Playing Tragedy? - Conversations with The Mysterious One

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  • 8/8/2019 Playing Tragedy? - Conversations with The Mysterious One


    Playing Tragedy?

    Tragedy in words, apart from actual reality, is only virtual, yet creates the emotions within, which dischages the water from eyes as a gesture of sadness cry over the imaginary illusionary non-existent tragic event happening on screen or on pages of a book, yet the brain/body mechanism obeys it giving it a validity ofa valid reality!

    Just in case you are wondering what this has to do with manifestation science, re-read the above para. The brain-mind mechanism does not distinguish between imagination and 3D reality for anyway the 3D world and the brain itself are manifestation of non-existent reality. So go ahead and learn and creatively use the artand science of manifestation removing all fears and negative beliefs about ifsand buts; dos and dont its all in your mind. Project the virtual reality with firmbelief in the power of belief and the reality will respond back with a newer version in sync with your true belief for that is how it is designed to operate. You fear a backlash and a backlash is designed in astral. You fear your negative emotions will materialize faster than your positive ones and the universe has noissues in delivering you a custom made world validating your belief in your fear


    Imsomnia or nightmare woke you up in the middle of the night and you wonder where are all those ghosts and creatures who were running after you to eat you alive while you are safely laying down on your bed with not even mosquitoes around! Yet the dreams are so real with a tangible world while being in the dream which simply dissolves into nothingness as the dream witness wakes up to witness another real 3D dream with new sets of rules and characters to play.

    Demand the life for you are not begging from someone else its your own mother and father or rather its your own Self providing you with all comforts and pains just as you ask for plain simple manifestation from intangible thoughts, emotionsand beliefs into tangible real world things and events.

    There are manifestation books, techniques, courses and secrets, yet they are ofno use practically.. for even without your knowledge about it, you already knowhow to manifest for that is your life all of it manifested from the quantum poolof nothingness! What you need to rather become aware of is how not to manifestthat which is not in your highest good and how to manifest quickly and efficiently that which is in your highest good your souls innate desire to experience it here & now.

    So lets begin the game in a new level of awareness and let us create a modified version of your life world whereby all that is in sync with your desire for integral evolution getting a boost of energy to materialize quickly and all that is not

    in your highest good falling off like the leaves falling off in summer withoutany efforts done naturally.

    Welcome to the new age of conscious co-creator playing / dancing / singing / creating / loving in oneness / randomness with their unique talents / qualities / tendencies / thoughts / actions / beliefs from Sharjah to Seoul, and Antarctica toAsia One World One Family celebrating the dawn of new age blossoming on this planet soon.. very soon!

    Despite the factors pointing towards otherwise dark age scenario I re-affirm theOneness Revolution sweeping across this world this barbaric world and AM inviting all divine energies to work in close co-ordination to manifest the long pending dream of Heaven on Earth.


  • 8/8/2019 Playing Tragedy? - Conversations with The Mysterious One


    Khuda Hafiz!

    - The Mysterious One

    Channeled by Amitt Parikh