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  1. 1. Playground Flooring & Playground TilesChildren are prone to slip and injure themselves, and unfortunately this tends to happen mostoften than not in playgrounds. Making sure that playgrounds are safe is very important formany parents as accidents in the playgrounds are something most of them would like toavoid at all costs. So how does one go about ensuring the safety of a playground? This oftenstarts with making sure that if children fall, they do not get hurt. Playground tiles play a hugerole in the overall safety of playgrounds and should never be overlooked. Though they canbe found in many places, few playground tiles can truly rival the quality of the tiles that canfound on our website. Express Matting Services Ltd is proud to offer nothing less than perfectservice and products to our customers, regardless of their budget. Our playground tilespromise parents a peace of mind as they are designed with the safety of children in mind.Our Playground Safety Tiles have become increasingly popular among our customers thanksto its anti-sleep surface and colorful design. Incredibly easy to install and even easier tomaintain, every single one of our Playground Safety Tiles are made with the safety ofchildren in mind. Their protective 12mm layer of rubber allows children to run freely acrossthe playground without parents having worry about their safety. Our playground tiles are alsoresistant to all kinds of weather and temperatures and can be used all year long.Express Matting Services Ltd also offers the Jigsaw Playground Safety Tiles. The latter arealso designed with safety in mind as they minimalize injuries when children fall. They are alsosimilar to our Playground Safety Tiles in the way that they are incredibly easy to maintain andinstall thanks to their interlocking design. Their high impact resilience and air pockets on thebottom provide extra comfort to the feet. Our Jigsaw Playground Safety Tiles are made of thehighest quality heavy duty rubber and are also slip-resistant - something most parents aregrateful for. Though they are only offered in black, our Jigsaw Playground Safety Tiles can bepurchased at the starting price of 5.5 on our website.Another product that we offer is the Playground Tile. The latter is made from the highestquality heavy duty rubber and is designed to reduce the impact of falls and injuries. Ideal forplaygrounds, our tile possesses air pocket on the reverse to provide extra comfort. It is alsoslip-resistant and very easy to install as it does not require any adhesive. The price for a tilethat is 36inch x 36inch x 17mm is 16.5. The Playground Tile is offered in black, blue or grey.Nobody likes accidents, and people like them even less when they concern children. This iswhy assuring the safety of their offspring should always be a parents top priority, regardlessof their whereabouts. Buying playground tiles that are both safe and comfortable should bethe first step in securing a playground. Express Matting Services Ltd is proud to offercustomers a wide array of playground tiles to choose from. Every single one of our productsis made of the highest quality rubber and promises safety before anything else.Playground Flooring & Playground Tiles, Clicking Here, Learn More