Street rather than parallel. Thus, the majority of the tenants are located away from the traffic of the main road, utilizing an advantage of a private and more protected shopping experience; at the same time however, the center is disadvantaged in terms of tenant visibility to the street.

    The re-design of North Point Plaza addresses the following goals: - establish interactive way-finding device to the center - increasing visibility of tenants to Tryon Street - transform the parking lot into a plaza - foster a sense of security

    [ Charlotte, North Carolina ] lan








  • NC sustainable design competition

  • Prepared for the NC Sustainable Design Competition, this project was com-pleted by a team of three students. The site for this design was situated in a modest neighborhood with small, single-story houses. We utilized influences from the local vernacular such as the public front porch, sloped roofs, and a strong focus on the facade. However, given the program and contemporary ideas of sustainable design, we decided that the most important feature of the building was flexibility. We provided a design that can be both pre-fabricated or site built. It consists of three equal modules which are 12 feet by 24 feet, and a connecting hallway that allows for circulation between the pieces and a path for natural ventilation. The wide concrete masonry wall, shown in the longitudinal section below, is utilized as both a thermal mass and a threshold between public and private.


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    A B C


    [ Durham, North Carolina ]





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  • Academia and Awards: Masters of Architecture - University of North Carolina at Charlotte (2008 10) o Cumulative GPA 3.74 with a concentration in urbanism o Thesis title - Occupation as Spatial Performance Bachelors of Environmental Design in Architecture - NC State Univ. (2004 - 08) o Deans List/Total GPA 3.64/Major GPA 3.6 (2004 - 08) NorthCarolinaStateUniversityHonors Program (2004 - 08) Alpha Rho Chi Award for Leadership, Service, and Professional Merit (2008) ParticipantintheNorthCarolinaSustainable Design Competition (Spring 2007) HighSchoolGraduatefromthe NC School of Science and Math (2002 - 04) RecipientofScholarships from NC School of Science and Math, NC State UniversityHonorsProgram,andNCStateArchitectureDepartment

    Academically Funded Research UNCCDesign+SocietyResearchCenterAssistantship (2008 2010) o Organizing a community workshop on rain gardens for the residents of GrierHeightsneighborhoodinCharlotte o Preparing a proposal for the sensitive integration of a new development within a historic neighborhood in Salisbury, NC oDiagramingsocio-economictrendsfortheCharlotte-MecklenburgCounty Quality of Life Study New UrbanismResearchProject(summer2007)inEdenton,NC o Studying the implications of a large-scale new urbanism development with a multi-disciplinary team o Conducting resident interviews oPresentingtotownofficialsandresidentsatTownHallmeeting Anthropological Research (summer 2006) in Florence, Italy o Mapping and diagramming the historic Central Market o Selected as one of four invited to present research at the Atlantic Coastal Conference (UVA, April 2007) oPresentationattheNCStateResearchSymposium(Nov.2006)

    Devki Gharpure WriGht

  • resu


    Work Experience: Odell Associates Architect Intern (Jan. 2012 present) o CA processing RFCs, Change Orders, Pay Applications o Preparing AIA Contract Documents o Design Development for healthcare projects LS3P Architect Intern (summer 2008) o Site visits, assessing existing conditions, schematic design o Developing Revit model for school building renovation OceanicoKitchensDesigner&SalesAssociate(Aug.2010Dec.2011) o Designing, drawing, rendering, and pricing for clients o Marketing, sales, and customer service experience Self-HelpCreditUnionRealEstateIntern(summer2009) o Researching methods of increasing building efficiency for thecommercialportfolioofthisnon-profitorganization ContemporaryTempleDesign/Build Project(fall2009) o Installation displayed at Levine Museum of the New South UNCC Teaching Assistant (summer 2008) for graduate level studio Historic Charlotte Intern(spring2009) o Creating and delivering historic tour of uptown Charlotte

    Computer Skills: DrawingProgramsRevit,AutoCAD,GoogleSketch-Up ConstructionPrograms-Newforma,AIAContractDocuments AdobeCreativeSuite-In-Design,Illustrator,Photoshop,Acrobat MicrosoftWord,Excel,PowerPoint,Outlook Excellentvisualandoralpresentationskills

    Extra Curricular Activities: U.S. Green Building Council (2012 2013) oEmergingProfessionalsRegionalRecruitmentChair oWorkingtorecruitandtrainleadersinNC,SC,andVirginia NCSUAIAS Chapter President (Fall2006-Spring2007) Leadingtwoself-initiatedspringbreakservicetripsfor12participants (spring2006)and10participants(spring2007)forGulf Coast Relief Efforts with Architecture for HumanityandHands-OnGulfCoast

    460 Ardmore RoadCha